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Hey, affiliate marketer! Welcome to my 2024 Authority Site System review.

I've been through The Authority Site System (‘TASS' for short, ‘cos that names a bit of a mouthful)…over a dozen times now, start-to-finish!

I now know every nook and cranny of this Authority Hacker course.

And in this review, I'm going to share with you, exactly what you'll find inside.

As DEEP and DETAILED as we're allowed to go!

And, once you've read my Authority Hacker review, I'm going to invite you to get in touch with me directly…

…so that I can answer any questions you might have.

Shall we get started?

The Authority Site System – Key Info

📣 AboutHow to create and grow profitable authority sites.
💰 Price$1,499
✅ ProsBreadth, depth & quality of training is unmatched.
❌ ConsAmount of course material is maybe overwhelming.
🥇 OpinionThe top affiliate training available right now.

I know I've told you this already, but like a friend who's had too much to drink, I am going to repeat myself…

…I've been through TASS, from start to finish, over a dozen times.

And, as you can see below, that includes the fully updated ‘The Authority Site System 3.0'…

the authority site system completion confirmation

So what's the story with the Authority Hacker guys?

authority hacker founders mark webster and gael breton

What makes founders Mark Webster and Gael Breton so different from most of the BS pedlars out there?

What I can tell you with absolute confidence is that they have affiliate marketing and authority site experience that stands up to anyone's.

They've not just been successful in the ‘learn affiliate marketing' niche either.

These guys have built, launched and run extremely successful authority sites across a number of different niches.

Don't underestimate just how important this multi-niche experience is… most do not have it!

That's not all…

Gael and Mark seem to have a knack for being able to put a course together in a straightforward, step-by-step way that's easy to learn.

There's a lot of content inside this course, but because of how well it's laid out, it never seems overwhelming.

To be totally clear, Authority Hacker run two courses:

  • The Authority Site System 3.0: A complete system for how to start, build, grow highly profitable affiliate and authority sites. Aimed at anyone from total newbie, to intermediates earning up to say $5k per month from their authority site.
  • Authority Hacker Pro: For more advanced marketers who already have a profitable website/s and are looking to kick on to the next level…why not take a read of my full Authority Hacker Pro Review.

In this post, I'm focusing totally on The Authority Site System (TASS).

Let's crack on with this review…

Authority Hacker Review – The Authority Site System 3.0 (TASS)

authority hacker the authority site system banner

Is this training worth your time and money?

Do these guys deliver on what they promise?

In case you don’t know, this is what they promise…

The Authority Site System covers everything you need to build your own highly profitable authority site. Once you know how, nothing stops you from starting two or three or even more.

Authority Hacker

Here’s the Deal:

Product/Program: The Authority Site System

Product/Program Owners: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Opportunity: Build and grow one, or more, highly-profitable authority site/s

Usual Price: $1,499 or 6 monthly payments of $330

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day Full Refund

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

My ‘The Authority Site System' Experience


I signed up towards the end of the webinar because I wanted to take advantage of the discounted pricing.

I think the whole sign-up process took me about two minutes from start to finish. After which I had all my login details giving me full access to the Authority Hacker TASS training.

Only one real surprise during the sign-up process…no up-sells!

It's a good sign when you're not bombarded with up-sells before you've even completed your original purchase.

The Authority Site System 3.0 is divided in to the following 16 modules:

  • 0. Introduction
  • 1. Internet Marketing 101
  • 2. Brainstorming Niches
  • 3. Qualifying Niches
  • 4. Planning Your Site
  • 5. Setting Up Your Site
  • 6. Branding Your Site
  • 7. Setting Up Posts & Pages
  • 8. Preparing Info Content
  • 9. Writing Content
  • 10. Uploading & Optimising
  • 11. Initial Link Building
  • 12. Affiliate Monetisation Set-Up
  • 13. Commercial Content
  • 14. Advanced Tactics
  • 15. Becoming An Authority

Inside these modules you'll find a whopping 150 video lessons in total.

