5 Affordable Landing Page Builders – Get The Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

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Hey there! Welcome to my Affordable Landing Page Builders round-up post.

There's been a ton of advancement in the landing page industry over the last few years.

Better functionality, better conversion optimisation, better all-round building experience, plus plenty of other shiny new stuff.

The only problem is that the cost of most landing page builders has been increasing in line with these advancements.

It's made a lot of them seriously expensive!

Can you still get your hands on a decent, low-cost landing page builder?

5 Affordable Landing Page Builders – Snapshot

🏅 Leadpages (Leadpages Review)
🥈 Swipe Pages
🥉 Landingi (Landingi Review)
🎗 LanderApp

5 Affordable Landing Page Builders That Work Great

A few landing page builders have managed to keep their pricing where they're still accessible to anyone operating on a more modest budget.  

With a more affordable landing page builder, you may have to invest more time in getting your landing pages looking, performing and converting brilliantly…

…but, it's a trade-off many people are happy to make.

#1. Leadpages

screenshot of leadpages affordable landing page builders homepage

Leadpages was the first landing page builder I ever used.

At that time, it was clunky and glitchy, and as temperamental as a two-year old Christian Bale…or so I imagine. 

But hey, this was quite a few years ago now, when most landing page builders did tend to share these unenviable traits.

I'm happy to say that on revisiting Leadpages, the user experience is now very different…

…but somehow the pricing has barely changed.

That's a serious win-win in my book! 

Let's take quick look at some of the stand-out features:

  • Stable, intuitive drag-&-drop builder/editor
  • Fast loading times
  • Unlimited Mobile-Responsive Pages
  • Built-in conversion guidance
  • A/B testing
  • 160+ templates
  • All major integrations

I've been left very impressed with the overall Leadpages experience.

This is a seriously decent landing page builder, and considering that it's a very affordable landing page builder, it's pretty outstanding!

Leadpages Plans & Pricing

Subject to change, the Leadpages pricing is currently as follows:

  • Standard Plan: $37/mo if paid annually, $49/mo if paid monthly
  • Pro Plan: $74/mo if paid annually, $99/mo if paid monthly

If you like the look of Leadpages, they have the industry standard 14-Day Free Trial available for each plan.

#2. Swipe Pages

screenshot of swipe pages cheap landing page builder homepage

Swipe Pages is a relatively new kid on the block.

They certainly weren't around when I was first building landing pages.

So with no prior knowledge of Swipe Pages when I set out to write this post…

…I've surprised myself by slipping it straight into the second spot on this list.

And it's well deserved!

Here are a few key take-aways:

  • Stable, fairly intuitive drag-&-drop builder/editor
  • Fast loading times
  • AMP support
  • Excellent mobile optimisation 
  • A/B testing
  • 50+ templates
  • 20+ widgets
  • All major integrations

I think this is one of the first dedicated landing page builders that has been built from the very outset, with a priority on landing pages for mobile devices.

Of course, you absolutely can build pages for a desktop audience, no problem at all.

But if your audience is mobile-first, I think you could be onto a real winner with this one!

Swipe Pages Plans & Pricing

Subject to change, the Swipe Pages pricing is currently as follows:

  • Startup Plan: $29/mo if paid annually, $39/mo if paid monthly
  • Marketer Plan: $59/mo if paid annually, $89/mo if paid monthly
  • Agency Plan: $119/mo if paid annually, $199/mo if paid monthly

If you think you might like to give Swipe Pages a go, they also have a 14-Day Free Trial available, with no credit card required.

#3. Landingi

Landingi has been going for a shade over ten years, but up until writing this post, I'd never given their dedicated landing page builder a try.

I'm glad that I did because it's a nice bit of kit.

It's both quick and simple to get started with, and the Landingi drag-&-drop visual editor is nice and stable and pretty easy to use.

Here are a few of the key features:

  • Stable, intuitive drag-&-drop builder/editor
  • Popup builder (but not with the ‘Core' plan)
  • A/B testing (but not with the ‘Core' plan)
  • Basic analytics
  • Dynamic content
  • 300+ templates
  • All major integrations

All-in-all this is a pretty good offering for the money.

I think Landingi are a little tight with what's available inside the Core plan, but with that said…

…I really like that in all plans you can add an additional 5,000 unique visits for $5 extra per month, and an additional custom domain for $5 extra per month

These $5 add-ons mean you have a little headroom to grow and don't get forced into having to upgrade too quickly.

Landingi Plans & Pricing

Subject to change, the Landingi pricing is currently as follows:

  • Free Plan: $0
  • Professional Plan: $45/mo
  • Agency Plan: $119/mo

If you think Landingi could be what you're looking for, a 14-Day Free Trial is available…

…on top of which they also have a 30-day full money back guarantee, should you buy but not be entirely happy.

