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Using conversion tracking software, but not getting out of it what you thought you would?

Or, are you not using any website visitor tracker software…at all?

If you're totally serious about significantly improving your website's conversion rates…

…it's time to find a link tracking solution that works for you.

In this article, I'm going to focus 100% on one tool: ClickMagick

Because after five years of trying various possible solutions, it's now my firm favourite website tracking software.

The bottom line?..

If you aren't able to identify your best, and worst traffic sources, and how your site visitors are converting at different points across your website…

you aren't able to make changes…to anything!

  • You can't change your landing pages because you don't know which elements of them are driving sales and which aren't.
  • You can't change your funnel set-up because you don't know which parts of it are working well, and which parts are leaking traffic.
  • You can't make decisions about which traffic sources to focus on, because you don't know which one's are sending quality traffic.

You're pretty much stuck!

In marketing no-mans land.

And that's where sales get left on the table for your competitors to swoop in and pick up where you left off.

What Is ClickMagick (And Why Should You Care)?

ClickMagick is a complete, and powerful, click tracking and optimising tool.

It does just about everything you will ever need a tracking and optimising tool to do, here's just a tiny sample:

  • Easy Conversion Tracking (of any Action or Sale)
  • A/B Split Testing (with automated Winner Alerts)
  • Add Retargeting Pixels to Any Link
  • Dynamic Affiliate Links and Link Cloaking
  • Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators

I've been using ClickMagick exclusively for two years now.

Before then, I'd used five other tracking solutions trying to find something that actually worked for me.

The first software I used was very basic. It came as part of an all-in-one domain hosting, website building, tracking package…so really, what did I expect?

The rest?..

…well, for the most part they've been okay, but none of them great.

Because I wasn't totally satisfied with what I had, I kept looking and eventually started using ClickMagick.

I spent a decent amount of time really learning how to get the best out of it.

Now it's one of the tools I would find it hardest to live without if I had to.

What You Will Learn

In this post, I'll be showing you some of what's inside ClickMagick.

My aim here isn't to list everything ClickMagick can do.

If you want that, you can find a full list of everything it can do here.

My aim is to give you an overview of some of the core features.

As well as a few pointers as to how to get them set up so that you can start really getting to grips with your website traffic and visitor conversions.

Let's get started…

Note: If you want to get the absolute most out of the next few sections, head over to ClickMagick and sign up for a free trial.

Integrating a Custom Domain with ClickMagick

ClickMagick does provide you with a generic domain and URL, but I'd really advise you not to go with this option.

There are two main reasons why I advise against this:

You will lose out on branding consistency as your domain name won't be used;

Other people may be abusing the generic domain name and URL, and if they cause a penalty to be imposed, everyone suffers.

So use your own domain name.

How to set-up custom tracking domains inside ClickMagick:

For anyone who has their domain with one of the big name registrars, you'll be working with your DNS settings.

For anyone who has pointed their domain to another host, you’ll be working with your cPanel dashboard.

You will need both your registrar or host account dashboard open, as well as your ClickMagick account dashboard open.

Inside your ClickMagick account dashboard, click on:

‘Tools' → ‘Domain Manager' → ‘Start Here'

You're now going to find yourself at a page of instructions on exactly what to do inside your registrar or host account dashboard.

To be fair this is by far the worst part of the whole set-up procedure because it is a little tedious.

Creating Your Links

Now we're starting to get into what this whole thing is all about, tracking links.

You’ll need to set up new links for every offer you create. As well as for any variation of existing offers that you create.

So learn this bit well because you'll be going through these steps a lot.

Inside your ClickMagick account dashboard, click on:

‘Links' → ‘Create New Link' → ‘Create Link Manually'

clickmagick screenshot create new link

This is a really simple process and will only take you few minutes, seconds once you are familiar with it.

If you're a little bit uncertain about exactly what should go where, just click one of the question marks alongside each box, or click the ‘Help' button in the top left of the window.

Personally I usually go with option to cloak the link.

Once you've completed this part, all clicks on this link will be tracked by ClickMagick, but because ClickMagick has got so much under the hood, we're only just scraping the surface.

