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Hey there affiliate marketer! Welcome to my 2024 round-up of the best affiliate marketing courses.

I've spent 100+ hours researching and digging deep into the leading affiliate training courses currently available.   

These are by far the best of them!

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get the very best affiliate training.

Choose one of these courses, and you'll have all the knowledge you need to build your own affiliate business, perfectly tuned for long-term, sustainable success.

Ready to start building your own successful affiliate business?

Okay then, no time to waste, let's get to it!..

Which Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

If you are in a hurry, I believe the best affiliate marketing course right now, is The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker.

In my opinion, all of the affiliate training courses listed here are fit to teach anyone with a sound work ethic…

Exactly how to get started quickly, successfully and profitably, in affiliate marketing,


How to succeed in affiliate marketing for many years to come.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

🏆 The Authority Site System
🥈 Affiliate Lab
🥉 Project 24
🎗 Launch Your Blog Biz
🎗 Blog Growth Engine
🎗 Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

What's My Opinion Worth Anyway?

Hey, I'm Andrew, this is my site…the first one I ever built!

Here's a quick 1 minute look at how I got here…

In 2015 I was working in a decent career, but It was dragging me down!

I had to get out, but back then, I didn't know that affiliate marketing existed.

By 2018 I was able to walk away from that career, to be a full-time affiliate marketer…and that's what I've been doing ever since.

But it wasn't quite as straightforward as that might make it sound.

And I could definitely have done it a whole lot quicker…

Yeah, I could definitely have done it a whole lot quicker…

…if I hadn't made a couple of real bad decisions when it came to choosing affiliate marketing courses!

These are the training courses I spent my time and money on…

Training Course Number 1:

Name: ‘Google Sniper'

Cost: $300

Course Quality: 3/10

Time Wasted: 6 months

Training Course Number 2:

Name: ‘The Six Figure Mentors'

Cost: I'm genuinely too embarrassed to say

Course Quality: 4/10

Time Wasted: 18 months (I stuck at it so long because of how much I'd spent)

Training Course Number 3:

Name: ‘The Authority Site System' By Authority Hacker

Cost: $997

Course Quality: 10/10

Time Wasted: Zero…I was walking away from my job in. no time.

Here are my top rated affiliate courses in a whole lot more detail…

#1. The Authority Site System – By Authority Hacker

the authority site system by authority hacker

If you're looking for affiliate marketing training that can take you, step-by-step, from beginner to expert…look no further!

Founders, Gael Breton and Mark Webster, have created outstanding training, split across two information packed, but easy-to-follow courses.

Each training course being aimed at people with different levels of affiliate marketing experience…

…and who are experiencing different levels of success with their authority/affiliate websites.

I honestly believe that few people are better qualified to show you how to build profitable websites than Gael and Mark.

These guys are running a number of massively successful sites themselves, each of them pulling in plenty of revenue.

The 2 Affiliate Marketing Courses Offered By Authority Hacker:

  • The Authority Site System 3.0: A complete, step-by-step system for how to start, build and grow your own profitable affiliate / authority websites. Aimed at anyone from total newbie, to intermediates earning up to say $5k per month from their site. Check out my full Authority Site System Review if you have the time!
  • Authority Hacker Pro: For more advanced users who already have at least one well established website which they are looking to progress further. It provides detailed blueprints on how to grow revenue and take your site to the top level. Check out my full Authority Hacker Pro Review.

What I love about the way these guys have split the training up into separate courses, is this:

It keeps you totally focused on the essential and critically important areas, at each stage of your website's development.

It's too easy in affiliate marketing to let yourself get pulled in different directions, and end up getting absolutely nothing meaningful done.