#4. GetResponse

Generally, I am not a big fan of all-in-one marketing software suites.

Because it's a case of putting all of your eggs in one basket…and that makes me a little uncomfortable.

But hey, that's just me…plenty of people love an all-in-one tech suite!

And it has to be said, that GetResponse are great at what they do.

Also, I've always liked their landing page builder.

Here's the overview:

  • Drag-and-drop landing page editor
  • Built in analytics
  • A/B testing
  • 200+ templates
  • Stock images available
  • All major integrations

Like I said, the all-in-one suites aren't for me, but if you're just getting started there is the potential to save a whole bundle of cash given all the marketing services that are inside GetResponse.

GetResponse Plans & Pricing

Subject to change, the GetResponse pricing is currently as follows (in Euros):

  • Email Marketing Plan: €13/mo if paid annually, €16/mo if paid monthly
  • Marketing Automation Plan: €44/mo if paid annually, €99/mo if paid monthly
  • Ecommerce Marketing Plan: €87/mo if paid annually, €106/mo if paid monthly

GetResponse don't offer a 14-Day Free Trial…they offer a 30-Day Free Trial, which should be plenty of time to decide whether it's for you or not!

#5. Lander

I know a few people using Lander and they all seem to love it.

That's why it made perfect sense to take it for a test-drive, to see if it was fit to make it onto this list of cheap landing page builders.

And the verdict is…

…a resounding yes! It easily makes it onto the list.

Here's the highlight reel: 

  • Stable drag-&-drop builder/editor
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Mobile-ready
  • A/B testing
  • 100+ templates
  • All major integrations

Lander has got everything you will need to create great looking, conversion optimised landing pages.

And if you were to opt for the Basic plan, and pay annually, the price looks crazy low!

Lander Plans & Pricing

Subject to change, the Lander pricing is currently as follows:

  • Basic Plan: $16/mo if paid annually, $49/mo if paid monthly
  • Professional Plan: $83/mo if paid annually, $99/mo if paid monthly

 Here's where you can find Lander's 14-Day Free Trial.

Which Is The Best Affordable Landing Page Builder For You?

Each one of the entrants on this list are offering a solid product at a great price point.

Just make sure when deciding which one to go with, that it meets your specific needs.

Draw up a list of what you consider to be the most important features. 

A few things to consider could be:

  • Price: What's your budget? Is this the biggest driver for you?
  • Design: What industry are you in? Is look and feel your priority? 
  • Accepting Payments: Will you be creating pages for e-commerce? Make sure your builder has a checkout solution and the integrations you need. 
  • Integrations: If you need to hook up to other tools, check the one's you want are available as an integration.
  • A/B Testing: Make sure your choice has enough capability for your testing requirements.

This isn't an exhaustive list by any means. 

Have a decent think about what you want and need for your landing pages, and make the best choice for you.

Do You Even Need To Buy A Landing Page Builder?

If you only need a small handful of landing pages, shelling out for a landing page builder might not actually be the best option for you.

A dedicated agency, or a freelancer, could work out more cost effective for you.

Because it's not just the cost of paying for the page builder software…

…you've also got to consider how much of your time is going to be taken up by building the landing pages you need.

Definitely give some thought as to the true cost of a landing page before you pull the tigger on some new software.


  • Are landing pages worth it?

    Landing pages are totally focused on getting the conversions you want. So yes, on the back of many years of evidence, landing pages are worth it.

  • Are there any free landing page builders?

    There are a few free landing page builders out there. But, in my experience they tend to be pretty clunky and difficult to use. Plus, the end product is often a little disappointing.

  • How much does it cost to build a landing page?

    Funny you should ask! Why not take a read of my ‘How Much Does a Landing Page Cost‘ post!

  • What is the cheapest way to create a landing page?

    If you only think of cost in terms of financial outlay, the cheapest option is to buy one of these affordable landing page builders, and put the time in to creating pages yourself. But if you take time spent into account, using an experienced freelancer is probably the cheapest option overall.

  • How much time does it take to create a landing page?

    If you have zero page building experience, probably something like 30 hours to produce something half decent.

Wrapping It Up!

I have to say I am very impressed with these landing page builders.

For the money, I believe they are offering exceptional value.

All of them offer a solid, easy-to-use page builder/editor, plus a ton of other features…

…enabling just about anyone to create great looking landing pages, that convert!

It now seems kind of rude to refer to these as cheap landing page builders.

Because none of them feel cheap to use that's for sure. 

‘Affordable' would probably have been a better choice of word.

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