How To Create A Landing Page Without A Website

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can you build a landing page without a website

For one reason or another, not all internet marketers and online businesses want to build and maintain an entire website.

It's a lot of work.

And if your customer base is mainly engaging via other online channels, maybe it's not worth the time and the trouble.

But, not wanting a full website doesn't mean you don't need to create and deploy effective landing pages from time-to-time.

And that's exactly why we're now going to take a good look at how to create a landing page without a website.

Let's dive in…

Landing Page vs Website – What's The Difference?

Is there even much of a difference between a landing page and a website homepage?

Yes, there definitely is!

Starting with having different objectives.

A website homepage is designed to gently welcome and educate visitors about the sites broad objectives.

Usually, a homepage will tend to have many links to the the different categories and pages of the whole site.

On the other hand, a landing page is highly focused about getting visitors to take a specific action…the conversion goal.

The conversion goal can be any number of things; email list sign-up, webinar registration, direct sale, just about any number of things.

Take a read of our post Landing Pages vs Websites if you want to know more.

Can You Have a Landing Page Without a Website?

how to create a landing page without a website

Yes, you absolutely can!

But, your landing page/s will still need to be hosted somewhere.

And that's not a problem!

There are two broad ways you can go about hosting your landing pages:

  • Host it on a domain that you own
  • Use a landing page builder that offers custom domains

Either of these options are pretty straightforward and won't lead to you having to create and maintain a website.

All you need to do at this stage, is decide which of the above paths you want to go down.

How to Create a Landing Page Without a Website

Here's a simple eight part, step-by-step outline for how to create a landing page without a website: 

1: Decide on your Hosting Option

What we just talked about directly above.

Are you going to host your landing pages on a domain that you own, or;

Are you going to use a landing page builder that offers custom domains?

2: Decide on your Preferred Landing Page Builder 

If you are going to host your landing pages on your own domain, you can pick pretty much any of the landing page builders out there.

If you have decided to host your landing pages on the landing page builders custom domain…

you'll have to make sure that you select a landing page builder that explicitly states that this service is available on the plan that you are interested in.

These days, a lot of landing page builders do offer custom domains, so you shouldn't find yourself too restricted for choice.

3: Decide on the Conversion Goal of your Landing Page

The next thing you need to do, is decide on a definite conversion goal for your landing page.

Are you looking to collect email addresses and build your email list?

Maybe you're trying to get people to sign-up for a webinar.

You may even be going for direct sales!

There are endless conversion goals that that people use landing pages to accomplish.

As long as it's right for you, it doesn't really matter what your conversion goal is…

…just so long as you know what it is before you start building.

4. Build your Landing Page

All landing page builders take a bit of practice to get to know.

So don't worry too much if it takes you a little time to really get out of the blocks.

Hopefully your chosen landing page builder will have a decent number of pre-built templates that you can use to save ourself a ton of time.

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find that your landing page builder has even categorised their templates by a number of different conversion goals.

If they have, that's another big time saving for you.

Here are a few important areas to stay focused on when building your new landing page:

  • Your Conversion Goal – what specific action do you want visitors to take?
  • Your Brand and Offer – keep your page in-line with what people already know about you
  • Your Target Audience – your page must resonate with you target audience
  • Conversion Optimization – compelling copy that moves visitors towards clear calls-to-action

5. Launch your Landing Page

You're finally ready to put this beauty live!

And in order to put your landing page live will require connecting it up to a domain.

The technical side of exactly how you'll go about this will be dependent on whether you're hosting on a domain you own, or on a custom domain provided by your landing page builder.

This used to be a bit of a fiddly business, but thankfully things have moved on and it now tends to be nothing more than a few clicks.

Now, we're nearly done but not quite.

Just a couple more things will really make your campaign fire.

6. Add a Thank-You Page 

A good thank-you page will do a number of things.

First of all, it's just nice to show a bit of gratitude isn't it?..Done!

Second, if you put yourself in the shoes of your target visitor, who has just completed your CTA…

…well, it's always good to get some kind of immediate confirmation that everything has worked.

Thank-you pages are also a great way direct visitors back to your online channels and/or offers.

Just make sure you keep them pretty clean and straightforward.

7. A/B Testing

I know this just seems like a massive additional hassle.

I get it.

You've done a ton of work getting your landing page up and running, but now you've got another job to do.

Fortunately, it's usually very easy these days to get an A/B test running on a landing page.

Most landing page builders enable a simple two or three click process do both duplicate your page and establish testing parameters.

All you really need to do is decide which element you want to alter and test!

Make sure you set up a new test for each element you want to test, don't be tempted to get a little lazy and change more than one thing at a time within each test. 

8. Deliver

Perhaps the most important ingredient for prolonged online success.

Deliver on what you promised you would.

Whatever it is that your landing page says you will do for your online visitors, you must deliver upon.

Outsourcing Your Landing Page Creation

four landing page designer homepages melded together

If you are thinking of just getting one or two landing pages built, you may be thinking that this is all looking like a lot of work.

As you would expect, there other options available to you, should you decide that learning to use a landing page builder…

…and then having to actually create your own landing pages, really isn't the best use of your time.

Or maybe it's simply not the kind of work you enjoy doing.

There is of course the option of going to an agency, but their pricing tends to be optimal when you're looking at getting a run of work done, rather than one or two pieces of work. 

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are well worth checking out as there are some very decent landing page designers on gig sites. 

Like pretty much anything you might outsource into the gig economy, it's about putting a bit of time into  screening for the most suitable candidates for your job.

And then it's about laying out your specific requirements clearly and starting a dialogue with a shortlist of maybe three candidates.

From there, just see who you find it most easy to communicate with…

…and that's probably the right person for you to work with.

Domain, Domain, Domain

Creating a high converting landing page is not all about beautiful design, responsiveness and effective CTA's.

Possibly the singular most important thing to get right is the domain that you'll host your landing pages on.

Your domain decision can have a massive effect on future conversion rates.

Make sure you put some thought into your domain options, before you steam ahead with the actual building part.

Quick Summary

Creating a landing page without a website is easier than it's ever been.

Decide whether your new landing page will be hosted on a domain you own, or if it will be on a custom domain provided by a landing page builder.  

Decide on whether or not your going to build the landing page yourself, or outsource the job.

Put it live.

Test it. Test it. Test it.

And we're done!

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