These lessons cover just about everything you need to know to get your own successful sites up and running.

Let's take a look at each of the modules in a bit more depth…

The Authority Site System 3.0 – What's Inside?

I know that seems like a ton of information to learn and digest, but the training is taught in a super clear, step-by-step, easy-to-follow way.

With Authority Hacker, you won't find yourself ever having to ask “what do I do next” because everything, everything, is laid out so logically.

Module 0 – Introduction

the authority site system intro

This opening module is all about introducing you to The Authority Site System and how it's put together.

You'll be shown exactly how to get the most from the program so that you succeed as an affiliate marketer, starting now and for many years to come.

  • How To Use The Members Area
  • How To Succeed With This Course
  • Todo List
  • Budget And Expectations
  • Glossary
the authority site system module 0 completed

Module 1 – Internet Marketing 101

Here you are going to be shown the real foundations of internet marketing. This includes how authority sites get traffic, how modern sites are built, as well as how they make money.

This is laying the groundwork on which you are going to build your successful affiliate business for years to come.

  • What Is An Authority Site
  • How Authority Sites Get Traffic
  • How Authority Sites Make Money
  • How Modern Websites Are Built
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation 101
the authority site system module 1 completed

Module 2 – Brainstorming Niches

How are you going to find the perfect niche for you to be successful in? Authority Hacker cover this in more detail than I have seen in any other course.

Here you are shown how to compile a list of potential niches that you will later refine to find the very best opportunities.

  • What Makes A Good Niche
  • What A Good Niche For You?
  • The Niche Research Spreadsheet
  • Things You’re Good At
  • Website Marketplaces
  • Content Marketplaces
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Affiliate Tracking Domains
  • Disclaimers
  • Online Lists
  • Shortlisting Your Niches (R1)
the authority site system module 2 completed

Module 3 – Qualifying Niches

You put together a list of potential niches in the previous module. Now Authority Hacker are going to show you exactly how to find the most profitable opportunities.

Followed properly, this is the module that is going to multiply your chances of success, way beyond probably 95% of all other aspiring affiliates.

  • Deep Niche Research Spreadsheet
  • Finding Sites With High Traffic
  • Finding Low DR Sites Ranking
  • Shortlisting – Round 2
  • Finding Affiliate Programs
  • Finding Info Products
  • Assessing CPC (Cost Per click)
  • Shortlisting – Round 3
  • Finding Low Competition Keywords
  • Seasonality And Growth
  • Finding Link Opportunities
  • Shortlisting – Round 4
  • Finding Social Communities
  • Niche Credibility
  • Are You Still Interested?
  • Picking Your Final Niche
the authority site system module 3 completed

Module 4 – Planning Your Site

Now that you've decided on your niche, it's time to flesh out your research, plan hubs of content, and layout a clear path to success for your site.

This is crucial to your success. You will, like I do, refer back to it throughout the life of your site.

  • Expanding Your Competitor List
  • Expanding Your Monetisation – Research Part 1
  • Expanding Your Monetisation – Research Part 2
  • Expanding Commercial Keywords – Part 1
  • Expanding Commercial Keywords – Part 2
  • Expanding Your Skyscraper Content
  • Building Your Sitemap
the authority site system module 4 completed

Module 5 – Setting Up Your Site

The bit you've been itching to get to…setting-up your site. By the end of this module you will have a fully-functioning website. Okay so it won't have any content on it but that's to come.

  • Domain Name Do’s And Don’ts
  • Picking The Domain Name
  • Hosting Set-Up
  • SSL + Cloudflare Set-Up
  • Basic WordPress Settings
  • Installing A Theme
  • Installing Elementor Pro
  • Google Analytics Set-Up
  • Google Search Console Set-Up
  • Rank Math SEO Set-Up
  • Site Speed
  • Email Set-Up
the authority site system module 5 completed

Module 6 – Branding Your Site

It's time to start branding your site! Don't worry if you're not a natural at this sort of stuff, this module is going to show you everything you need for a great looking site.