Let's take a look at what's inside each course in a bit more detail:

The Authority Site System (Building a Stage 1 Authority Site)

  • Video Training: 150 videos across 16 modules, this is in-depth, over-the-shoulder training that gives absolute clarity on what needs to be done, organised exactly in the order that you need to take action on them;
  • Pre-Built Templates: Each fill-in-the-blanks template has been built and optimised over time to massively speed up your implementation;
  • Trello ‘To-Do' System: A perfectly structured, easy-to-follow checklist, making sure you keep taking exactly the right action at the exactly the right time…and ensures that you do actually take action, instead of just continuing to consume content;
  • Follow Along Case Study: Watch and learn as Gael and Mark build a brand new authority site from scratch, using the exact methods they teach in their training;
  • Facebook Community: Lifetime access to a very active student community;
  • Regular Q&A's: Hosted by the course creators these are the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may not have been able to get answers for from the FB community.

Why not take a little time to get a better feel for what's inside ‘The Authority Site System' with this FREE training from Authority Hacker

One of the most valuable parts of The Authority Site System is inside one of the pre-built templates:

The ‘Niche Research' template.

A huge percentage of people who want to get into affiliate marketing, never get out of the starting blocks…

….because of one recurring reason…

…failing to select a niche!

Many aspiring affiliate marketers get stuck at niche selection, and that's as far as it goes for them.

That's why there is massive power in having a pre-filled niche research spreadsheet, complete with automated scoring system, and everything you need to consider in order to find your perfect niche.

This alone is worth its weight in gold!

Here's a quick sneak-peak at what's inside the advanced program; ‘Authority Hacker Pro':

Authority Hacker Pro (Progressing to a Stage 2 & Stage 3 Authority Site)

  • 18 Advanced Blueprints: All built so that you can implement them in your already successful online business for even greater success;
  • 200+ Over The Shoulder Video Lessons: Training that will teach you step-by-step how to implement the new blueprints for maximum success;
  • Access to Pro Members Community: Being able to talk with people at the same stage of you is invaluable when trying to progress your business. This community makes certain you have somewhere to turn.

What Really Makes Authority Hacker So Good?

  • Always fully up-to-date and completely current;
  • 100% Field tested – These guys are running their own affiliate sites in multiple niches;
  • In-depth and fluff free – Absolutely nothing is missed, all the pieces of the puzzle are given to you;
  • Step-by-Step – A lesson, a template, a list of actions to take before progressing to the next lesson;
  • It works!

What you'll find with all of the AH training, is that they have an extremely well defined strategy for how to develop a website through each stage of it's growth.

Most courses out there do not have a core strategy to follow, which means you end up getting confused about exactly where you should be concentrating your efforts.

You bring the motivation, commitment and time…combine it with the AH training…

…and you will get success in less time than you thought possible.

#1. Best Affiliate Marketing Course

Course/Program: The Authority Site System

Course/Program Owners: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Opportunity: Build and grow one, or more, highly-profitable authority site/s

Rating: 10/10

Usual Price: $1,499, or 6 monthly payments of $330

Price via Link Below: $749, or 6 monthly payments of $165

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day Full Refund

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

#2. Affiliate Lab – By Matt Diggity

affiliate lab affiliate training

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Matt Diggity knows what he is doing.

Not only that, but he also knows how to teach what he knows. A rare combination.

If you don't know anything about Matt Diggity…

…he is a top-level affiliate marketer, SEO, Diggity Marketing site owner and founder of the Chang Mai SEO Conference.

In short, in the online marketing world, he is a boss.

Like Authority Hacker above, this is another training course created by someone who built their success following the exact same strategies that they now want to teach you.

Here’s a quick look inside the Affiliate Lab course:

Affiliate Lab

  • Module 1: Niche Selection: In this opening module Matt takes you step-by-step, over 5 videos, through how to find and screen profitable niches;
  • Module 2: On-Site SEO: 12 sections, each made up of 2 or 3 videos, on making sure you get your site properly set-up and structured for success;
  • Module 3: Off-Site SEO: 8 sections on systemising your link building to make sure your efforts reap the maximum results;
  • Module 4: The Kitchen Sink: This module is all about tactics to use if your site gets stuck in the SERP's. Pure Gold;
  • Module 5: The Authority Site Module: 6 sections on how to build successful sites from the ground up;
  • Module 6: What's Next: A brilliant guide on how to scale up your efforts that is worth it's weight. Plus some words of encouragement from Matt.

