How to Start Affiliate Marketing (3 Top Training Courses)


affiliate marketing training courses

Have you decided you want to find out how to start affiliate marketing?

And do you want to know where you can find some of the best affiliate marketing training courses in 2019?


You’re at the start of an exciting journey.

But! (yeah, there’s always a but)

…you’re going to have to put in some hard work, and you’re going have to learn some cutting edge online skills.

It’s not the year 2000 anymore.

You can’t just throw up some ropey website of no value and expect success.

And the competition is fierce, but by no means unbeatable.

The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing Success and Failure

As you may already be coming to realise…

…there are very few things online with more rubbish being told and sold about them than affiliate marketing.

Every man and his dog are on the internet trying to sell you a course on how to learn affiliate marketing.

Most of them won’t get you anywhere quickly…if they’ll get you anywhere at all!

Sure, most of them will offer you endless amounts of content.

But you’ll find they mostly get pretty thin and sketchy when it comes to a couple of massively important areas:

How to get traffic to your website;


…how to convert that traffic.

Do You Really Have 2 Years to Waste?

Stick with me here and you can potentially save yourself a lot of wasted time.

A couple of years like I had, struggling to get any kind of affiliate success.

That’s how long it took me to start getting real traction.

Two damn years!

The good news?

It doesn’t have to take you that long.

Not anywhere near.

But to get yourself a head start, you’re going to have to avoid making a bad decision with your choice of affiliate training program.

Get this big decision right on day one, and you’ll be well ahead of your competition and well placed for future success.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing – My Top 3 Training Courses

The training courses listed below are what I personally believe to be the best affiliate marketing courses out there right now.

And I’ve tried a few.

I only wish I’d stumbled upon one of these in my early searches.

In my opinion, these three are all fit to teach pretty much anyone with a sound work ethic, not just how to start affiliate marketing, but how to succeed in affiliate marketing for many years to come.

(If you’ve come to this article pretty early in your search, I mean early to the point where you’re not even completely certain how affiliate marketing works, take a read of another post on this site covering exactly that, you can find it here).

Okay, here they are…

The 3 who I believe are offering the best affiliate marketing courses right now:

1. Authority Hacker

how to start affiliate marketing authority hacker

If you’re looking for training that can take you, step-by-step, from beginner to expert…look no further!

The founders of Authority Hacker, Gael Breton and Mark Webster have created outstanding training split across three information packed, but easy-to-follow programs.

Each training program being aimed at people with different levels of affiliate marketing experience;

And who are experiencing different levels of success with their authority/affiliate sites.

I honestly believe that few people are better qualified to show you how to build a profitable authority site than Gael and Mark.

These guys are running a number of massively successful authority sites, each of them pulling in plenty of business.

You can check out one of their sites here:

Here’s a brief outline of the 3 Authority Hacker programs:

  • The Authority Site System: A complete, step-by-step system for how to start, build and grow your own profitable affiliate and authority sites.
  • Authority Hacker Pro: Aimed towards more advanced users who already have a well established website which they are looking to progress further. It provides detailed blueprints on how to grow revenue and take your site to the next level.
  • Authority Hacker Pro Platinum: Genuine high-end stuff here where we’re talking about one-to-one mentoring etc.

What I love about the way these guys have split the training up into separate courses, is this;

It keeps you totally focused on only the critically important aspects at each stage of your site development.

It’s too easy in affiliate marketing to let yourself get pulled in different directions, and end up getting nothing meaningful done.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside each course in a bit more detail:

The Authority Site System (Building a Stage 1 Authority Site)

  • Follow Along Case Study – Watch and learn as Gael and Mark build a brand new authority site from scratch, using the exact methods they teach in their training.
  • Over The Shoulder Lessons (85 Video Lessons across 5 Modules) – Extremely in-depth training that gives absolute clarity on what needs to be done, organised exactly in the order you need to take action on them.
  • Pre-Built Templates – Each fill-in-the-blanks template has been built and optimised over time to massively speed up your implementation.
  • Trello ‘To-Do’ System – A well structured and easy to follow checklist, making sure you keep taking exactly the right action at the exactly the right time…and ensures that you do actually take action, instead of just continuing to consume content.
  • Facebook Community – Lifetime access to a very active student community.
  • Regular Q&A’s – Hosted by the course creators these are the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may not have been able to get answers for from the FB community.

One of the most valuable parts of this course lays inside one of the pre-built templates:

The ‘Niche Research’ template.