Creating Link Groups

If you only have a small number of links to track, you may not want to bother with this. If on the other hand you've got multiple links and a number of different offers, you'll definitely want to use this function.

I create link groups for all of my offers.

Inside your ClickMagick account dashboard, click on:

‘Tools' → ‘Group Manager'

Then you're going to see a page like this one:

screenshot create clickmagick link groups

This really is a straightforward as it looks, all you're doing here is choosing names for groups of links that will make sense to you.

Recommended Reading: This is a guide to click tracking and conversion optimisation for small online business owners and entrepreneurs, written by Patrick Kelly of ClickMagick.

Tracking Traffic Sources / ClickMagick Sub ID's

Which is your best traffic source?

No idea?

Or maybe a rough idea?

If this is the case, don't worry, you're not alone.

Just about everyone struggles with accurately recording the quality of their different traffic sources.

What most online business owners usually end up doing to try and track this metric…

…is create a new link every time they want to use it in a new place that represents a new traffic source.

Very time consuming, and very messy.

Fortunately, you now have ClickMagick and what the power of what they call ‘Sub IDs' on your side.

Here's how to do this inside ClickMagick:

  • Copy and paste one of your tracking links;
  • Let's say you're going to use it on Facebook, simply add something like /fb to the end of your link text;
  • If you're going to use it in emails, add something like /email to the end of your link text.

Just to be crystal clear, when you add the backslash and additional identifying text (the Sub ID), the additional text can be whatever you want.

Once you've got these Sub ID's in place you're going to be able to see exactly where your clicks are coming from.

They'll all be feeding in to your ClickMagick dashboard with the Sub ID's that you've attached to them.

Gold dust!

Tracking Pixels and How to Set Them Up

I hate using tracking pixels, but they're necessary…

…if you want to know how many people are landing on your sales and landing pages, as well as how many are taking the action you want.

Thankfully, dealing with tracking pixels is pretty easy inside ClickMagick, even for someone like me who has an irrational hatred of them.

‘Tools' → ‘Tracking Pizels' → ‘Pixel Builder'

Now you'll be looking at a page like this:

tracking pixels screenshot

Once you've found yourself at this point, all you now need to do is work down the page clicking the buttons that you wish to be selected.

Then, if the page you want to track is on a WordPress site, you need to click on the ‘Image/HTML' button and your pixel code will be generated for you to go and apply to your target page.

If the page you are tracking is something like a ClickFunnels page, you'll need to select the ‘JavaScript' to get your code for pasting in to the footer of your chosen page.

Cloaking Affilaite Links

There's no point spending much time on this feature because it's so intuitive and easy to use.

I think the most important thing to say about cloaking affiliate links, is this:

Make absolutely certain the affiliate program your are linking to allows link cloaking. You will get kicked off the program if you breach this rule.

Tracking Affiliate Link Sales

If you're an affiliate marketer. this is super important.

This is all about tracking the sales from each affiliate network and exactly how much you're making from each program.

To do this, follow these dashboard links:

‘Tools' → ‘Postback URL's' → ‘Postback Builder'

postback url builder screenshot

Once you're in to the page as shown above, click on the ‘Select Affiliate Network' button to reveal a huge list of options to choose from. Find the one you want and click on ‘Select Network'.

I've chosen the Wix affiliate network, and once I've done that, the following further options open up:

affiliate network sales tracking screenshot

You'll notice from the screenshot above that it's pretty intuitive to complete this step as you're guided through the process very clearly.

With this set up, along with all the other elements we've got in place so far…

…you're going to know exactly:

  • Which pages people are landing on;
  • The links that they're clicking;
  • Which link clicks are leading to sales;
  • How much money those sales are generating.

All in one dashboard, which is pretty cool.


These are basically pop-ups that you can create inside your dashboard.

You can see form the screenshot below that there are four types of pop-ups that can be created: ‘On-Load', ‘Delayed', ‘On-Exit', ‘Redirect'.

‘Content' → ‘MagickPops' → ‘Create New Pop'


What my screenshot doesn't show you is that there is a visual editor for you to design your pop-up in.

