amazing selling machine review

If you're checking out Amazing Selling Machine reviews, you're pretty serious about getting started as an Amazon seller.

And why not, Amazon FBA is one of the great business opportunities of all our lifetime's.

No kidding!

Can you think of any generation before us that had an opportunity like this?

A global retail platform, an absolute conversion machine…

…that almost anyone with a decent internet connection can leverage to grow their own business…from scratch!

It is unbelievable!

Anyway, I don't need to sell you on the Amazon FBA business model and how it works.

You're already totally on-board with that.

What you want to know is…

…is Amazing Selling Machine the right Amazon FBA training course for you?

What Is Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM is a complete Amazon FBA business training program, first created by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark back in 2012.

Both of these founders had been running their own successful Amazon business for a number of years before creating ASM.

Since its launch, the ASM training and business program has been almost constantly updated to reflect latest best practises.

In fact, these guys spend so much time revamping their training program…

amazing selling machine closed

…that they're only able to open it up to new entrants twice a year.

That's right, Amazing Selling Machine is closed more often that it's open.

Don't let that bother you too much though.

Just try and make sure, if you've pretty much decided this is the best program for you, that you're ready to act when they open the doors next time around.

>>> June 2021 Release Info <<<

Amazing Selling Machine ‘Evolution' registration is open from June 3rd 2021.

To kick off the opening of ASM ‘Evolution', there will be two live training webinars during June.

What's the webinar about?

ASM's 5-Step Blueprint For Creating Financial Freedom In Our New Economy

First live webinar is scheduled for June 10th at 12 PM EST

Encore live webinar will be on Sunday June 13th at 11AM EST / 10AM CST

Don't worry if you've missed these two live dates, ASM will be leaving a replay available until June 18th.

But, if you miss the 18th date it's possible you will not be able to sign up to ASM this time around.

Watch Now: ASM ‘Evolution' Replay Webinar

Amazing Selling Machine Review – Is It The Right Course For You?

Amazing Selling Machine Evolution (ASM13) is a big course costing big bucks.

So do they deliver on what they promise?..

Which in their own words, is this…

Build a business today that can make you rich for a lifetime.

Profit from the biggest wealth transfer of our generation and finally achieve a life of total freedom!

Amazing Selling Machine

Here's the deal…

Product/Program: Amazing Selling Machine 13 ‘Evolution'

Product/Program Owners: Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark 

Opportunity: “Build a Business Today That Can Make You Rich For a Lifetime”

Price: $4,997 or $997 per month for 6 months

Visit: Amazing Selling Machine


So that's a pretty chunky price and some pretty bold claims.

Let's have a closer look at what I found out inside.

In this next part I would usually let you have a look at a load of screenshots of some of the course material…

…but ASM are super strict on people doing this, so I'll just have to do a better job of explaining.

Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution – What's Inside?

There is a heck of a lot inside the Amazing Selling Machine course.

Let’s start with a simple high-level overview of the whole program and how it’s structured.

the 5 key components of amazing selling machine

Very basically, ASM is delivered as an eight-week training program (don't worry, you get lifetime access to all of the videos and material, not just for the eight weeks).

…this is what you’re going to get:

  • 8-Week, 9 Module Online Web Class (the core course outlined below)
  • The ASM Mentor Program
  • Lifetime Platinum Access to ASM Community
  • The Private Resource Vault
  • Limited Time Bonuses – Ultimate Software Tool Suite

So that's the outline structure of everything you will get inside ASM.

And this is how the eight-week core training is structured:

  • Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process and Mindset (14 Videos)
  • Module 1: Building Your Hot Opportunity List (12 Videos)
  • Module 2: Evaluating Suppliers and Samples (8 Videos)
  • Module 3: Ordering Inventory & Creating Your Brand (13 Videos)
  • Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets (11 Videos)
  • Module 5: The Perfect Product Page (10 Videos)
  • Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch (11 Videos)
  • Module 7: Optimising and Scaling PPC (8 Videos)
  • Module 8Scaling Your Sales on Amazon (14 Videos)
  • Module 9: Advanced Marketing & Traffic Strategies (10 Videos)

If you are an absolute beginner, you'll be pleased to hear that the course starts out assuming you have zero knowledge about selling on Amazon.

