Can You Turn Online Marketing Into A Reliable Income?


dollar bills planted in soil representing the question can you make money online and turn online marketing into a reliable incomeYou’ve seen them time and time again on the internet…

…ads showing a guy or girl sitting at a trendy coffee shop, laptop on the table alongside a perfectly made flat white, while the coffee drinker/s effortlessly make money online.

Dollars, as we’re invited to believe, flow into their bank account 24/7.

Sure it’s an appealing idea, who doesn’t want to make plenty of money online?..

…but what’s the real story?

Are those ads total BS? Or is there some element of truth in them?

Can you turn online marketing into a reliable, repeatable income?

Are these internet business opportunities for real?

Can almost anyone of average intelligence really make money online?

Without question there are online marketers out there making vast fortunes, and some of them have been at it for a relatively short period of time.

Affiliate marketing is a perfect example of a relatively young industry where there always seems to be some new superstar making themselves a vast fortune.

But what’s also true is this:

For every two or three that are crushing it, there’s about another ninety-seven that are getting nowhere near the same level of success.

97% failure rate, 3% success (1% ultra-success).

The above statistics are true of online marketing just as they are across almost all industries, and you could say that they make for depressing reading…

…but I don’t think they do.

Here’s why:

Instead of asking why so many fail, ask how the top 3% achieve their success…particularly the 1% who are achieving massive success!

It has been said many times before, but that doesn’t make it any less true…

…success leaves clues.

But there is a catch!

Most people are simply too lazy…way too lazy.

They love the idea of success but aren’t so keen on the amount of effort it takes to get there.

Most people simply will not do what it takes. For some reason, most people tend to believe that not online does the internet offer an incredible opportunity but that making money online should also be super-easy.

They don’t want to apply themselves to gaining the skills that achieving top-level success requires.

Even with the dangling carrot of potential wealth and time-freedom right in front of them, they just can’t bring themselves to get done what is needed.

The average person that types “how to make money online” into a Google search is looking for a push-button opportunity.

What they should be typing in, if they were being honest with themselves, is “how to make money online with absolutely minimum effort and little or no financial outlay”.

Can you be different?

Will you succeed?

Will you be the top 1% enjoying ultra-success?

How Can You Actually Do This?

Hard work, consistent effort and the right mindset are what’s needed to turn online marketing into a reliable income…

…amongst other things, but these three are the critical pieces to the puzzle that everyone of those achieving huge success now has in place.

But that’s not all…

…the vast majority of ultra-successful people tend to receive some form of mentorship.

They often have at least one mentor that they can turn to when they find themselves at a plateau. And they are not afraid to ask them for advice when this is the case.

Simply seeking out a mentor and asking for their ongoing support shows a commitment to attaining mastery.

But most will never do this as we tend to prefer the idea of instant gratification. Even though in the business world, we know that there is rarely any such thing.

Is this really still the case? Even in the age of the internet?

There Has Never Been A Better Time!

The truth is that today, in these times , you can massively increase the speed with which you gain the critical skills required for success.

The greatest power of the internet is when it comes to gearing up your chances of success, is the opportunity it gives us all to find top level mentors who have already trodden the path we now wish to follow.

With the right mentorship program, and one that you are fully committed to, you can potentially take your time to success…

…from four or five years, to 18 or maybe even 12 months!

Combine the right online business model and mentorship program, with the right work ethic on your part, and you really can get the results you desire faster than with the traditional business model.  

But don’t be fooled.

Even in the best money making online business, most people do not become an overnight sensation and money does not pour down on them from the sky.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can give just 20 to 30 hours of your time and $100 of your money into learning something new and start crushing it straight out of the gate.

Most never get any kind of business success…97% don’t in fact.

There are always some fast rising stars…

…and they are usually open to learning and coaching, with the commitment and financial resources to attack a rapid growth plan.

If you have the time and money to put towards investing in your online business education, results could quickly be attained with proper mentorship and coaching.

That’s not all…

…Desire, outweighs just about any circumstance or attribute.

If You Want To Turn Online Marketing into a Reliable Income…

…what you need to come to terms with is:

You must pursue your path with an unrelenting passion in order to master a new skill.

For you to get “not so typical” results, you’re going to have to be and act in an untypical way.

Think about how much the average person would do in their pursuit of making money online and at the very least…

…quadruple that effort.

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