Affiliate Lab is a serious affiliate marketing course, and is without doubt, one of the very best!

You bring the work ethic, learn what's being taught, apply what you learn and I reckon your chances of affiliate marketing success are pretty high.

I've seen it written in a couple of online Affiliate Lab reviews that this course is all about quickly building, and then selling sites.

That's utter garbage!

Within the Affiliate Lab course, there is a bonus section about flipping the sites you build. All decent affiliate courses cover the eventual sale of your site/s.

Why wouldn't they? Every business owner should have an exit strategy in mind, right from the start.

And the fact that affiliate/authority sites are currently selling for 40x monthly profits, means you want to know how to get what it's worth.

This course is full of highly actionable content so that you can build and run your own affiliate sites, from now, and over the long-term.

And the traffic strategies and tactics taught in this training course work now, not five years ago!

Course/Program: Affiliate Lab 

Course/Program Owners: Matt Diggity

Opportunity:The only course you will need to rank, earn and flip websites”

Rating: 9/10

Price: $997 (limited number of $200 discounts available)

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day Full Refund

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

#3. Project 24 – By Income School

project 24 affiliate training

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler are the founders of Income School, which they launched in 2015…

having been building profitable niche sites themselves since 2010.

In the world of affiliate marketing courses, Income School take a pretty unusual approach in a couple of areas when building niche sites.

This uncommon approach has led to them getting regularly slated on some online forums…

…but I would say, take a look at their success, and that of their students, and decide for yourself if you think they know a thing or two.

Here’s a quick look inside Income School’s ‘Project 24’ affiliate training:

Project 24

  • Module: 60 Steps to a Successful Site – The 60-step process for every niche site you build;
  • Module: Picking Profitable Niches – Make sure you pick a niche that is actually profitable;
  • Module: No Nonsense SEO – A step-by-step guide to real SEO;
  • Module: Web Traffic Snowball – Getting traffic quickly and consistently;
  • Module: Email Marketing 101 – Learn how to use email marketing to grow your audience and monetise your traffic.

There is a ton more stuff than what's listed above, I just thought I’d run a short highlight real.

When all is said and done, I believe that this training course is fully loaded with the information you need to start a niche blog or YouTube channel from scratch…

…and make a full-time income by 24 months, providing you’re prepared to work your backside off!

Similar to how Authority Hacker and Affiliate Lab put their training courses together, with Income School you are taught ethical business practices that will keep the search engines on-side.

I'm not a massive fan of their pricing model, but hey, you could do a lot worse than snap this course up for yourself. One of the best out there for sure!

Course/Program: Project 24

Course/Program Owners: Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler

Rating: 8/10

Price: $449 Year 1 ($199 per year thereafter)

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day Full Refund

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

#4. Launch Your Blog Biz – By Create & Go

launch your blog biz

When Lauren and Alex of Create & Go started their health-and wellness blog, they probably never thought it would become quite so successful!

But after making over $100K in the first year of blogging with their Avocadu site…

which before too long went on to make somewhere in the region of $50K per month…

…they decided to share what they knew by creating blogging courses for others, who also wanted to find success with blogging and affiliate marketing.

Create & Go's ‘Launch Your Blog Biz' course is a great starting point for anyone looking to make money from affiliate marketing with their blog.

Here's a quick taster of what's inside…

Launch Your Blog Biz

  • Set Up and Launch Your First Website: Topic ideas and niche selection, WordPress and email set-up, along with writing your first post;
  • Design Your Website with a Customizable Theme: All about making sure your site is set-up for success with the right WordPress theme and plugins;
  • Create Great Content That Stands Out: Creating a content strategy for your site and you email list, Keyword research and content idea generation;
  • Affiliate Marketing: 7 videos dedicated to getting your affiliate efforts off the ground. Selecting programs to work with, building relationships, how to sell on your site and with email…plus lots more;
  • Get Tons of Visitors to Your Content: Driving traffic from Google, Pinterest, YouTube and via podcasts;
  • Build an Audience and Email List of Raving Fans: 9 videos dedicated to exactly how you go about building an email list of totally engaged members;
  • Bonus Videos and Resources: Next steps and a ton of additional advice to help get you making money.