  • Picking Brand Colours
  • Picking Brand Fonts
  • Creating A Logo In Canva
  • Creating Your Favicon
  • Creating Branded Images
  • Applying Your Branding
the authority site system module 6 completed

Module 7 – Setting Up Posts & Pages

You now have your site set-up and your branding figured out, so it's time to start populating it with posts and pages.

This module is all about how to structure your content as well as providing you with templates to make sure you can scale up easily in the future.

  • Building Site Structure
  • Inspirations For Web Design
  • Header Building
  • Footer Building
  • Post Templates – Soft Silos
  • Page Templates – Hard Silos
  • Home Page
  • Hub Pages – Hard Silos
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy & Disclaimer
  • About Page Creation
the authority site system module 7 completed

Module 8 – Preparing Info Content

It's time to start adding actual content on to your site. And it starts with info content. Why? Because it's the easiest type of content to create.

As well as being the best type of content for boosting the authority of your site. In this module you'll be shown how to prep your info content, and in the following module, how to actually write it!

  • Creating Content For Web Users
  • Creating Content For Google
  • Types Of Info Content
  • Using Content Templates
  • Question Posts
  • [Template] Question Post
  • List Posts
  • [Template] List Posts
  • Writing Guidelines
the authority site system module 8 completed

Module 9 – Writing Content

Never written an article before? Don't worry. You're going to be shown exactly how it's done, step-by-step.

Whether you're an accomplished writer or a complete beginner, with this guidance and your effort, you will produce well written, high quality articles.

  • Choosing An Article Type
  • Article Length
  • How To Research Content
  • Content Research – SERP
  • Content Research – Related Articles
  • Content Research – YouTube
  • Content Research – Social Communities
  • Content Research – Ask
  • Planning Your Article
  • Extra Prep
  • Writing The Body
  • Writing The Intro
  • Writing The Outro
  • Editing Your Content
the authority site system module 9 completed

Module 10 – Uploading & Optimising Content

This is all about making sure that once you have your outstanding content written, you upload it to your site in the right way and with all the bells and whistles that the search engines love.

  • Uploading Content
  • Meta Title
  • Article Title
  • Social Title & Description
  • Optimising Your URL
  • Adding Images
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking
  • WP Categories
  • Publishing
  • Checkpoint: Publish 10 Articles
  • Index Your Site
the authority site system module 10 completed

It's time to start building links to your site. Getting quality links is the single most important controllable factor in getting your site to rank…yet hardly any affiliate marketing courses cover it in any detail.

The Authority Site System covers link building in minute detail. This module walks you, step-by-step, through three proven link building strategies.

  • The Anatomy Of A Link
  • HARO – Introduction & Setup
  • HARO – Prospecting
  • HARO – Answering Questions
  • HARO – Results
  • Guest Posting – Introduction
  • Guest Posting – Prospecting
  • Guest Posting – Outreach
  • Guest Posting – Pitching Topics
  • Link Building Negotiation
  • Guest Posting – Writing Content
  • Guest Posting – Results
  • Skyscraper – Introduction
  • Skyscraper – Prospecting
  • Skyscraper – Bulk Email Finding
  • Skyscraper – Hunter Lead Tool
  • Skyscraper – Outreach Templates
  • Skyscraper – Outreach
  • Skyscraper – Results
  • Email Deliverability
  • Finding Emails Manually
  • Crossniching – The Most Important Concept
  • Checkpoint: Your First 20 Links
the authority site system module 11 completed

Module 12 – Affiliate Monetisation Set-Up

The key things to bear in mind when working with different affiliate programs. Every vendor is different and has their own terms.

This module will walk you through such things as cooke terms, first touch / last touch, tracking, payouts etc. As well as evaluating the quality and integrity of each program that you are considering applying to.

