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Next Generation Geo Marketing


A friend just sent me this beautiful visualization of where people are taking pictures in London.  You can clearly see the high traffic areas around the tourist hotspots.  It’s a great use of the type of data people are generating by going about their everyday lives.  It also shows how this data could become really [...]

Meeting Nicholas Felton


Last week at the PSFK conference I watched Nicholas Felton present his 2009 Feltron annual report.  He has been preparing annual reports about his life since 2005.  This involves him gathering enormous amounts of data about what he does every day.  He then visualizes that data in his annual reports which really are pieces of [...]

thedoublethink TV is here

You might have noticed the little video on the top right of our screen.  We will be posting video interviews with interesting people Colin and I run in to. We will be adding more videos over the next few weeks.  You will also be able to find them on our YouTube channel.
 The first video is an [...]

Geodemographic, Metracritical Netfix

Take a look at this superb interactive tool developed by The New York Times:  A Peek into the Netflix Queue.
The principle is simple enough.  The Times has taken a database of most rented movies from Netflix and overlapped it on ZIP codes on a Google map to create a geodemographic look at tastes and the [...]

Army Swimming in Sensors and Drowning in Data

On Sunday I wrote a small post about how UK company Prozone captures all English Premier League soccer matches on video and then uses that footage to create a database of every shot, pass, tackle and assist made by every player (according to a comment on that post Opta Sports are powering the Guardian Chalkboard [...]