The visual editor enables you to add just about anything to the pop-up; tables, images, YouTube videos.

As you'd expect, the pop-ups you create can be integrated with all of the main email automation platforms.

What are MagickBars?

MagickBars are bars that you can place at the top or bottom of your page and that will remain there until a visitor clicks to remove it.

These tend to get used to add something like a timer to a page.

This feature also uses a visual editor with load of options, making it both easy to create bars as well as extremely flexible.

Using the Timers Feature

This is a really great feature because it's loads easier to use than you will find with most landing page, or funnel builders.

Use these if you want to add the element of scarcity to your offers.

‘Content' → ‘Timer' → ‘Create New Timer'

countdown timers screenshot

Once you've put in all of your required criteria, a code will be generated for you to place wherever you like;  a webpage, within one of your previously created  MagickPops or MagickBars.

More ClickMagick Features and Tools

I think you're probably getting the picture now that ClickMagick is incredibly feature rich.

So far I've tried to cover some of the essential elements as well as some of the features that you wouldn't always get with click tracking software.

To save this post dragging on endlessly, here's a quick rundown of some of the other features that I' haven't already covered above:

  • Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis: ClickMagick assigns a unique Traffic Quality Score to every one of your tracked links, so you can see exactly what the quality of traffic coming in from each source is like.
  • Automatic ‘Bot' Filtering: ‘Bots', good or bad, mess up your stats. ClickMagick automatically filters bot clicks so that your stats are as accurate as possible.
  • GEO And Mobile Targeting: Enables you to send visitors to different pages based on their location, and/or the device they're using.


There are 3 plans available:

  • Starter Plan – $17/month, all core features and up to 10,000 clicks per month. 2 custom tracking domains.
  • Standard Plan – $47 month, all core features and up to 100,000 clicks per month. Organic and funnel tracking for 5 websites, 10 custom tracking domains.
  • Pro Plan – $97 month, all core features and up to 1,000,000 clicks per month. Everything else is unlimited.

There's a 14-day free trial available for all plans so you've got enough time to kick the tyres before you fully commit.

At the time of writing there's also a 30% discount available if you go for the yearly subscription option.


This is a properly run business, not just there to sell you their software and be done with it.

ClickMagick are well aware that there is a fairly steep learning curve for new users and that is why they have put comprehensive training and support in place.

There is a detailed link tracking start-up guide, as well as ‘Help' buttons on every page so that you can drill into all the information you need about whichever element you are setting up at the time.

Customer support is super-fast. The promise is that ClickMagick will respond to all support tickets within 1 hour, and in my experience they actually do.

ClickMagick Vs Google Analytics

What's the point of using click tracker software anyway? Can't you get this all for free with Google Analytics?

I get asked this question a lot.

And my reply is always the same:

I absolutely love Google Analytics, it's an incredible tool, and the fact that it's free is almost unbelievable given the amount of information you can get from it.

But, if you want to get super-granular, and super-accurate with your data;

I mean really understanding where your results are coming from, exactly what's losing you money. exactly what's making you money…

…you're going to have to get yourself some very decent click tracking software.

I could literally rattle off 20+ ClickMagick features that you just can't get from GA…

Stats are real-time and 100% accurate, you can track entire sales funnels, intelligent link rotators, 24/7 uptime monitoring of your links…

…I could go on, but I won't.

Still not convinced?

Head over to the ClickMagick website and take a look at the video on their homepage.

Watch it all the way through.

I'd be genuinely surprised if you're not convinced by the end.

Wrapping It Up

ClickMagick is an amazing tool.

It enables you to optimise ALL your traffic, and thereby almost guaranteeing higher conversions and profits.

When it comes to tracking software, you want to make sure that what you're using is the best.

There is a world of difference between providers as to the overall functionality and usability of the software.

If you haven't used much tracking software yet, take up some free-trials and and battle test the product during your trial period.

Honestly though, I think you'll end up deciding on ClickMagick.

Got something to add?

I’d love to hear about your experiences with ClickMagick…good or bad!

Go ahead and leave me a comment in the box further below.

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