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best amazon fba podcasts

How do you like your Amazon FBA podcasts?

Full of fluff, hoopla and BS?

Hopefully not, because if you do, you’ve come to the wrong post.

Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Why would anyone want to listen to a business podcast that’s just fluff and BS?

But some people just seem to love wasting hours-on-end listening to podcasts that have no real actionable content.

Just the podcast host waffling on about how successful they are.

And sometimes they invite their mates on to tell you how massively successful they are too.

I absolutely hate it. And seeing as you're still here, it looks like you do too.

Now that we’ve established we’re in the same camp on this, let’s crack on…

Here are my top Amazon FBA Podcasts:

  • Silent Sales Machine Radio
  • Seller Sessions by Danny McMillan
  • The SuperHero Lifestyle Show
  • Rock Your Brand
  • The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast
  • My Wife Quit Her Job (Steve Chou)
  • The Smartest Amazon Seller
  • The Ask Jordan Podcast

And here they all are in a little more detail:

#1. Silent Sales Machine Radio

Well I’m a big fan of the man behind this podcast, the always straight-talking Jim Cockrum.

You’ll find few more genuine people on the web than this guy who is the founder of the long-running Amazon FBA training system ‘Proven Amazon Course’.

silent sales machine podcast

Jim Cockrum has been doing business online and selling on Amazon since the beginning of time, pretty much.

In his ‘Silent Sales Machine Radio' podcast he shares cutting edge strategies not just for your Amazon business but also for eBay, online marketing and plenty of other online ventures.

If straight-talk and highly actionable content is what you're looking for, do not miss out on this one.

#2. Seller Sessions by Danny McMillan

You’ll be hard pushed to find too many other Amazon FBA podcasts with more actionable content than Danny McMillan’s ‘Seller Sessions’.

It’s also fair to say that this one is definitely for more advanced Amazon sellers as a lot of the discussions are at a pretty high level.

danny mcmillan seller sessions podcast

I think the last one I listened to was on Advanced Level Amazon PPC Bid Management…not really rookie stuff.

If you fall into the advanced camp I would absolutely not hesitate to get onto these podcasts as they are of rare quality.

#3. The SuperHero Lifestyle Show

This fairly new little gem in the FBA podcast world is brought to you by Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey of MarketPlace SuperHeroes.

MarketPlace SuperHeroes is their Amazon FBA training system geared to taking Amazon beginners through every aspect of setting up and running their own successful FBA business.

the superhero lifestyle show amazon fba podcast

The Superhero Lifestyle Show has a new episode released every week where you’ll get to hear what’s going on inside the minds of these two insanely experienced Amazon sellers.

Similar to Jim Cockrum mentioned further above, these two guys are no Johnny-come-lately’s, they’ve been running their own FBA business since longer than most of us can remember.

In this podcast you will get the ins-and-outs of what Stephen and Robert are up to, along with their current tips and strategies.

If you want to find out a bit more about these guys, I recently wrote a full course review of their flagship MarketPlace SuperHeroes FBA training program.

#4. The Smartest Amazon Seller

Scott Needham is the host of this podcast that is chock full of high quality FBA information.

You will get a lot of value from The Smartest Amazon Seller if you are new to Amazon.

But…I would say that where the real deep value lies is in some of the more advanced stuff.

the smartest amazon seller podcast

This guy clearly has a ton of Amazon knowledge and he shares an awful lot of it on this show.

If you’re an experienced seller, looking to push on up another level, don’t get stuck in the trap of thinking you have to figure it all out for yourself…podcasts like this one are here to help.

And this one really does help in a big way.

#5. Rock Your Brand (Scott Voelker)

Scott Voelker used to run ‘The Amazing Seller’ Podcast but he retired it take a bit of a different direction.

‘The Amazing Seller’ was totally focused on Amazon FBA but this new podcast covers online business more broadly, specifically brand building and growing your business.

rock your brand podcast

So don’t expect this guy to be talking about stuff like how to get your products shipped into the FBA warehouse, Rock Your Brand is more high-level business strategy stuff.

Sounds like it’s going to be fluff and waffle doesn’t it?

It isn’t!

Scott Voelker is pretty direct, his content is always clearly told, and does a great job of keeping his guests on track too.

#6. The Full-Time FBA Show

Softer and a little more cuddly than some of the podcasts further up the list, but that doesn’t mean the content is of any less quality.

The show is put together and presented by husband and wife team Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman.

So, I opened this one by describing their podcast as soft and cuddly, but I did not say fluffy.

I love that these guys just crack straight on into their content on almost every one of their podcasts.

There’s no having to sit around waiting for them to thank every man and his dog at the start of their shows.

Both Stephen and Rebecca are totally open about the ups and downs of running their business, including the way they think about the future of their business.

The Full-Time FBA Show is full of real experiences and tried and tested strategies that most sellers will be able to take action on.

Give this one a try, I think you’ll be pretty pleased that you did.

#7. My Wife Quit Her Job (Steve Chou)

So here we have another husband and wife couple who also happen to be successful business partners. This time it’s Steve and Jennifer Chou.

The ‘My Wife Quite Her Job' podcast is not purely about Amazon FBA but instead has a broader approach, covering a number of online business models.

It’s all good stuff as these two have a ton of experience and are very open and honest about their journey as online entrepreneurs.

my wife quite her job podcast

Their online roots are in Amazon selling as this was the first online venture they got into, when they were just dipping their toes in the water as part-time Amazon sellers back in 2007 I believe.

The podcast is mainly hosted by Steve, who you can also find speaking at events such as Sellers Summit.

What I really like about this one is that all of their guests have one important thing in common…they all bootstrapped their own successful online start-ups, none of them had a heap of capital to throw at their new venture.

#8. The Ask Jordan Podcast

If you’ve been searching online for information on Amazon selling, online business and all that stuff, you may well have already discovered the host of this one, Jordan Malik.

As a best-selling author, online entrepreneur and Award-winning Amazon Merchant, Jordan Malik has been all over the media.

You may have seen him either in, or on, The Time, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, to name just a very small few.

the ask jordan podcast

The Ask Jordan Podcast offer up short, value-packed shows that get straight to the point.

Mostly based on answering the questions of podcast listeners it’s great for hearing how simply Jordan answers what seem to be complex questions.

There is a fair chance that you will love this one, if you’re the type of person who likes super direct answers.

Best Amazon FBA Podcasts – Wrapping It Up

The great thing about all of these podcasts is that they won’t cost you any money to listen to.

Not a dollar, dime, penny or pound!

So just go ahead and give them all a try and see which one’s speak to you just the way you like.


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