When you consider that a huge percentage of people who want to get into affiliate marketing never even get out of the starting blocks because of one recurring reason…

failing to select a niche (that’s right, many aspiring affiliate marketers get stuck at niche selection, and that’s as far as it goes for them)…

…you start to see the massive power of having a pre-filled niche research spreadsheet, complete with automated scoring system, and everything you need to consider in order to find your perfect niche.

This alone is worth it’s weight in gold!

Authority Hacker Pro (Progressing to a Stage 2 Authority Site)

  • 18 Advanced Blueprints –  All built so that you can implement them in your already successful online business for even greater success.
  • 200+ Over The Shoulder Video Lessons – Training that will teach you step-by-step how to implement the new blueprints for maximum success.
  • Access to Pro Members Community – Being able to talk with people at the same stage of you is invaluable when trying to progress your business. This community makes certain you have somewhere to turn.

Authority Hacker Pro Platinum (Progressing to a Stage 3 Authority Site)

Okay, I’ve not actually done this course. So I’m not going to BS you about what I think is in there.

Anyway, this post is about ‘how to start affiliate marketing’ and this part of the Authority Hacker training is way beyond that.

That’s a basic round-up of what the Authority Hacker courses consist of.

But what really makes Authority Hacker so good?

  • Always fully up to date and completely current.
  • Field tested – These guys are running their own affiliate sites in a number of different niches.
  • In-depth and fluff free training – Absolutely nothing is missed, all the pieces of the puzzle are given to you.
  • Step-by-Step – A lesson, a template, a list of actions needed to be taken before progressing to the next lesson.
  • Practical – It works, simple as that.

What you’ll find with all of the Authority Hacker training is that they have an extremely well defined strategy for how to develop a website through each stage of it’s growth.

Most courses out there do not have a core strategy to follow, which means you end up getting confused about exactly where you should be concentrating your efforts.

You bring the motivation, commitment and time…combine it withe the Authority Hacker training, you will get success in less time than you thought possible.

Best Beginners/Intermediates Program: The Authority Site System

Price: $997 (limited number of discounts to $599 available via the links on this page)

Rating: 9.5/10

View: Authority Hacker Free Training Webinar

2. Affilorama

how to start affiliate marketing affilorama

This is another unbelievably high quality training package.

Mark Ling is the founder of Affilorama which has been running since 2005, making it one of the longest running affiliate training programs you can get your hands on.

This is another program created by somebody who built their own success by following the exact same strategies that his courses now teach.

Here’s a brief outline of the Affilorama programs:

  • Pathway to Passive: An entry level round-up on how to build a successful, high-quality, long-lasting affiliate website, and a passive income.
  • AffiloJetpack: Not so much a training course as a done-for-you system. Done-for-you niche selection, done-for-you website set-up, done-for-you email sequence. Not sure how much you really learn here, but hey, who am I to judge?

All of the training on offer form Affilorama is uncomplicated, to the point, and easy to follow.

What’a also similar to how Authority Hacker put their courses together, is that you are taught ethical business practices that will keep the search engines on-side.

I think very highly of the Affilorama training, they’ve got a few different packages available, staring with their ‘Pathway to Passive’ entry level guide.

Let’s look at what’s inside each course in more detail:

Pathway to Passive (How to Not Screw Up Affiliate Marketing)

This is top course (more of a guide) for new affiliates. You will learn an absolute ton about how to start affiliate marketing right now.

The course/guide is presented around the following key areas:

  • The 4 steps to success as an affiliate
  • How to find profitable niches and products
  • How to attract the right people
  • How to convert your visitors into buyers
  • How to create content that attracts links


Before I get into this please note that I have not personally gone through the AffiloJetpack program.

And I’m jot sure I ever would. The whole ‘done-for-you’ thing is just not my cup of tea because I want to learn how to build the whole system myself, from the ground up. But hey, some people absolutely love it and this package is a great fit for them.

Below is an outline of what’s inside this ‘done-for-you’ bundle:

  • 5 Niche Selection – Choose from a choice of 18 known-profitable niches.
  • 5 Built-for-You Websites – 1 WordPress website for each of your chosen 5 niches.
  • Ready-Made Website Content – Cheat sheets containing niche-specific research and ideas to create your sites articles.
  • 3 Niche Specific Free-Reports – For you to re-brand and use to attract subscribers with.
  • 90 Expert-Written Emails – For each of your selected niches you will receive one-years worth of emails to send to your subscribers.
  • Traffic Generation Strategies – Training to help you attract traffic from a number of sources.

Whilst I’m not a big fan of the ‘done-for-you’  approach that is AffiloJetpack, all of the Affilorama programs offer quality that should see you on the road to long-term affiliate marketing success.

