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The MarketPlace SuperHeroes training is seriously high quality, bang up to date, and easy to follow!

Plus, MPSH have a rock solid product selection strategy.

They show you the type of products to sell, how to find them, and how to filter those products through the MPSH software to leave only the very best opportunities!

MarketPlace SuperHeroes – FREE 7 Day Masterclass


Hey, Amazon FBA'er! Welcome to my MarketPlace SuperHeroes review.

I've been through this MarketPlace Superheroes course over a dozen times now.

I know it INSIDE OUT.

In this review, I'm going to give you a sneak-peak into what you'll find inside.

In as much depth as we're allowed to go into!

Feel free to pay a ton more money for an FBA course thrown together by people with half the experience of these guys…

…but if I were you, I'd go with one that turns out Amazon FBA successes continually!

Are you ready to get started?

MarketPlace SuperHeroes – Key Info

📣 AboutHow to create and grow a profitable FBA business.
💰 Price$997 (or 12 x $97 per month).
✅ ProsBreadth and depth of training is outstanding.
❌ ConsAmount of course material is maybe overwhelming.
🥇 VerdictThe top FBA training available right now.

Which Amazon FBA Course To Choose?

marketplace superheroes 7 day masterclass

Not all Amazon courses are created equal!

There's more bullshit being sold online than there is real stuff, as I'm sure you're aware.

Amazon FBA courses are no different. There's a few out there that only cover the basics of how Amazon FBA works.

And only a small handful take you through all of the essential detail!

And it's the essential detail that you'll need, if you want to be SUPER-SUCCESSFUL, in as short a time as possible.

A Quick Heads-Up

Amazon FBA takes work, it is not a push-button opportunity…but it is a REAL business opportunity, and one where your rewards are potentially huge!

MarketPlace SuperHeroes Review

marketplace superheroes logo

Is this training worth spending your money on?

Do the guys at Marketplace Superheroes really deliver?

The exact formula that brings in at least $18,750 in net profit every single month selling just 5 simple, every day products on Amazon (100% possible even if you’re a complete beginner).

MarketPlace SuperHeroes

You'll probably agree that this is a big statement!

Which it is, but it comes from one of the MPSH core strategies…‘The Rule of 5'.

The MarketPlace SuperHeroes ‘Rule of 5’ Formula:

5 Products x 5 Countries x 5 Units Sold (per day in each country) x $5 Net Profit per unit = $18,750 a month Net Profit.

Now I know you've likely seen the ‘Rule of 5' mentioned in other MarketPlace SuperHeroes reviews…

…and I'm guessing they stated a monthly net profit in the region of $5,000, or less.

But that is wrong!

The $18,750 figure is your targeted monthly net profit…not your targeted sales revenue.

Big, big difference!

The MPSH ‘Unique Selling Point'

I joined MarketPlace SuperHeroes in mid 2017 and I still use and apply their training.

The reason I rate them so highly is because of the strategy that MarketPlace SuperHeroes use for finding exactly what to sell on Amazon…

There are three big differences in the Amazon FBA business strategy being taught within this course, to that of most other Amazon seller training courses:

  • Product Selection: MPSH have a rock solid product selection strategy. They show you the type of products to sell, exactly how to find them, and how to filter those products through the MPSH software to leave only the very best opportunities;
  • International Expansion: This aspect is rarely taught on other Amazon courses who tend to focus on only the United States market. Building your business for international expansion is a core part of the MarketPlace SuperHeroes strategy;
  • The Rule of 5: The targeted international sales formula we talked about further above.

The heavy emphasis on product type, as well as how to find and screen product opportunities, is massively important…

…and I believe one of the main reasons why the guys at MPSH are producing so many success stories.

Product/Program: MarketPlaceSuperHeroes – Ignite

Program Owners: Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers

Opportunity: Build a 5 – 7 figure global Amazon FBA business

Price: $997 (or 12 x $97 per month option available)

Visit MarketPlace SuperHeroes Here: MarketPlace SuperHeroes

Here's a bit of background on the two MPSH founders…

stephen somers of marketplace superheroes
robert rickey of marketplace superheroes

My MarketPlace SuperHeroes Experience – What's Inside?

Members Area:

Everything here is clearly laid out and simple to navigate your way around.