  • How Affiliate Programs Work
  • Affiliate Program Sign-Ups
  • Managing Links – ThirstyAffiliates
  • Amazon Overview
  • Signing Up For Amazon
  • Using Amazon Associates
  • Affiliate Rules
  • Affiliate Disclosure
  • Affiliate Payouts
the authority site system module 12 completed

Module 13 – Commercial Content

The only thing you need to do now is start writing your money-making content. A lot of the tactics in this module are carried over from the info content module.

You'll be introduced to a brand new batch of money-making content templates that you'll be walked through one by one.

  • How Commercial Content Fits
  • Types of Commercial Content
  • [Content Template] Single Reviews
  • [Content Template] Roundup Reviews
  • [Content Template] Versus
  • [Content Template] Alternatives
  • Structuring Your Commercial Content
  • Researching Commercial Content
  • Commercial Content Buying Guides
  • Commercial Content Product Sections
  • Commercial Content Intros
  • Commercial Content Outros
  • Uploading and Publishing Content
  • Checkpoint: Write 40 Commercial Posts
the authority site system module 13 completed

Module 14 – Advanced Tactics

You don't have to follow this module in any particular order. Instead you can pick out the advanced tactics that interest you most, and work best in your niche.

This module is frequently updated, so pay attention to the Update log and the Facebook group so you know when something new goes live.

  • Custom Tables
  • Optimizing Content With Surfer
  • Outsourcing Content
  • Getting Faster at Writing
  • Hiring Writers
  • Managing Writers
  • Promoting High Paying Affiliate Offers
  • Creating Sticky Headers
  • Setting Up Display Ads
the authority site system module 14 completed

Module 15 – Becoming An Authority

You've now come the end of the program. But, your journey is only just getting going. And you are far from alone.

The guys at Authority Hacker help you pull everything together and put together your own battle plan of what to do next.

  • Monthly Tracking Sheet
  • What To Do Next
the authority site system module 15 completed

As you can see, this is detailed training that goes deep into all of the key areas, where other training courses get pretty vague and sketchy…if they cover them at all!

Niche selection, content creation and building backlinks are all areas that really need to get covered in which ever affiliate training course you choose.

In addition to the course material itself, you are also provided you with numerous niche and market research templates as well as done-for-you article writing templates.

Authority Hacker TASS 3.0 Webinar: Authority Hacker Free Training Webinar

Case Study Site

Now you really won't find this available to you with many other training courses.

During the course, you are shown live examples of exactly how things are done, using one of Authority Hackers live case study sites.

You can access this site at any time should you want to check something out.

Authority Hacker Facebook Community

There's a big difference between the Authority Hacker TASS Facebook community and most other affiliate marketing course communities…and it's that it's made up of people who are all interested in advancing their knowledge and skills, not in trying to impress other members.

That means that when you go on and ask a question, people only answer if they know the answer and can genuinely help you out with their reply.

Too many similar communities are packed with members answering questions, even when they have almost no idea what they're talking about.

Live Q&A's

The Authority Hacker founders, Gael and Mark arrange regular question and answer webinar sessions for the members only Facebook community.

These are well worth joining as they are completely open and honest about what is and isn't working for them right now.

Getting insights like these into latest strategies is pretty valuable.

Any Up-Sells?

Eventually, yes. But nothing during the sign-up process, which is always good.

In fact, nothing for over six months.

Authority Hacker Pro is the progression from The Authority Site System.

And this up-sell is geared towards people that have reached a ceiling in their affiliate business and want to move their earnings to the next level.


Is The Authority Site System good for beginners?

Yes. No knowledge is assumed so you could start this course with zero knowledge of affiliate marketing and authority site building. The second module ‘Internet Marketing 101' is all about laying solid foundations for anyone totally new to this.

Does The Authority Site System teach you how to find a niche with good potential?

Yes, and it's a massive part of this Authority Hacker course. Inside The Authority Site System there are over 20 videos totally dedicated to finding and selecting the best niches.