ASM is set-up to teach you everything you need to know about establishing your Amazon FBA business, from zero to hero.

Let's take a closer look at what's inside the core eight-week program…

Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution – Online Web Class

Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process and Mindset

In this module you'll find out about the course itself and how to use it, as well as some great mindset training so you start thinking like a true entrepreneur.

Also covered is how to navigate your way through the Amazon Seller Central account set-up process.

Module 1: Building Your Hot Opportunity List

Shot across 12 videos, in this module you will find out what makes a good product to sell on Amazon, what makes a bad product to sell, as well as how to evaluate and pick profitable products to sell.

You will be shown ASM's ‘7 Elements Of A Red Hot Profitable Product Opportunity' which is all about the attributes your products need to beat the competition.

Module 2: Evaluating Suppliers and Samples

Shot across 8 videos, in this module you'll find out how to source products from both China and the US. You will learn how to contact suppliers and order samples.

Don't worry, contacting suppliers is not as daunting as it might sound. And anyway, ASM provide you with a bunch professionally written templates to get the job done.

Module 3: Ordering Inventory & Creating Your Brand

Shot across 13 videos, in this module you’ll be shown what to look for in order to properly evaluate the quality of your samples once they arrive.

You'll find out how to create a winning brand name, how to design your packaging, and how to get order and get your inventory into Amazon warehouses ready to start selling.

Plus, the bit the most people new to FBA forget about, what you should be doing while waiting for your inventory to arrive.

Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets

Shot across 11 videos, in this module you will learn about building your brand’s own website, as well as how to set-up all of your social media profiles for multi-platform traffic generation.

You will also be shown how to go about building your subscriber list for launch.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

Shot across 10 videos, in this module you be shown exactly how to create a great product listing, one of the key elements in building a successful Amazon business.

Also, how to find powerful keywords to target so that your product pulls in the most traffic possible.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

Shot across 11 videos, in this module you will learn the proven ASM product launch ranking strategy for how to get maximum traffic to your product listings.

You will also get an introduction to Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising.

Module 7: Optimising and Scaling PPC

Shot across 8 videos, in this module you'll find out how to leverage Amazon sponsored ads to get even more traffic and learn how to create a perfect customer service system form increased customer satisfaction. 

You’ll also be shown how to utilise Amazon coupons and Lightning deals.

Module 8: Scaling Your Sales on Amazon

Shot across 14 Videos you will find out all about optimising traffic and conversions and how to go about making data-driven decisions.

Also covered in detail is ASM's ‘3 Ways to Grow Your Business'.

Module 9: Advanced Marketing & Traffic Strategies

Shot across 10 videos, in this module you will be shown how to scale your FBA business. You’ll learn about the huge power of using Youtube ads and how to work with influencers and leverage Instagram for even more sales.

Not only that but also Facebook retargeting, building your email list and Google advertising. Just about everything you can think of to pull in more traffic to your listings.

Before we take a run-down of all the extra stuff you get on top of the core training program, let's take a small break and get some questions answered…


What even is Amazon FBA?

If you're considering buying ASM I reckon you already know this, but just in case you really don't, have a read of this post Amazon FBA – How It Works.

Is Amazing Selling Machine a scam?

No, I don't believe it is. Simply way too many success stories turned out for it to be a scam.

Does Amazing Selling Machine Evolution come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Amazing Selling Machine comes with a 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

Does the ASM course go out of date?

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback are constantly updating the program. Regardless of when you buy in, you will always be given access to the updates.

How much does the average ASM student earn from following the course?

