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ConvertBox is a seriously powerful opt-in/lead-generation tool.

If you're looking to get a whole lot more conversions out of your website visitors…

ConvertBox will make sure you do exactly that.

Versatile, easy-to-use, super-effective.

More sales, more email sign-ups, more leads, greater user engagement, this software has the power to significantly increase all of these conversion types for you.

ConvertBox is also going to save you a ton of time, because it's so damn easy to use…

…and it's probably going to lighten your site, because it will do the job of two or three plugins that you'll be able to uninstall (don't you just love uninstalling plugins).

Is it perfect? Hell no! What is? Which is why we'll take a look at where ConvertBox could do better later on in this review.

ConvertBox Review – Key Info

📣 AboutOpt-in tool, and behaviour-based, list building and retargeting tool
💰 PriceConvertBox Lifetime Deal still available at $495
✅ ProsSuper-advanced display and targeting rules
❌ ConsPage-by-page analytics could be added
🏁 OpinionOutstanding opt-in and lead-generation tool

ConvertBox Review

A while back now, I decided to kick my existing lead capture software firmly in-to-touch.

It hadn't done anything terrible to me.

It just wasn't offering me the kind of individual post/page customisation that I was starting to see on a few of my competitors sites.

And for a full-time online marketer, that's more than enough of a reason to start looking around.

I was going through a full-blown lead capture/opt-in tool mid-life crisis.

So, out went the old…

…and in came the younger, fitter, more agile, and much more exciting lead capture tool…ConvertBox.

convertbox review logo

Would it live up to my expectations?

Or would I, a few months down the line, and tail firmly between my legs, be going back to my old lead capture partner to beg forgiveness?

What Is ConvertBox…Exactly?

ConvertBox is a fully-dynamic, behaviour-based, list building and retargeting tool.

It makes it super-easy to create and manage just about every type of website based Opt-In form and Call-to-Action.

ConvertBox is different to most other lead generation tools in that it allows you to completely tailor how you deliver your on-site messages…

…and it also enables you to build simple, completely personalised funnels.

Very simple, extremely valuable.

convertbox installation options

The software is fully hosted and suitable for all websites. There is a WordPress plugin available to make installation oh-so-simple for WordPress users.

On top of this, it's also got industry leading testing and reporting functionality.

What ConvertBox Will Do For Your Website Conversions

Pretty much, no matter what your on-site conversion goals are right now…

…using ConvertBox will increase your numbers like you have only ever dared to imagine.

convertbox leads

I'm really not kidding.

Everyday that you are not fully optimising your engagement with your visitors is a day where you are losing opt-ins and sales.

Used properly, ConvertBox will optimise your website visitor engagement and thereby plug any leaks in your funnel.

ConvertBox Pricing

Product/Program: ConvertBox 

Product/Program Owners: Josh Bartlett

Opportunity: “Launch personalised offers, lead capture forms and segmentation funnels to the right visitors at the right time with the easiest most powerful on-site engagement platform.”

Price: ConvertBox Lifetime Deal $495

30-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

A Quick Question For You:

Are you showing all your website visitors the exact same pop-up?

Don't feel bad if your answer is yes. 95% of website owners are, so you are far from alone.

ConvertBox will let you move out of that 95% by enabling you to create a personalised user experience.

convertbox visitor actions

By making each engagement more relevant you will turn the same amount of traffic into more clicks, more subscribes, and more purchases.

95% of website traffic will come and go from the average site without engaging in any way.

More leads, more sales, more repeat customers.

How ConvertBox Is Different From Other Opt-In Tools

Unlike the vast majority of its competitors, ConvertBox does not treat every site visitor the same.

Effective engagement, rather than continual interruption.

ConvertBox is dedicated to getting more conversions from your website visitors in an intelligent way.

It knows where visitors have come from, where they are in your sales process and what action they've previously taken on your site.

Real Integration with Your Email Marketing Software:

This isn't a case of getting your lead-capture software to just work with your email software.

This is about getting them to play beautifully together.

And they will do because of ConvertBox's advanced behaviour personalisation, which works with your email marketing software like nothing else on the market.

Powerful Lead Segmentation:

If you care, I mean if you really care about growing a high-quality, relevant email list, this is where ConvertBox just about knocks the competition into a cocked-hat.