Every part of the training is available in video, audio and written transcript, so pretty much all preferences are catered for.

The MarketPlace SuperHeroes program is put together as follows (fully updated Feb/Mar 2021):

  • MPSH Ignite Phase 1 – Embark:  As the ‘Embark' name suggests, this phase is about getting you up and running – Put together across 3 modules made up of 28 detailed video lessons;
  • MPSH Ignite Phase 2 – Evolve:  The ‘Evolve' phase is about setting your business up for international success – 3 modules made up of 23 video lessons;
  • SuperHero Ecosystem: This is the dashboard from where you will run your business. From product research and selection, supplier sourcing, labelling, invoicing…it's all here;
  • SuperHero Informer: Signing-up to this will make sure you are informed whenever Stephen and Robert share new tips and tricks on the MPSH YouTube channel;
  • MPSH Core System V2 Phase 1: This is the previous version of the core 2.0 program, now replaced by Ignite Phase 1;
  • MPSH Core System V2 Phase 2: This is the previous version of the core 2.0 program, now replaced by Ignite Phase 2.

This is what the MarketPlace SuperHeroes program contains from Feb/March 2021.

If you read a MarketPlace Superheroes Review that shows different program categories to the above, you are reading an out-of-date review.

MarketPlace SuperHeroes Core Training:

The two phases of MPSH Ignite are the nuts and bolts of this Amazon seller training program.

With 6 modules comprising 18 sections and over 50 tutorials between them, nail these and it will be harder to fail than succeed as an Amazon seller.

Here's a bit more detail on how the MPSH Ignite program is put together…

MPSH Ignite Phase 1 – Embark

marketplace superheroes ignite complete
  • Module 1, Section 1: 3 Videos on the Amazon interface, products types to avoid, how to filter researched products, navigate Amazon’s categories and quickly find the top-100 in any viable market. Plus, the ‘why’ behind the unique MPSH research methodology;
  • Module 1, Section 2:  3 Videos on the principles that make up the ROOTS Research System, how to apply the MAP process to a potential product. Plus an over-the-shoulder session so you can see the MAP process being applied to potential products in real-time;
  • Module 1, Section 3: 4 Videos on how to easily navigate the time-saving Researcher App, Building Block tasks to solidify your knowledge and a quiz to test you're ready to move on to the next module;
  • Module 2, Section 4: 3 Videos on where to find suppliers, what information you need from them and why. Plus exactly how to make first contact with your potential suppliers;
  • Module 2, Section 5: 3 Videos on how to stand out in a market by finding ‘The GAP', what makes a good physical bonus and how they work;
  • Module 2, Section 6:  3 Videos on how to use the ‘Software-Communicator', Building Block tasks to solidify your knowledge and a quiz to test you're ready to move on to the next module;
  • Module 3, Section 7: 3 Videos on the essential variables behind profitability, the Profit Calculator App and exactly how to validate your product ideas;
  • Module 3, Section 8: 3 Videos on ordering and testing samples and understanding when to “pull the trigger” on placing your orders. Plus over-the-shoulder session on supplier communication & ordering samples;
  • Module 3, Section 9: 3 Videos on how to use the ‘Software-Profit Calculator'. Plus Building Block tasks to solidify your knowledge and a quiz to test you're ready to move on to the next phase.

MPSH Ignite Phase 2 – Evolve

mpsh ignite evolve complete
  • Module 4, Section 10: 3 Videos creating an entity that is World class, the importance of Limited Liability and your Global footprint. Plus when and how to establish your business & brand;
  • Module 4, Section 11: 3 Videos on banking as an integral part of business, how the overall banking picture looks and forming a business entity;
  • Module 4, Section 12: 1 Video comprising Building Blocks and knowledge testing quiz;
  • Module 5, Section 13: 3 Videos on what you'll need to place your order and negotiating the trial order. Plus everything you need to know about functional packaging;
  • Module 5, Section 13: 3 Videos on what you'll need to place your order and negotiating the trial order. Plus everything you need to know about functional packaging;
  • Module 5, Section 15: 2 Videos on how to use the ‘Software-Purchase Ordering', plus Building Block and knowledge testing quiz;
  • Module 6, Section 16: 3 Videos on shipping and importing your orders. Plus why you should use a pre-Amazon location hub;
  • Module 6, Section 17: 4 Videos on creating a listing that is solid gold and your Seller Central Area. Plus a SuperHero Freight walkthrough and a ‘Listing Masterclass';
  • Module 6, Section 18: 2 Videos on how to use the ‘Software-Superhero Freight' & ‘Listing Builder'. Plus your end of of phase Building Block and knowledge testing quiz.