According to ASM's legal people, ASM members that joined between 2013-2016 who completed the program had median annual revenue of $60,750.

Are there any high-quality Amazing Selling Machine alternatives?

Yes. This is an outstanding course but if the price is just a bit too much, try one of these: Best Amazon FBA Courses…yes you will find ASM on this list but you will also find four other great courses.

So we've already had an overview of the eight-week training program, which is the first of the five key components of ASM.

Now let's take a look at the remaining 4 key components…

asm roadmap milestones devices

The ASM Mentor Program

This is one of ASM's biggest selling points…and it's easy to see why.

The mentorship program gets you access to some seasoned FBA business owners, who between them have sold over $24,000,000 of products…at last count!

You ask whatever is on your mind, and they answer, bringing their wealth of experience direct to your door.

I think they say that they'll get an answer to you within twenty-four hours, but in reality, it tends to be within an hour or two.

Lifetime Platinum Access To ASM Community

Lifetime access to the ASM course material plus all updates without any further cost – Done.

The community part is maybe a bit more fluffy, on the face of it at least.

But, this is a very good community forum. Much better than most.

Of course, you get a total mix of experience levels inside the forum, but it's well moderated and your questions will get answered by someone who really knows what they are talking about.

If you think that's a given, you haven't taken enough online courses.

Honestly, there are a ton of community forums out there where you will ask a question about the program, and someone who has been at it only five minutes longer than you will jump in and give you their answer…totally worthless.

This is not the case with the ASM community. Here you will get your questions answered by people who genuinely know the answer.

The Private Resource Vault

I love this.

There is just such a ton of useful stuff inside this area, you will find yourself coming back to it time and time again.

So what is actually inside?

Well, it's a collection of over sixty tools and resources that the people at ASM have personally used to build and grow their own FBA businesses.

Included here are a variety of templates, such as for supplier contracts, sample and product evaluations, and other useful, proven templates to save you time and help you increase your earnings.

You get the contact details of professional services that the founders of ASM themselves use, as well as discounts on some top Amazon tools to help you grow your business.

Pretty much everything that you're going to need for your new business is inside this valuable resource.

Limited Time Bonuses – Ultimate Software Tool Suite

Here's what your getting inside this ASM bonus pack:

  • Exclusive Product Opportunity Tool – Chrome browser extension to find great products fast. 
  • Product Analyser Tool – Automatically performs deep analysis on all your new product opportunities.
  • Perfect Keyword Tool – Uncover winning opportunities with high sales potential and low competition.
  • Rapid Product Launch Tool – Rank rapidly on Amazon leveraging an old retail strategy adapted for e-commerce.

Why I'm Not Offering A Bunch Of My Own Bonuses

Is it simply because I'm tight? No, it's really not!

It's more because I don't rate my FBA knowledge above that of Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, along with their handpicked ASM team.

Plus two other good reasons…

1. Because a bunch of my own bonuses would cause you a massive distraction from the ASM program itself.

Think about this; you are considering investing a very decent slug of money in yourself by enrolling in this program…

…but what?…You also believe the program is missing some stuff, and you need someone else to add it in?

That is simply not the case!

ASM have got it all covered, you do not need someone else's stuff thrown in on top. It will be a pointless distraction.

If you want to buy Amazing Selling Machine Evolution, go ahead and do it, and then be laser-focused on the ASM program for the next few months…no other distractions.

2. As an entrepreneur, you have to get out of the mindset that you need someone to hold your hand.

I cannot drive this home enough. Stop thinking that you need someone else to help you build your business.

You absolutely do not!

Everything you need to build your own Amazon FBA business is inside this packed program and it's own extensive bonus materials.

You have twenty-one ASM mentors ready to assist you whenever you want their help.

Plus the ASM community.

You do not need someone with a load less experience than the guys running ASM to start chipping in with their half-baked advice (and I totally include myself in that).

Trust in the program, but more than that, trust in yourself young Skywalker.