Does The Authority Site System teach how to produce content that will rank well in search engines?

Yes. There is a 14 video module covering every aspect of producing content that will both gain high search engine rankings, and appeal to your site visitors.

Is The Authority Site System good for intermediate affiliate marketers?

Absolutely. While the course starts from scratch it also has a ton of content for intermediates. If you're earning up to say $5k per month from your site, this course is still relevant. Maybe upwards of that figure you would be better off looking to Authority Hacker Pro.

Does The Authority Site System have an example website I can check out to see how to go about things?

It does. Perfect for me as I tend to learn better by reverse engineering.

Is The Authority Site System totally focused on using Amazon Associates?

No. I believe it used to be, but not anymore.

Does The Authority Site System have a community forum or private Facebook Group?

Yes, the course includes access to a private Facebook Group, and it is definitely one of the best one's out there.

Authority Hacker TASS 3.0 Review – Wrapping It Up

If you've just read all of this review, you're now not going to be too surprised to hear me say that I'm a massive fan of Authority Hacker!

And especially the newly fully updated affiliate training program: The Authority Site System 3.0.

TASS is bang up to date and loaded with valuable content that's been thoroughly battled tested by the course founders themselves.

Put this alongside the fact that it's also really easy to follow because of the amount of thought that's been put into the course structure.


…that it has probably the best Facebook community that I've come across online, it makes it easy to get totally onside with this course.

My Experience: 9.5 /10


When it comes to providers of affiliate marketing training, without doubt, Authority Hacker are my clear favourites.

This is the affiliate training that I use…and that I wish I'd discovered long before I actually did!

I can't imagine there are many other affiliate training programs that have seen the same number of students go on to achieve such massive success.

authority hacker customer successes

Having now been right through the updated Authority Site System course, I can't quite believe they've made it even better without bumping the price up.


…to an extent, I suppose it also depends what sort of training style you like.

If you're after a lot of high-fives and back-slapping, these guys are not going to be right for you. But you won't have any trouble finding affiliate courses dishing that out, so no worries.

If on the other hand you want step-by-step, real world, proven methods for getting your affiliate business onto a successful footing…from scratch…

…then I believe Authority Hacker have what you're looking for.

This is why I have no hesitation in recommending Authority Hacker's The Authority Site System for both beginners and intermediates.

It's going to take work on your part though!

What's being taught here is all about building sites with value and that will survive the test of time. So be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

Quite simply, if you've got the work ethic, these guys have got the knowledge and it's all available to you inside The Authority Site System.

I hope you found my review helpful.

Note:  If you're just not able to pay for training right now, start using the Authority Hacker Blog.  It is packed with high value information…better than most affiliate marketing training courses…all for free!

Have Any Questions About The Authority Site System?

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A Bit Of Background

The defining moment that turned my affiliate marketing fortunes around, just a few years ago, was finding The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker.

At that time, I had spent way too much time and money on some poor affiliate training that had got me nowhere, and I was close to jacking it in.

I was working my backside off, trying to get my affiliate marketing business off the ground.

But it just wasn't happening for me!

So I spent even more time, searching for a decent affiliate course.

And I found a review about The Authority Site System, and the review was on a site I already new and trusted.

I signed up to the Authority Hacker free training webinar, took a ton of notes (which I still have to this day) and I learnt more about affiliate marketing than I had in the last two years.

Very tentatively (I was fearful of this turning into even more money spent on dodgy training), I got my credit card out and signed-up.

Promising myself that this would be the last time I would part with money for an affiliate course…

…If this didn't work out, I was done!

Well, the course was outstanding and it turned everything around for me.


If you want to find out more about the proven industry secrets you'll learn inside The Authority Site System, sign-up to this free training webinar.

And if you're ready to fast-track your affiliate marketing success right now…

sign-up to The Authority Site System via my affiliate link here…as long as the offer isn't sold out…

…you'll get a discount down to $599

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