This one feature, used properly, will take your email sign-up rates to a whole other level.

I know that when you first get your site up and running, you are mainly concerned with getting traffic to your new site. It's the same for all of us.

But when you are getting traffic you need to start thinking about how you get people to come back, go for your lead magnet, sign-up to your email list, make a purchase.

Segmentation is a core to making all of this happen but most of ConvertBox's competitors pay very little attention to this key area.

ConvertBox Is Perfect For…

Delivering super-targeted messages to your site visitors at exactly the right time.

Here's just a few quick examples:

1. Related Content – A great way to keep people on your site is to offer further relevant content based on what they have just read or watched.

2. Cart Abandonment – If a someone doesn't complete their purchase at checkout, you can show a pop-up for an incentive to complete their purchase.

3. Upsell Offers – If someone has made a recent purchase on your website, you can create an up-sell offer, and if you like, you can add in a timer to create a sense of urgency.

Live ConvertBox Modal Examples

Click on the links directly below to see the different ConvertBox modals:

What I Love About ConvertBox

#1. Ease of Use

When all is said and done, it is how unbelievably easy ConvertBox is to use that really draws me in.

You would think that setting up different opt-in forms for different pages on your site would be a pain…it isn't.

convertbox dashboard example

You would think that setting up welcome messages dependent on where people have arrived on your site from would be a nightmare…

…it isn't!

You would think that segmenting all of your site visitors according to multiple different actions would be horrendous…

…it isn't!

ConvertBox is so staggeringly easy to use that you will never again shy away again from making changes to opt-in forms.

This software encourages you to be totally proactive and that itself van be a huge boos to your conversion rates.

#2: Scheduled ConvertBoxes

You can schedule ConvertBoxes that run only for a specified date and time range.

convertbox review scheduling example

I think it's fair to say that most of us tend to worry about setting up limited time promotions.

Because, unless you have a team working for you, there is a chance you are going to forget to take it down at the right time.

Those days are over because ConvertBox allows you to set-up start and end dates in about four or five clicks.

#3: Simple A/B Testing

Could they have made this any easier? Probably not.

Setting up split-testing has previously been a time consuming pain up the backside.

With ConvertBox you simply enable A/B testing while you are building your opt-in box.

Once you are done editing, you will simple be presented with an option to make a variation of your form for split-testing purposes.

You click, the variant is created, you make the variations you want to test against.

You can create multiple variations.

#4: Perfect, Useable Reporting

I'm sure there will be some people out there who would want more detailed, granular reporting, but I'm not one of them.

convertbox reporting

For me, ConvertBox gets this just about right, offering all of the important numbers in an easy to understand way.

You will see your ConvertBox stats for every group, as well as being able to drill down into specific groups and individual ConvertBoxes if you want finer detail.

There's also a pretty unique ‘Interactions’ metric, that shows you if you caught a visitor’s attention but weren't able convert them.

#5. Manage Everything from One Dashboard

With all the functions and various lead capture options on offer here, it could easily become a pain keeping up with it all.

That's if ConvertBox didn't have a perfectly laid out dashboard for your convenience.

The dashboard is where you build all of your various forms, set new rules including visitor targeting, track each forms performance, as well as run split-tests, all from one central point.

#6. Continuously Being Updated and Improved

Not annoying endless updates, I'm talking about genuine improvements.

Improvements that have the power to actually impact performance.

The ConvertBox team are always making sure their software stays a step or two ahead of the competition.

What I Don't Love About ConvertBox

#1: A Few Design Limitations

My problem here is that the mobile editor is a bit limited.

There just isn't enough mobile-specific editing options available, in my opinion.

That said, you won't get any problems with responsiveness using ConvertBoxes. Everything seems to deliver perfectly on mobile.

I would just like a few more mobile-specific design options is all.

#2: No Page-by-Page Reporting

I've pinged this to the guys at ConvertBox to look at for future enhancements.

You can currently get all the data you need for individual ConvertBoxes.

But what you can't get numbers for is how they performed page-by-page.

The same ConvertBox could deliver a 15% conversion rate on one page, but deliver a 5% conversion rate on another.

This would be useful to know, but what you'll see is simply an individual ConvertBox conversion rate of 10%.

9 Ways ConvertBox Will Grow Your Conversions

#1. Slide-In Opt-In Forms

Probably the most used type of form that you'll find in some guise or another on most websites.