This is an excellent affiliate course for newbies, teaching you everything you need to get started with your blog from scratch and make your first $1,000/month through affiliate marketing.

Everything you need is here, from getting started, actually creating your blog, driving traffic to it, earning revenue.

Plus, they have some more advanced training courses under the ‘Create & Go' banner, that can help you take your blog business to the next level.

Course/Program: Launch Your Blog Biz

Course/Program Owners: Lauren and Alex

Rating: 8/10

Price: $297 (or 3 payments of $107/month)

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day Full Refund

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

#5. Blog Growth Engine – By Adam Enfroy

I think it's fair to say that Adam Enfroy's rise from brand-new blogger making zero affiliate income…

…to massive blogging success earning staggering sums, has been nothing short of meteoric!

The guy started his first blog in 2019 as a part-time thing, while still in his full-time job.

That same blog now has over over 500,000 monthly visitors and pulls in somewhere in the region of $100,000 revenue each month.

That's pretty crazy, pretty impressive.

It's only fair to add that Adam's full-time job was as a Digital Marketing Director in the tech industry, so he definitely had some high-level skills to bring to the table.

And boy, did he apply them!

Here's an overview of what you get inside the Blog Growth Engine course:

Blog Growth Engine

  • Module 1: Niche Selection and the Brand of You 
  • Module 2: Mindset 
  • Module 3: Blogging Like a Startup 
  • Module 4: Decoding Search Intent
  • Module 5: Your Minimum Viable Website
  • Module 6: Keyword Monetization
  • Module 7: Blog Content Creation
  • Module 8: The Link Building Machine
  • Module 9: Affiliate Marketing and Blog Monetization
  • Module 10: Scaling and Outsourcing Your Blog

Adam's whole approach with this training course is to get you to run your blog as a business, not as a kind of writing hobby/side-hustle.

He's basically brought his business knowledge from his tech industry internet marketing career, and applied the same methodical systems and processes to running a blog.

And it looks to have worked quite well!

I will warn you though, this course is not cheap! 

Course/Program: Blog Growth Engine

Course/Program Owners: Adam Enfroy

Rating: 8/10

Price: $3,900

Money Back Guarantee: 14-Day Full Refund

14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

#6. Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an online affiliate training course that teaches bloggers how to make money through affiliate marketing.

It's run by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who is an award-winning personal finance blogger.

Michelle started her blog as a hobby and it has since grown to over $100,000 a month, with around half of that revenue coming from affiliate marketing.

The course provides a complete overview of affiliate marketing, from the absolute basics to more advanced concepts.

There are over 30 lessons inside, and students have access to a private mastermind group where they can ask questions and network with other bloggers.

With this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to start making money from your blog.

There are 6 modules, over 30 lessons, several worksheets, bonuses, and an exclusive Facebook group.

Here are the headlines of what's inside…

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Module 1: What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Module 2: How To Find and Apply To Affiliate Programs
  • Module 3: Follow The Rules
  • Module 4: How To Get Your Readers To Convert
  • Module 5: Strategies and Ways To Promote Affiliate Links
  • Module 6: Rinse and Repeat
  • Bonuses: A bunch of extra stuff for free

In this course, you'll learn how to start off on the right foot and make money through affiliate marketing.

You'll also learn from Michelle's mistakes so that you can avoid them and start making money that much sooner.

Course/Program: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Course/Program Owners: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Rating: 8/10

Price: $197 (or 2 payments of $105/month)

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day Full Refund

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


Is affiliate marketing still worth it?

Yes. In all honesty, it is definitely trickier than it used to be, but the potential rewards nowadays are just as good, if not better! Also, if you set your websites up properly, which is what the best affiliate marketing courses will show you how to do, there is now a much better chance of stable, long-term success.

