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best affiliate marketing blogs

I almost got sucked into going down a bit of a bullshit route with this post.

Don’t know why, but I set out a plan to have something like 25 affiliate marketing blogs to recommend.

But I don’t use 25 affiliate blogs on a regular basis…or on any other basis come to that.

I hit about seven different affiliate marketing blogs on the regular.

Just seven, but I’m on them just about every week, and have been for quite a few years now.

Let’s crack on with what this post is all about…

My 7 Top Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs

#1. Authority Hacker

screenshot of authority hacker blog menu page for best affiliate marketing blogs

The reigning, defending, undisputed, affiliate marketing training Champions of the World…

…yeah okay, that’s a little bit much, but

…it was, for certain, finding the Authority Hacker blog that saved me from jacking in my affiliate marketing aspirations.

I had just about had enough, of endlessly paying for courses that promised it all and ended up delivering pretty much nothing.

I am not kidding when I say that I was spending one final evening searching online to see if I could find someone, anyone, who could actually teach affiliate marketing.

Bingo! Or, Eureka! Or..whatever…

I mean, I didn’t totally realise at the time, that finding the Authority Hacker website was going to be the turning point for my affiliate marketing endeavours…

…but it was enough to keep me hooked in the short-term, and it did prove to be the turning point for me in the long-run.

On that first visit, I read an absolute ton of their content and I signed up for their free training webinar.

I learnt more on that webinar than I had in the previous couple of years signed up with two affiliate courses.

They’ve got two outstanding paid courses on the go, I signed up to one of them about a week after first finding these guys.

That doesn’t mean you have to though.

Sure it will take longer but I reckon you can pretty much learn affiliate marketing with their free content, plus the content from one or two of the other sites I mention further below.

Find the blog here: Authority Hacker

#2. Matthew Woodward

screenshot of matthew woodwards affiliate marketing blog menu page

I stumbled upon Mathew Woodward’s site just a few weeks after discovering Authority Hacker.

What can I say, I was on a roll.

A couple of years spent going in the wrong direction and then a total paradigm shift.

This guy’s content is pure gold.

He does a lot of stuff on SEO and carries out deep, deep reviews on a lot of the tools you’ll eventually look at using in your affiliate business.

Multiple times I have used review posts on this guys site as instruction guides to get the best out of some of the affiliate tools that I use.

Straight-up, that's how deep Matthew Woodward goes when he reviews online tools.

Find the blog here: Matthew Woodward

#3. Diggity Marketing

screenshot of diggity marketing blog menu page

I don't know how I'd managed to miss this site for so long.

I'm genuinely annoyed with myself that I did, but hey, better late than never I suppose.

This one absolutely ticks all of my boxes for a great affiliate marketing blog…

…fresh well researched content, bullshit and fluff free, highly actionable.

That's why it's now firmly bookmarked.

Make sure you don't miss out on Diggity Marketing for as long as I did because you will kick yourself if you do.

Site owner Matt Diggity is a top affiliate marketer, and a top SEO.

If you haven't been around affiliate marketing for very long, you will soon come to realise that pretty much all of the best affiliate marketers are seriously into the deep technicalities of SEO.

Matt Diggity is a shining example of this.

And so what you're going to find on this blog is a ton of SEO knowledge that you can use to your own massive advantage.

I honestly believe that if you were to combine Authority Hacker’s blog content…

…with Matthew Woodward’s and Diggity Marketing's blog content…

…you would have just about all the info you need to crack the affiliate marketing puzzle.

Not all put together in a nice easy to follow way of course, but, if your budget won’t stretch to paying for a decent training program, you will have to make up for that in time spent.

Find the blog here: Diggity Marketing

#4. Niche Pursuits

screenshot of niche pursuits affiliate blog menu page

Spencer Haws is undoubtedly one of affiliate marketing’s big guns.

Not a self-styled guru, but a very genuine guy who has been documenting his online business journey via Niche Pursuits for a long time now.

Take the time to visit this guy’s site and you will find a ton of outstandingly useful content about getting started in affiliate marketing, info about online business tools, just all sorts of very useful stuff.

Spencer Haws has also created some outstanding online business tools himself…not so much an affiliate marketing guru, more of a one man online business machine.

Find the blog here: Niche Pursuits

#5. affLIFT

afflift blog menu page

This is actually a forum rather than a blog.

But it’s a forum with proper long-form articles to read…you’re not going to just find yourself reading a bunch of questions being answered by people with wildly varying and sometimes completely random knowledge.

And the guy behind affLIFT is affiliate marketing legend Luke Kindly previously of LukePeerFly.

This one is well worth following.

Luke Kindly writes outstanding content for all levels of affiliate marketer, and this is where he now posts his stuff.

Find the blog here: affLIFT

#6. Brilliant Affiliate

I can’t believe this is the only female representation that I have on this small list.

Once upon-a-time, or should I say ‘back-in-the-day', I would also have had Sugar Rae of course, but that particular affiliate marketing genius parked her site a while ago to pursue other interests.

A big shame for us but good for her I guess…she's probably spending her time counting her huge pile of money!

Anyway, enough about Sugar Rae, what about Justine Grey?..or ‘Brilliant Affiliate' as her blog has now been renamed.

Well, high quality content aimed at helping aspiring affiliate marketers to get a few rungs up the ladder is what this affiliate site is all about.

And a crystal clear, laid-back writing style that makes all of her posts very easy to read and understand.

If you’re starting out, start jumping on the Brilliant Affiliate blog because Justine will absolutely save you making some rookie affiliate mistakes.

Thank me later!

Find the blog here: Brilliant Affiliate

#7. Mobidea Academy

Mobidea is one of the top CPA mobile affiliate networks that is used by over 150,000 affiliates.

Mobidea also runs ‘Mobidea Academy' where you can learn a ton about affiliate marketing…all for free!

Their blog is great for staying bang up-to-date with the latest industry trends, as well as getting top advice from affiliate marketing experts.

If you start reading the Mobidea Academy blog, you're going to get affiliate tips and technology news that will grow your knowledge and skills.

Find the blog here: Mobidea Academy

Oh you know what, I just can't do it.

I just can't have a list of my top affiliate marketing blogs and not include Sugar Rae…

…site parked or not…

#7+1: Sugar Rae

So yeah, Sugar Rae hasn't been working on her site for quite a while now.

But it still makes my list because I used to be on there all the time.

Not just that, but as a plainly spoken, insanely smart bad-ass, with a hell of a back-story, I really admire her.

And the content that is on the SugarRae site is mostly, pretty much, still relevant.

Take this post from way back about how to find affiliate programs in your niche…timeless.

If you like your content high an value and low on BS, check out the site.

Okay, we're done.

Find the blog here: Sugar Rae

Can You Lean Affiliate Marketing From A Blog?

I reckon you can, just about.

Might take longer than signing-up with a decent affiliate marketing course, but I reckon it’s just about possible.

Suck up all of the quality content that any one of my favourite affiliate blogs keep putting up…

…and you will have way more knowledge than you’d get from half of the online affiliate training courses out there.

Affiliate Marketing Blogs – Wrapping It Up

Why are you still here?

What are you waiting for?

I've tee'd them up, driven them down the fairway, pitched them onto the green…

…surely you can putt-out for yourself and just follow their links?

Seriously though, I hope you enjoyed this short read about my favourite affiliate marketing blogs and it's given you a bit of value.

I promise you they are all worthy of your precious time.

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