All of that is pretty comprehensive and if you go through it fully, you will have all the knowledge you need to set up and run a successful Amazon FBA business.

I've been a member for a while now and since joining there has been regular updates to older material and new bonus videos added.

You get the feeling that looking after the quality of this Amazon selling course is of the highest priority to the two Irish guys who developed it; Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers.

In addition to the course material itself, you are also provided you with an entire business software suite called the SuperHero Ecosystem.

It's from the SuperHero Ecosystem dashboard that you're pretty much going to run your new Amazon FBA business.

So Let's take a look at it in a bit more depth.

SuperHero Ecosystem:

This wasn't around when I originally signed-up with MarketPlace SuperHeroes.

I wish it had been.

superhero ecosystem dashboard

The Ecosystem provides you with one online home for all of your business data.

Here are the different sections and apps that you will find inside:

  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Companies
  • Freight
  • Researcher
  • Validations
  • Profit Calculator
  • Communicator
  • Purchase Orders
  • Label Creator
  • Product Photography
  • Listing Builder
  • Translations
  • Sales Invoices
  • SuperHero Office

MPSH Community:

To be fair, it's not the biggest community, or the most active when compared to those of other Amazon courses.

So there's is a bit of downside here.

I definitely don't utilise this resource as much as I should do.

Whenever I do turn to the MPSH private Facebook community, I always end up kicking myself that I didn't do it earlier, as I could have had my question answered a lot sooner, rather than struggle along with it on my own for a week or so.

One big plus point that the community has going for it, is that it's is pretty common place for course co-founder Robert Rickey to jump on and answer questions himself. Another example of how seriously these guys take nurturing their course.

Marketplace Superheroes Success Stories

I’m always skeptical about enrolling in a new course.

I don't know why that's still the case, because now I've probably had more good experiences than bad.

Anyway, it helps when you can hear from a handful of existing customers about their personal experiences.

Click on the video images below to check out some MPSH success stories…

marketplace superheroes success stories video holders

Whether you go ahead and sign-up with MPSH or not, you should still get a ton of motivation and inspiration from the above videos, to help you really push on with your business plans.

What About Up-Sells?

You certainly don't get bombarded with up-sell opportunities like is so often the case with online courses.

These are the two programs offered to those that have already joined the Core program:

  • Origin Program
  • Invasion Program

There is no hard-sell here however. Robert and Stephen promote these programs to their members, but they don't push it on them.

Marketplace Superheroes Origin Program

As the people at MPSH will tell you themselves, the Origin program is not the best fit for everyone.

This is a high-ticket program requiring a chunkier start-up budget.

If you are lucky enough to fall into that category there are some outstanding benefits to be had, such as:

  • One-to-One Mentoring Calls;
  • Access to group Mastermind Calls;
  • Access to Superheroes Freight as well as some pre-purchased freight;
  • Access MPSH's sourcing agent for an agreed number of products;
  • Done-for-You product photography + listings for agreed number of products;
  • The MPSH Origin Workbook.

Marketplace Superheroes Invasion Program

The other major program that MPSH offer is Invasion.

Basically, the Invasion program is about finding products that sell well on and establishing whether or not there is potential for those same products acrossAmazon’s European market place.

If the answer to that question is yes, you then try and negotiate becoming a reseller for those products on behalf of the U.S. sellers.

Here's what you get:

  • One-to-One Mentoring Calls;
  • Access to group Mastermind Calls;
  • Access to Superheroes Freight as well as some pre-purchased freight
  • Lifetime Access To The Invasion Program training

Extra Services Offered By MPSH:

Superheroes Freight

Superheroes Freight is massively popular amongst members.

They only open the doors to new joiners maybe twice a year and spaces sell out almost instantly.

Why is it so popular?

Because it will save you a ton of money and time.