Is the Amazon Associates program still a good place for new affiliates to start?

Yes…just about! Of course we're all bugged by how mean Amazon now are with their commissions. But it's still a good place to get up and running, because Amazon is a conversion machine, and when you're a new affiliate, getting conversions builds your confidence. Start out with Amazon Associates, but have a solid plan to move on to more generous programs once you've got some momentum.

Are all the course on this list good for beginners?

Absolutely! All of these courses start at the very beginning. They assume no knowledge.

Do the courses on this list teach you how to find and analyse a good niche?

Yes. This is a big thing for me. Too many affiliate marketing training courses have a tendency to barely scratch the surface of niche selection…but it's where many would-be affiliates struggle.

What about advanced affiliate marketers looking to push on…would any of these courses be suitable?

These training courses are built to take beginners from absolute zero, to intermediate / advanced level. But if you're already an advanced affiliate marketer, I believe this is the best course aimed specifically at progressing further: Authority Hacker Pro

How Fast Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing?

There are very few things online with more rubbish being told and sold about them than affiliate marketing.

Every man and his dog are on the internet trying to sell you their affiliate marketing courses.

Most of them won’t get you anywhere quickly…if anywhere at all!

Sure, most of them will offer you endless amounts of content.

But you'll find they mostly get pretty thin and sketchy when it comes to a couple of massively important areas:

How to find and drive traffic (which is a massive problem because people new to affiliate marketing don't usually have an audience);


…how to convert that traffic into paying customers.

But the cold hard truth is that if you can't do these two things, your affiliate business is dead-in-the-water!

With a very decent training course, and a solid work ethic, it's probably possible to be making affiliate marketing work for you within 6 to 9 months or so.

Are Affiliate Marketing Courses Worth It?

You can find plenty of internet articles, telling you that you can find everything that's inside whatever course you care to mention, for free.

And while this might be possible in theory…how long is it going to take you?

…from sourcing the information, learning, testing, applying, along with everything else.

Probably years!

And how many mistakes are you going to make along the way?

Probably lots!

Ultimately, what you want from any training course, and what you're paying for, is to learn from someone who has already trodden the path you now want to tread…

and who can also can also show you how to do it, in a clear and uncomplicated way.

But the combination of experience, and the ability to teach, is hard to find.

But it's what all of the affiliate marketing training courses listed above do brilliantly well.

Do you have two years to waste?

That’s how long it took me before I got any real traction…and even then, only after I'd found the guys at Authority Hacker.

But if you choose your training course well, it doesn’t have to take you anywhere near that long!

(Note: If you’ve come to this article pretty early in your search, early to the point where you’re not even completely certain what affiliate marketing is and how it works, check out that link, it will take you to another post on this site covering exactly that)

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses – Wrapping It Up!

Affiliate marketing is a very different thing to what it was ten, or even five, years ago.

Ten years back you could move into whatever affiliate niche you fancied, put together some ropey website and with just a little effort be pulling in traffic and bagging sales before you knew what was going on.

Those days are long gone!

And that's a good thing for anyone with a good work ethic, because a ton of people are no longer interested in affiliate marketing because it now requires effort.

And it also requires a lot of knowledge and skill.

Which Is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course for You?

It depends on a couple of things:

What level are you at? I would say beginners can have their pick of those listed above. If you’re more advanced I think you’ll want to rule out positions four and five.

Your budget: Some are pricier than others, but this does tend to play through in the quality.

Your personal preference: Have a good look around their sites, jump on their webinars and get a feel for who seems to really speak your language.

The truth is that I think all of the training courses listed in this post offer outstanding value.

Now it's up to you.

Good luck.

Got Something to Add?

I’d love to hear about your experiences with any online affiliate marketing training courses…good or bad.

Who did you turn to when trying to get started as an affiliate marketer?

Maybe you know of another provider who you believe is offering a better affiliate training program than the courses on this list.

Go ahead and leave me a comment in the box further below.

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