Improve Website SEO With These 6 Tools From Google


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Do you want to improve SEO with Google?..Improve SEO on Bing?

Of course you do! Every site owner is interested in improving website SEO.

Thankfully there are some free and easy ways to improve SEO, brought to us courtesy of Google themselves.

The following six free Google tools will all help you in increasing SEO on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Ignore optimising your site for mobile at your peril.

There is no more time to just think about getting your site mobile friendly, Google says it should be, and so it should be, whether you like it or not.

The future has arrived. Fail to optimise for mobile and your search engine results will feel the impact.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, Google wants to help you in this quest, via it’s free Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Simply enter your page URL, click ‘Analyse’ and then wait a couple of seconds.

Google will then tell you whether or not the URL you entered is mobile friendly, simple as that!

If your site fails you’ll need to get to work sorting out the issues if you want to keep improving your search rankings.

2. Google My Business

For local businesses who want to improve SEO ranking, Google My Business is a great place to start.

This tool enables businesses to provide potential customers with information such as hours of business, address and telephone number.

Along with this, you’ll hope to consistently generate positive reviews through social media to improve rank on search engines.

Once set up you can add to your company profile over time, by adding further photos for example.

Google My Business should form an important part of all local business’ wider online strategy

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

google page-speed insights illustrated by image of coloured ethernet cables

How fast does a website really need to be?

From 2017 onwards…super-fast is the answer…for both user satisfaction and if you want your website to rank highly in search.

Thankfully you can easily find out exactly how fast your website is by simply typing your URL into the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

And as you would expect, this tool isn’t just for analysing how fast your website runs on desktop, it covers all devices.

Once the test is run, you’re not left high and dry, Google will generate suggestions to make your website faster.

4. Google Trends

A tool that is easy to overlook but the Google Trends tool gives you a great snapshot of current trending searches.

It also lets you search for any topic of your choice.

This can be invaluable to a blogger. Just type in the subjects that your blog is about, and instantly find out what on those subjects is trending right now…the topic of your next blog post, done and dusted.

You may also want to cast your eye over to the next column to check on related searches, for further inspiration.

It won’t always throw you information that you can get something from but it’s well worth the minimal time and effort required for the chance of stumbling on topics that could turn into gold dust for you.

5. YouTube

google tool youtube illustrated by image of camera film

The Google owned video sharing website is the biggest of its kind in the world and the second largest search engine in the world…behind Google.

The rise of video has been huge and it shows little sign of slowing down any time soon.

Producing and publishing video is an essential part of many online marketing strategies, regardless of business size.

The relative ease of producing good quality videos and getting them in front of targeted audiences has been a massive leveller of the marketing playing field.

When it comes to getting views, well thought-out, entertaining material beats simply throwing big bucks at a project time and again on YouTube.

As an added bonus, YouTube videos often rank high in Google search results.

6. Google Correlate

A great, if pretty in-depth keyword research tool, Google Correlate finds search patterns that “correlate with real-world trends”.

This is next-level stuff when it comes to keyword research, offering up keywords that are typically searched together and closely corresponding to your primary keyword.

If you like finding long tail keywords relating to your subjects and topics, the Google Correlate tool is about to become your best friend…if it isn’t already.


Whatever level you are at as a marketer, or business owner, give these free tools to improve website SEO a try.

Why wouldn’t you?

They are free and they are provided by the biggest search engine in the world.

Start working with them today…and improve your SEO ranking immediately.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you want to improve your website even more, why not read another post I wrote about exactly that? You can find it here.


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