Will The Amazing Selling Machine Work For You? 

Well you already know I can't give you a definitive answer to this one.

But maybe you can ask a few questions of yourself that may reveal how good or bad your chances could be.

Let's take these for example:

  • Do you have a super strong work ethic?
  • Are you absolutely committed to taking action on this?
  • Do you have at least an hour a day that you will spend going through the ASM course and building your business?
  • Are you willing, and able, to not only invest in the cost of the course but also invest in inventory?
  • Are you prepared to attend the live coaching calls and ask questions you might need answered?

If you've answered yes to all of the above questions, you might just be in okay shape.

Here's a few more:

  • Do you have track-record of buying online courses and not taking massive action on them?
  • Are you the type of person that takes every one of life's set-backs like it's a bullet-wound to the chest?
  • Does the thought of having to communicate with foreign suppliers bother you?

And if you have answered no to these three, as well as yes to the previous five, you could be looking good to give this thing a go.

ASM13 Evolution – A Few Of The Best Bits

Here's a quick roundup of my favourite parts of the current ASM training…

1. Live Coaching Calls

These are packed full of value and well worth making a special effort to get on, preferably when they are live, but if you just can't make the time of the live call, the recordings are still well worth your time.

2. The Mentor Program

You will not find too many online courses that have brought together such a breadth and depth of knowledge, all in one pace and made available to you.

You ask, and one of the twenty-one hand-picked FBA experts will answer your question.

One of the biggest plus-points of this, is that you can have total confidence that the answers you are given will be accurate and bang up-to-date.

3. The Private Resource Vault

If you've not run your own business before, the full value of this resource might not be that apparent to you.

This is kind of like having Richard Branson or Bill Gates giving you all of their contacts and business templates on the first day you start your business.

This alone will save you so much time.

4. The ASM Success Agreement

Get your head around this.

This is in addition to the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

You have six months from joining to go through the program to see if it is right for you. As long as you launch a new product within the first four months and follow all the marketing steps that ASM teach in the Web Class within the first 5 months, ASM will fully cover you.

ASM will also reimburse you for up to $5,000 in unsold inventory! So long as you meet the requirements mentioned above.

So, as long as you genuinely give your business a proper go, that is a ton of risk that they have taken off your table.

Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution Review – Wrapping It Up

Without doubt, Amazing Selling Machine Evolution, or ASM13, whatever you want to call it, is an excellent Amazon FBA course..

The owners put so much time into constantly updating the entire program that you know you're being shown up-to-the-minute techniques.

And that's good to know when you're starting out in business.

This program leaves you wondering about very little, as they've just about covered every base.

Amazing Selling Machine Review…
…a Quick SnapShot



Amazing Selling Machine is, without doubt, one of the big-guns when it comes to Amazon FBA training.

It isn't cheap, but it is rammed to the rafters with high-quality course content and all the tools of the trade. 


Outstanding Alternative To Amazing Selling Machine

MarketPlace SuperHeroes is my favourite Amazon FBA training program out there right now.

The MarketPlace SuperHeroes ‘Ignite' program covers everything you need to know to build an Amazon FBA business of your own.

It's delivered in detail and with perfect clarity…and it’s about five times cheaper than ASM at $997 for lifetime access.

One of the main reasons why I like the MPSH program so much, is because they not only teach you how to sell on the Amazon U.S. marketplace, but also how to sell on Amazon globally…

…this adds massive growth potential to your FBA business.

I have written a full review of MarketPlace SuperHeroes should you want to find out more.

Got Any Questions About ASM13 Evolution?

Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

Just sign-up to thedoublethink email group in the box below.

Once you receive the welcome email from me, you’ll have my contact details so you can email me your questions directly.


If you’ve tied to sign-up with ASM and have found that they're currently closed…

…but you're keen to get started with your own successful Amazon FBA business…check out these 3 top ASM alternatives that are open all year round.

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