7 Quick Tips To Boost Sales On Amazon FBA

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Want to know how to boost sales on Amazon FBA?

Well then, simply pick a couple of these seven Amazon seller tips that you can start implementing straight away.

Learn. Implement. Take your FBA business to the next level!

Keep reading to get started…

7 Quick Tips To Boost Sales On Amazon FBA

#1. Improve Your Amazon SEO

If you start thinking of Amazon as a search tool, you'll get a better idea of how you should approach selling on this global platform.

Get familiar with the workings of Amazon's search engine and you'll be in a great position to really push on and massively boost sales on Amazon.

Amazon's algorithm is simpler than Google's and it pulls in a number of very different factors.

There is a lot to learn in figuring out Amazon's algorithm, but your time spent will show through in much better Amazon SEO, and in better sales figures.

#2: Optimize Your Listings For Sales

Image: amazon.co.uk

The amount of terrible product listing on Amazon is growing day-by-day.

You don't need to take my word for it, just open up Amazon and go search for just about anything you can think of.

I guarantee you that you will find endless terrible listings in your search results.

Bad product listings cost Amazon sellers a lot of money.

And that is great news for you!

Once you have won the click, do not waste it with weak, ineffective copywriting and errors in your in product descriptions.

The quickest win is checking for basic errors in your listing copy, like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and incorrect specifications.

Once you've driven out all of the stuff that is just plain wrong…

…take a look at improving your sales copy.

Powerful copywriting makes a huge difference in winning sales.

Your listings must be written in a way that convinces people to buy your products. So use powerful, emotive words.  

Be sure to draw attention to the benefits of your products. Too many listing only list product features.

Always be thinking: Features to benefits. Take every product feature and write some powerful copy on how it benefits the user.

#3: Better Product Images

A picture is worth a thousand words.

And a poor picture…well, it says all the wrong things about your business! 

Photos play an important part in both attracting clicks from the search results, and in converting the people who do click through, into buyers.

Great images are what stops the online buyer from feeling they have to go to a bricks and mortar store, so that they can actually see and feel the actual product.

And, we humans consume visual content quicker and easier than we do written content.

Your product images should grab the attention of customers and motivate them to finalise the purchase.

Review all of your product images, and if you believe that they are not up to scratch, ask yourself whether you are able to do a significantly better job?..

…or whether you should be bringing in the services of a professional product photographer. 

This is not the quickest win on this list of tips, but if you're totally serious about finding out how to boost sales on Amazon, it's one you should not ignore.

#4. Choose The Right Pricing Strategy

machine shooting cash notes as proxy for boost sales on amazon pricing strategy

Whether you are selling inexpensive products, or expensive products, you must be pricing as accordingly.

Very generally, where the same, or similar product is being sold by another FBA / Prime eligible seller, you don't definitely don't want to find yourself 10% more expensive. 

And at the other end of the scale,  neither do you want to be more than just a few cents or pennies cheaper than the least expensive seller.

The best current pricing advice seems to be:

  • Establish a solid pricing strategy for your products;
  • Do not compete on price alone – it's a race to the bottom;
  • Do not get involved in pricing wars – everyone usually ends up getting hurt.

If you are in a market with extremely aggressive price competition, and you want to stay in that market, consider using a repricing tool.

#5. Identify Your Most Profitable Items

Treat your cash cows with all the love and care that they deserve.

But first of course, you have to know which of your products are your cash cows.

Analyze your sales data and identify your most profitable items. Profitable items, not the highest revenue  generating items.

Prioritize these winning products and be sure you keep a good stock of them.

In just about any retail business, the best way to boost sales is to identify which of your products are generating the most profits per unit, and double down on them hard!

#6. Win The Buy Box

To win the Buy Box, you have to meet Amazon's criteria in several areas.

Amazon closely protects the exact algorithm used to calculate the Buy Box, but we pretty much know that it takes into account the following factors:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Low pricing volatility
  • Customer feedback data
  • Efficient delivery
  • Inventory volumes
  • Returns and refund rates

It generally takes some time for new sellers to build up enough sales record to win them the Buy Box.

But focus in on all of the known Buy Box criteria right from the start, which will make for high levels of customer satisfaction and thereby boost your chances of winning the Buy Box when it's your time.

The Buy Box is one of the biggest single game-changers for generating increased sales on Amazon.

If you don't own it, you are losing sales.

#7. Go For Global Expansion

glass globe in hand as proxy for boost sales on amazon going global

Globally, more and more people are using Amazon to meet their shopping needs.

People form all over the world are using Amazon to purchase everyday items. 

And people are becoming completely comfortable with spending ever increasing amounts of money on single-purchases via the Amazon platform.

The online retail market place is growing every which way you look at it.

And Amazon is possibly the most trusted name out there.

Selling internationally could significantly grow your FBA business!

Amazon has marketplaces in the US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia…plus lots more.

Before you go ahead and expand into Amazon's international marketplaces, you can test the waters a little with the Amazon Global Selling program.

This will open up your Amazon product listings to international consumers who are shopping on Amazon.com.

The program should give you some insight into which countries are mostly buying your products, and from there you can decide on whether or not you want to expand fully into that Amazon marketplace.

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7 Quick Tips To Boost Sales On Amazon FBA – Wrapping It Up!

We all want more sales.

And for most Amazon sellers, there will be opportunities to increase your Amazon sales.

The vast majority of people on Amazon are wanting to make a purchase, you just need to lie down in their way.

This is simply a short-list of seven tips to boost sales on amazon, that should in most cases be pretty quick to put in place…

…but it is in no way exhaustive!

If you follow these tips, you should see a boost to your Amazon sales.

Just make sure you keep building on that momentum, and get yourself further success.

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