With ConvertBox yours will no longer be like everybody else's because they will be tailor-made for every single page so that they are relevant to the content that your visitor is reading.

#2. Exit-Intent Page Overlay

This is another type of form that you will be more than familiar with.

And once again you will be used to seeing them deployed in a very standard way with little regard as to what visitors have actually been reading.

ConvertBox will give you the tools to be different and build your exit-intent full page overlays to resonate with your site visitors.

#3. Announcements with Sticky Bar

The Sticky Bar is a great, unobtrusive way of making announcements for limited time promotions or something similar.

As you would expect, you can make the sticky bar show either page-by-page, or site-wide.

#4. Messages Based on Where Visitors Have Arrived From

Have you ever considered doing this?

convertbox traffic sources

I know I hadn't until starting out with ConvertBox.

But you would have to prize this function off me with a crowbar now because of how brilliantly well it works for visitor engagement.

This is an often overlooked conversion method.

Try making a text and/or image link that triggers a light-box for people to opt-in through.

You won't be disappointed. They convert brilliantly.

#6. Swap Opt-In CTA's for Purchase CTA's Post Opt-In

Convertbox's biggest plus-point is it's intelligence.

You can set it up to alter the forms visitors see based on the actions they have already taken on your site.

Once someone has opted-in to your email list, they will completely stop seeing your email opt-in form.

Instead ConvertBox will only present them with other types of conversion forms.

No more irritating the hell out of people who are already on your email list by repeatedly asking them to sign-up to it again, and again, and again!

#7. Welcome Video Slide-In for First Time Visitors

Try welcoming first time visitors with a video that explains what your all about and where the best place to start is.

I promise you this is unbelievably easy to set-up because of how powerful the software is.

#8. Funnel Segmentation

ConvertBox enables you to segment your audience so that you only put highly highly personalised and relevant offers in front of your visitors.

When it comes to maximising your lead generation efforts, this is an absolutely key feature.

#9. Track Everything

One of the main reasons why ConvertBox is such an effective lead generation tool for marketers is that it gives you real-time analytics for each and every every part of your funnel.

This means you can adjust every stage of your funnel until you find the one that has the maximum positive impact on your online business.

Which Services Does ConvertBox Integrate With?

Pretty much all of the ones you have heard of, plus a few more.

These are the obvious ones:

convertbox integrations

Who Is ConvertBox For?

I would say that ConvertBox is perfect to start using as soon as you are seeing some level of consistent traffic and visitor engagement on your site.

It's also ideal if you are paying for your traffic as it will maximise your chances of converting your visitors into leads and sales.

You certainly don't need any deep technical knowledge to get the best out of ConvertBox as it is super-intuitive to use.

ConvertBox Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Super-advanced display and targeting rules
  • Range of pop-up types
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Create form steps (states) and link with button actions
  • Scheduled ConvertBoxes for time sensitive offers
  • Perfect integration with email marketing tools

ConvertBox Cons

  • Mobile design options could be better
  • Page-by-page analytics could be added

My ConvertBox Review – Wrapping It Up

I will be totally honest with you here…

…I have struggled to make this ConvertBox review not come across as a completely one-sided, unbalanced rave-up about the virtues of this software service.

And that's because I'm still in awe of the difference it has made to my site conversions, and how easy it makes carrying out what I previously thought of as super-complex actions.

ConvertBox is an outstanding piece of software that keeps on getting better as the team continue to upgrade their offering.

All of my conversions are now completely in the hands of this tool.

My Experience: 9/10

I would have no hesitation in paying the full annual price for ConvertBox because it pays you back many times over.

But, you may not have to…

…ConvertBox is currently (at the time of writing anyway) offering a deeply discounted ‘Lifetime Deal', that will exempt you from any further payments.

Got Any Questions About My ConvertBox Review?

Hit me up, I’d love to hear your thoughts on ConvertBox.

Whatever your question might be, I can probably shed some light on it for you, because I'm using ConvertBox across all my online businesses.

Just sign-up to thedoublethink email group in the box below.

Once you receive the welcome email from me, you’ll have my contact details so you can email me your questions directly.


ConvertBox is currently offering a deeply discounted lifetime deal.

This offer will not last forever, so if you are seriously considering buying ConvertBox, don't wait too long and end up missing out.

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