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I am not a fan of all-in-one marketing suites…

…because having too many eggs in one basket just makes me super uncomfortable.

So you won't be finding any ‘all-in-one' packages on this list of Instapage alternatives. 

This list is all about the Instapage competitors that are dedicated landing page builders. 

Dedicated. Landing. Page. Builders.

Okay, I'm glad we cleared that up.

Let's get on with this!..

5 Of The Best Instapage Alternatives

I have used a lot of landing page builders, and without a shadow of doubt, Instapage is one of the very best.

But it is not cheap!

And if you simply don't need all of the bells-and-whistles that Instapage comes fully loaded with, well…

...there seems little point in paying for them all!

Here are five outstanding Instapage competitors that you might want to take a close look at.

#1. Unbounce

screenshot of unbounce homepage as instapage competitor

Unbounce is Instapage's primary competitor.

Whether or not it's the most suitable Instapage alternative for you, depends on your own circumstances of course.

Both Instapage and Unbounce are premium offerings in the space.

And I would say that if you are looking at buying a landing page builder for use by a medium to large size marketing agency, for client work, or;

If you're looking at buying for the marketing department of a medium to large business, Instapage and Unbounce are your most serious contenders.

Not only do they both offer some of the most cutting edge landing page technology available, but they are often the industry innovators.

Like Instapage, Unbounce has a powerful suite of tools aimed at getting you more clicks and higher conversion rates.

Their offerings are pretty close, but where Instapage offers more inside their own top-tier plan, is with 1:1 ad-to-page customisation, real-time visual collaboration, and the availability of heatmaps

But as far as everything else goes, there isn't an awful lot of difference. 

Unbounce has a ton of great conversion tested templates, plus…

…a page builder that's every bit as easy to use and as flexible as Instapage's, equally powerful A/B testing, Dynamic Text Replacement, and Accelerated Mobile Pages.

If you haven't done so already, take a read of my full Unbounce Review.

Plans & Pricing

Unbounce is a great Instapage alternative for smaller businesses because they offer more pricing tiers.

Both the Launch Plan, and Optimize Plan offer unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars at a pretty competitive price.

But for medium to larger agencies and businesses…

you'll probably be looking at either the Accelerate Plan, or the Concierge Plan.

  • Launch: Starting at $81/mo if paid annually, $90/mo if paid monthly
  • Optimize: $122/mo if paid annually, $135/mo if paid monthly
  • Accelerate: $203/mo if paid annually, $225/mo if paid monthly
  • Concierge: $518/mo if paid annually, $575/mo if paid monthly

Try before you buy: Unbounce's 14-Day Free Trial

#2. Leadpages

leadpages website page as instapage alternative

Unlimited landing pages, unlimited pop-ups and alert bars, unlimited traffic, a page builder that is as solid as a rock and dead easy to learn to use…

Leadpages is a serious player in the landing page space!

I took it for a full test-drive just a short while ago because I was writing a comprehensive Leadpages Review

…and I was seriously impressed.

Sure you're giving up some of the cutting-edge tech that's on offer at Instapage and Unbounce, but not all that much…

…and given how much less Leadpages costs than those two builders, you'll definitely want to consider how much value you'd actually get from all that stuff, before coughing up your dough.

I think that the Leadpages target market is online solopreneurs, as well small businesses and agencies.

Maybe your landing pages won't have quite the same level of beauty and elegance as a landing page built with Instapage…

…but your bank balance won't have anywhere near the same dent in it either!

Plans & Pricing

The Leadpages plans start at the budget friendly price of just $37/month if you opt for annual billing, or $49/month if you pay monthly.

If you have more sites on the go, and need A/B testing, plus a few other bits-and-pieces…

you can go for the Leadpages Pro Plan at $37/month if paid annually, or $99/month if paid monthly.

  • Standard Plan: $37/mo if paid annually, $49/mo if paid monthly
  • Pro Plan: $74/mo if paid annually, $99/mo if paid monthly

There is an Advanced Plan available, but not widely advertised, which goes for something in the region of $199/month if paid annually, and $320/month if paid monthly.

Try before you buy: Leadpages' 14-Day Free Trial

#3. Swipe Pages

screenshot of swipe pages website homepage

Swipe Pages are a relative newcomer who have built their technology with a priority on delivering mobile-optimised landing pages.

That doesn't rule you out if your audience is not a mobile-first audience, because you can build pages for a desktop audience, no problem at all.

Swipe Pages offer a stack of great looking, conversion optimised landing page templates, as well as integrating with payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe.

The Swipe Pages page builder is stable, and fairly intuitive to use.

Like with Leadpages as an Instapage alternative, you maybe won't be getting the same level of elegance and beauty with your landing page creations…

…but elegance and beauty do not always translate into high conversion rates anyway!  

Plans & Pricing

Three plans are currently available with Swipe pages.

The usual deep discount is available should you opt to pay annually for your preferred plan.

  • Startup Plan: $29/mo if paid annually, $39/mo if paid monthly
  • Marketer Plan: $59/mo if paid annually, $89/mo if paid monthly
  • Agency Plan: $119/mo if paid annually, $199/mo if paid monthly

Try before you buy: Swipe Pages' 14-Day Free Trial

#4. Landingi

screenshot of landingi website homepage

I very recently wrote a post for this site about the best affordable landing page builders, and that was the first time I'd given Landingi a go.

It's really quick and easy to get going with, and the drag-&-drop visual editor is nice and stable.

Landingi can be easily integrated with pretty much all of the major marketing tools.

If you already have a few high-performing landing pages on the go, the landingi team can import them from your existing page builder…with the three being transferred over totally free of charge.

Plans & Pricing

Landingi has plans aimed at online solopreneurs, agencies, and businesses.

Going annual doesn't offer quite the same level of savings as others on this list.

  • Core Plan: $29/mo if paid annually, $35/mo if paid monthly
  • Create Plan: $65/mo if paid annually, $79/mo if paid monthly
  • Automate Plan: $89/mo if paid annually, $109/mo if paid monthly
  • Agency Plan:$109/mo if paid annually, $129/mo if paid monthly

Landingi's Create Plan is limited to 50,000 unique visitors but you can add an additional 5,000 for just $5/month.   

Try before you buy: Landingi's 14-Day Free Trial

#5. Lander

screenshot of lander website homepage

Lander have got over 1.5 million paying customers.

They've also got over and 3000 brands using their landing page builder.

That's pretty impressive numbers.

Can that many users be wrong?..Probably not!

Without a doubt, Lander is one of the most affordable dedicated landing page builders you can get your hands on.

Lander looks to have everything you need to create great looking, high-converting landing pages.

They've got a good selection of very decent looking templates, an easy-to-use editor, A/B testing etc.

Plans & Pricing

Just like the other landing page builders on this, you can choose either monthly or annual billing. 

As you'll see, very significant savings available by going annual on the Basic Plan.

  • Basic Plan: $16/mo if paid annually, $49/mo if paid monthly
  • Professional Plan: $83/mo if paid annually, $99/mo if paid monthly

Try before you buy: Lander's 14-Day Free Trial

Wrapping It Up!

Instapage is an absolutely awesome landing page builder!

And if you're a medium to large size marketing agency, or a medium to large size business, it has just about everything you'll need to help you deliver great conversion rates.

But for solopreneurs, smaller agencies, smaller businesses, the price of Instapage can be a bit too much.

If that's the case for you, give the Instapage competitors on this list a test-drive.

They all have a lot to offer, but you'll need to consider the detailed functionality of each of them to make sure they deliver what you need.

You could potentially save yourself a lot of money!

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