Best Beginners/Intermediates Program: Pathway to Passive

Price: $37 

Rating: 8/10

Visit Affilorama here:

3. Affiliate Secrets 2.0

affiliate secrets 2.0 logo

You’re probably coming to realise that the training providers on this list have a few things in common:

They all focus on the important stuff and ignore the fluff.

They all keep their training uncomplicated and easy to follow.

And they’ve all built their own affiliate marketing businesses from scratch, and are willing to show you exactly how they did it.

Spencer Mecham’s Affilliate Secrets 2.0 ticks all of these boxes and then some.

Here’s what’s inside Affilliate Secrtes 2.0:

  • Module 1: The Game Plan – Overview of the affiliate marketing industry and your place in it
  • Module 2: Finding Hot Buyers – Finding the right audience and targeting them with the right offers
  • Module 3: Traffic Legion – Getting traffic – 5 traffic experts teach this module
  • Module 4: Hidden Bank Account – Getting your traffic to buy
  • Module 5: Automation Templates – Automating your business
  • Module 6: The Products – Finding the best products/services to sell
  • Module 7: Long-Term Business – System set-up so that your business can run practically on auto-pilot
  • Module 8: Creating a Team /Automation – Full automation blueprint

If you haven’t heard of Spencer Mecham, he’s definitely the real deal.

He was the first ClickFunnels affiliate to reach $1 million in ClickFunnels commissions. If someone can bag a million dollars from one affiliate offer I’m pretty sure they know what they’re talking about when it comes to affiliate marketing

So what we have here  is a real affiliate marketer with real hard-earned success, a course stacked full of everything he’s learnt, and a course that’s laid out in a super-easy to follow way. You can’t ask for much more really.

Best Beginners Program: Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Price: $897

Rating: 8/10

The Missing Part of the Puzzle

I already touched on this earlier in this post…

...and it is important…

…for all that is taught on the internet about how to start affiliate marketing, there always seems to be one specific area that is barely covered in any kind of meaningful detail.


Yeah, you can enrol on a course that is high-gloss, super-slick and with an endless amount of material to work through.

But when it comes to getting traffic to your site…

…this is where you will often find that you’re pretty much left on your own.

On your own, trying to work out how to get people to your spot on the internet.

That won’t be your experience with any of the above programs. 

Authority Hacker, Affilorama, Affiliate Secrtes 2.0…they all have battle-tested traffic driving strategies that they will teach you.

They hold nothing back.

But Can’t You Get It All for Free?

You can find endless blogs on the internet, telling you that you can find everything that’s inside whatever course you care to mention, for free.

Of course, it may be possible in theory.

But I dread to think how long it’s going to take you, from sourcing the information, learning, testing and everything else.

Probably years.

Ultimately, what you want from any training course of this nature, and what you’re paying for, is to learn from someone who has already trodden the path you now want to go down, and who can also clearly show you how to do it.

But this combination, real experience and the ability to teach, not only how to start affiliate marketing, but how to grow and thrive for years to come, is hard to find.

And it’s what all three providers mentioned in this post do so well.

All three take this basic approach to how they have put together their training:

  • This is what we do and what we’ve done it for many years, successfully;
  • This is exactly how we do it, right now, not five years ago;
  • These are all the tools we use;
  • Choose your niche and copy us.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Wrapping It Up

Affiliate marketing is a very different thing to what it was ten, or even five, years ago.

Ten years back you could get into whatever niche you fancied, put together some ropey website and with just a little effort be pulling in traffic and bagging sales before you knew what was going on.

Those days are long gone.

And that’s a good thing for anyone with a good work ethic, because a ton of people are no longer interested in affiliate marketing because it now requires effort.

And it also requires a lot of knowledge and skill.

To get affiliate marketing success now, fully up to date knowledge and skills are what you should be trying to get form any training program.

But what’s the best affiliate training course for you?

It depends on a couple of things:

What level are you at? I would say beginners can have their pick of those listed above. If you’re more advanced I think you’ll want to rule out Chris Farrell Membership.

Your budget. Some are pricier than others, but this does tend to play through in the quality.

Your own preference. Have a good look around their sites, jump on their webinars and get a feel for who seems to really speak your language.

The truth is that I think all of the courses listed in this post offer great value.

Now it’s up to you.

Good luck.

Got something to add?

I’d love to hear about your experiences with any affiliate marketing training courses…good or bad.

Maybe you know of another great course teaching people how to start affiliate marketing.

Go ahead and leave me a comment in the box further below.


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