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best affiliate marketing podcasts

I know which are my favourite affiliate marketing podcasts.

Of course I do.

But for some reason, before writing this post…

…I still felt the need to have a quick scout around to see what others are claiming to be theirs.

Just curious I guess.

And what I discovered was this…

Most posts on the internet about ‘best affiliate marketing podcasts’ are absolute bullsh*t.

Just all copying one another and naming the same dozen or so.

I think there’s a chance it’s actually illegal to write a post on this subject and not name Smart Passive Income in your list.

What Should You Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Podcast?

For me that's easy to answer.

I'm looking for noteworthy industry information that I genuinely need to know.

I'm looking for tips and tricks that are totally actionable on my own sites.

And of course, I'm looking of only the tiniest trace levels of BS.

That last one is hard to deliver on I know…because the affiliate industry is chock full of BS merchants.

Before we go any further…

Here's a quick rundown of my top 5  affiliate marketing podcasts:

  1. The Authority Hacker Podcast
  2. Niche Pursuits Podcast
  3. Affiliate Marketing Radio
  4. The Marketing Secrets Show
  5. Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast

Sticking around to find out why I love these podcasts? Great, here they all are with my reasons why:

Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

#1. The Authority Hacker Podcast

If you are into affiliate marketing and you haven't heard of these guys, firstly I'd be very surprised, but secondly…you're missing out.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate level. or advanced internet marketer, you need to get Authority Hacker in your life.

Authority Hacker Podcast with Gael Breton and Mark Webster

The Authority Hacker Podcast is hosted by both of the Authority Hacker founders Gael Bretton and Mark Webster.

This is the one weekly affiliate podcast that I never, ever miss.

Packed full of cutting-edge, battle-tested strategies that are actually actionable for the average site owner.

My current 3 favourite Authority Hacker Podcast episodes:

  • How Much Does it REALLY Cost to Build a Successful Website?
  • 9 Ways You Could Make More Money From Your High Paying Affiliate Programs
  • Successful Authority Sites You Can Model After

Before you dive in and start listening I should just say this…

…if you like your podcasts full of whooping, cheering and high-fiving, this one won't be for you.

This is real stuff, aimed at people who want real stuff.

#2. Niche Pursuits Podcast

Here's another one that I absolutely never miss an episode of.

Niche Pursuits founder and podcast host Spencer Haws built his first website in 2005…and by his own admission it was a complete failure.

spencer haws niche pursuits podcast

But he kept learning, trying and eventually succeeding in understanding how to build successful blogs and niche websites that rank well in Google.

He has since gone on to build all kinds ow internet based businesses, mostly to great success.

Is Spencer haws worth listening to?

Yeah you bet he is.

The Niche Pursuits Podcast tends to be delivered in bite-sized chunks, most episodes are only about 15 to 20 minutes long.

Always full of useful, actionable insights that you can rest assured have been learnt from Spencer's own experiences.

My current 3 favourite Niche Pursuits Podcast episodes:

  • Advanced Link Building Strategies with Spencer and Samara
  • How to Grow a YouTube Channel with Collaborations
  • How Much Can Google Rankings Improve with Only Internal Links Added

If you're super-serious about building your own online business, you should give this one a go.

I think you'll be pleased that you did.

#3. Affiliate Marketing Radio

You know now that I hate podcasts that kick-off with loads of cheering and clapping…you know the type of thing.

It's not that the whooping itself bothers me (but it really does bother me).

affiliate marketing radio podcast

It's more that you know that what is to follow is usually total BS.

You won't get any of that nonsense with this one.

It sounds like the host Darren Graham sometimes records this podcast while he's driving about in his car.

Doesn't bother me if he does, because the quality of the content is extremely decent.

My current 3 favourite Affiliate Marketing Radio episodes:

  • My Affiliate Epiphany to REAL Passive Income
  • How Affiliates Can Skyrocket Their Commissions With Design Hacking
  • My Secret System That's 3X My Productivity as an Affiliate Marketer

Fluff free, BS free…you're going to like this one a lot.

#4. The Marketing Secrets Show

Hosted by none other then ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson.

This is more of an all-round online entrepreneurs podcast rather than simply an affiliate marketing one.

russell brunson's marketing secrets podcast

Russell Brunson is one straight-talking guy and that comes across immediately in this podcast.

My current 3 favourite Marketing Secrets Show episodes:

  • Achievement vs. Fulfillment: Which Do You Want More?
  • Want REAL Persuasion? Then STOP “Demand Relationship”
  • The Secret I Missed For Almost 2 Decades

This guy is on a whole other level when it comes to internet marketing.

If you want to learn about attracting and converting traffic there are few better qualified to teach you.

Although it's not all technical stuff on this one. You will also find plenty of ‘mindset for success' type of episodes.

#5. Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast

I love the idea behind this one.

Even if it has the absolute worst little intro song that I've ever heard!

late night internet marketing podcast

Aimed at anyone who is in early stages of starting up their online business.

Still working the day job, getting their internet business off the ground in the evenings, hence the name.

To be totally honest with you, this is the one on my list that I listen to the least frequently.

That doesn't mean I don't love it.

I just don't have always enough time in the week to listen to five different podcasts.

Who does? Well, apart from all those writing blog posts about their 21 favourite podcasts, obviously!

My current 3 favourite Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast episodes:

  • How To Find Affiliate Offers To Promote And Ethically Monetize Your Content
  • Side Hustle Tips: Success Secrets for Part-Time Entrepreneurs
  • The Importance of Celebrating Small Wins in Your Business

If you fall into that category of new online business owner…

…getting it all going after you've finished your day, working for the boss that you're planning on sacking some day soon…

…this could just be the podcast listen for you.

There's good mindset stuff in here, productivity stuff too.

All useful when you need to keep motivated and maximise every precious minute.

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts – Wrapping It Up

Before I totally wrap this up I just thought I should say that I have absolutely nothing against Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income podcast.

It's a great podcast, I just love this lot on my list a little more.

Obviously you're not going to feel the love for all the same one's I do.

Just give these a try and see which one's really engage you.

There's so much amazing, and completely free, advice being dished out in this lot…

…that I'd be staggered if you don't find yourself tuning in each week, to at least a couple of these outstanding internet marketing podcasts.


You can get a ton of amazing free advice on these podcasts.

But if you're thinking about splashing out some money on a course to fast-track your affiliate marketing success…

…check out my post all about who I believe are currently offering the best training courses for affiliate marketers.


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