Are you wondering, like I was a while back, whether you can make real money completing online surveys with Survey Club?

This review is what I found out…hopefully it can save you some time.

Here’s the deal:

When you sign up with Survey Club you get access to many of the top survey companies through your subscription.

SurveyClub is a research recruitment platform that companies and organisations use to find out what consumers think about their products and services.

Name: Survey Club
Opportunity: Earn money completing online surveys
Price: Free to join was founded in 2005 with the goal of helping people make some extra income participating in market research.

Joining Survey Club is a 6 step process:

  • Complete the ‘Become A Member’ form to create a free SurveyClub account.
  • Complete your profile; age, gender, marital status, education, income, etc.
  • Survey Club then uses the information you provided to match you with available studies.
  • ‘Make Money With Panels’ – select and register, Survey Club suggests at least three.
  • You decide which studies you’d like to participate in.
  • Once you’ve completed a survey, your SurveyClub rewards account will be credited.

Yay, sounds great doesn’t it?..

…but is what’s the real story?

survey club logo

My Survey Club Experience

A few days after joining up, I signed in and hit the Available Studies tab and saw that over 30 surveys were available.

A good start!

Well, not so much actually.

From the thirty or so Available Studies, more than ten were sign ups to other survey sites. I found this quite annoying.

But, not to worry, that still left a fairly generous twenty surveys to start earning from.

Just one problem… I didn’t qualify for most of them.

Very frustratingly, it’s often when you are already a couple of minutes into a survey that you are screened out, resulting in quite a lot of wasted time.

I did eventually go on to complete a couple of surveys and I was credited promptly for these, so absolutely no complaints there. By this stage though, I was already pretty discouraged by the amount of time I’d spent to earn relatively little.

Over the next couple of weeks I gave Survey Club a few more tries and had a similar experience to this first time.

My Conclusion

Making money with Survey Club is definitely possible but you will need to invest a lot of your time in order to do so.

You will find yourself waiting for new surveys to become available, partially completing surveys only to be screened out a few minutes in, as well as completing some surveys in full.

I found waiting for new surveys to come in frustrating.

Like most people would, I found partially completing surveys, only to then be screened out very frustrating.

I found completing surveys in full unbelievably boring.

A completely legitimate way to make money online but for me the trade-off between time and money really wasn’t worth it, simply too inefficient for my liking.

My Experience: 3/10

Recommendation: Not for me.