This is full freight forwarding and warehousing service made available to save members a money on shipping fees and long-term storage.

They have a warehouse in the USA, the UK and Australia.

SuperHeroes Freight members can send products to these MPSH warehouses for long-term storage, instead of straight to the Amazon warehouses.

From their you only need to send your products to Amazon as and when your stock gets low. This is a big cost saving.

The other big benefit to you is that your products will be inspected for damage on arrival at the MPSH warehouse.


What is MarketPlace SuperHeroes?

MPSH Ignite is an online video training program (also in written PDF format) that shows you how to start, and scale up, an Amazon FBA business.

Is the MarketPlace Superheroes course good for beginners?

Yes, it is well suited to beginners as the program assumes no prior knowledge and covers everything you need to know in detail and with clarity.

How Much does MarketPlace SuperHeroes cost?

Marketplace Superheroes Ignite costs $997. If you don't want to pay in one go, you can pay over 12 monthly instalments of $97 each. You can also have a free 7-day trial before parting with any money.

Does the MarketPlace SuperHeroes course go out of date?

No. This course is constantly being updated and, as a member, you have lifetime access to the full course including any updates…without being asked for any more money.

Is MarketPlace SuperHeroes a scam?

No, MarketPlace SuperHeroes is definitely not a scam.

Does MarketPlace SuperHeroes come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, MPSH comes with a 30-Day, 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

What is the MarketPlace SuperHeroes Origin program?

MPSH Origin is a fully pimped-up version of the Ignite program. It offers one-to-one mentoring calls, mastermind calls with Stephen and Robert, done-for-you shipping, done-for-you listings…plus a bunch of other stuff

What even is Amazon FBA anyway?

If you're considering buying the MPSH course, I reckon you already know this, but just in case you don't, have a read of this post Amazon FBA – How It Works.

Is Amazon FBA For You?

I'm pretty sure you're doing a lot of research right now…

…to try and be certain that FBA is the right business model for you…

…as well as for who might be the best training provider.

If that is the case, this short video by Stephen Somers might help you out…

MarketPlace SuperHeroes Review – Conclusion

The MarketPlace SuperHeroes Amazon training is made up of high quality content that is bang up to date and constantly being updated so that it remains completely current.

It's user friendly, easy to navigate and super easy to follow your progression through the course material.

What makes this course such a big favourite of mine?

  • The focus on showing you the best types of products to sell on Amazon;
  • The time spent showing you exactly how to find suitable products time and again;
  • The MPSH product screening software that ensures you only progress the very best opportunities;
  • The International expansion strategy.

The training is delivered by the two founders who are genuine Amazon seller success stories with many years of experience on their side.

In addition to this, the MarketPlace SuperHeroes course is aimed at in international audience when most of their competitors are only focused on providing training that is tailored to United States residents.

Regardless of where in you live on the world, the MarketPlace SuperHeroes training is geared up for eventual international expansion.

MarketPlace SuperHeroes is the Amazon course that I'm using…

…there are Amazon FBA courses popping up left right and centre at the moment but I honestly believe that you will struggle to find many others where the founders are as hands-on involved on a daily basis as Robert and Stephen are.

My Experience: 9.5 / 10


If you are serious about learning how to sell on Amazon, want to fast-track your success and avoid numerous expensive potential pitfalls along the way, then I believe this Amazon course is up there with the very best.

Apply yourself fully to this training, follow everything that founders Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers teach, and I have little doubt that you will soon be enjoying the rewards as a successful Amazon FBA business owner.

I hope you found my review helpful.

View Now: MarketPlace SuperHeroes Free Training Webinar

Good luck.

A Bit Of Background

Back in mid 2017…and I was on the verge of jacking in my own Amazon FBA business. 

I was finding it time consuming and expensive, because I was making costly mistakes, time and time again!

As it turns out, those costly mistakes were all totally avoidable.

As I'm sure you can imagine, this wasn't really what I had in mind when starting out…not exactly the passive income dream!

After an awful lot of indecision, I decided to double my effort and give it another few months.

I put off pressing ahead with my next product order. Instead, I decided to spend the money I'd put aside for that, on getting some top-level Amazon FBA training.

Thankfully I found MarketPlace SuperHeroes.

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