My MarketPlace SuperHeroes Review Snapshot
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  • Useability
  • Support
  • Price

My MarketPlace SuperHeroes Review Snippet:

The MPSH training is made up of high quality content that is bang up to date…

…it’s user friendly, easy to navigate and super easy to follow your progression through the course material.


  • Built by FBA experts
  • Very easy to follow
  • Unique growth strategy
  • Regularly updated


  • Small FB community

Are you interested in starting up your own Amazon FBA business?

But are you also finding yourself wondering where to start? Maybe you’re considering signing-up with the guys at MarketPlace Superheroes?

Truth is, there’s a lot involved in setting up and running a successful Amazon business.

You not only need to learn ‘how to sell on Amazon’ but also ‘what to sell on Amazon’.

And just about everything in between!

marketplace superheroes header and logo for amazon course review


Back in mid 2017…and I was right on the verge of jacking in my own Amazon FBA business.

I was finding it time consuming and expensive…mainly because I was making costly mistakes…

…totally avoidable costly mistakes as it turns out. Time and time again!

As you can imagine, this wasn’t really what I had in mind when starting out.

Not exactly the passive income dream!

After an awful lot of indecision, I decided to double my effort and give it another few months.

But money was running low and something had to change!

In fact the whole way I was approaching this business had to change.

I put off rushing in to my next product order.

Instead, I decided to spend the money I’d put aside for that, on getting some professional Amazon FBA training.

And so my next problem became this…

Which Amazon Course To Choose?

selecting amazon seller online course

Thankfully there’s some great quality help out there, delivered by some seasoned Amazon sellers.


…not all Amazon courses are created equal.

There’s just as much rubbish being sold online as there is good stuff, as I’m sure you’re well aware.

And Amazon FBA courses are no different.

There’s a few out there that only really cover the basics of how Amazon FBA works.

While a small handful take you through all of the critical detail.

And it’s the critical detail that you’ll need to be super successful in as short a space of time as possible…and avoid the expensive mistakes that I was making in my business.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I know that this is where I’d gone wrong in the past.

When starting out, I’d learned very broadly about setting up and running an Amazon FBA business.

But I didn’t know the finer, all important critical details that had been the cause of my severe lack of success.

One Year On In My Amazon FBA Business

Things are very different. Thankfully.

My Amazon business is going from strength to strength and I love working on it…because it’s successful and no longer feels like a chore.

What made the difference was the training program I selected, and that I worked my butt off learning and following to the letter…

which leads me on to this important heads-up:

Setting up and running a successful Amazon FBA business is no push button opportunity.

This is a real business that takes work, commitment and capital (I’d say that if you’re not willing to commit $2k-$3k as start-up capital, this isn’t the business for you).

Amazon FBA takes work…but it’s a real business where the rewards are potentially huge!

So enough of the fluff and me blowing my own trumpet, here’s my review of the Amazon seller training that I selected and still use today:

So What Is The Story With MarketPlace SuperHeroes?

Is the training worth spending your money on?

Does it deliver what is promised? In case you don’t know, this is what is promised…

The exact formula that brings in at least $18,750 in net profit every single month selling just 5 simple, every day products on Amazon (100% possible even if you’re a complete beginner).

I’m guessing you’ll agree that this is a bold claim.

Can it be delivered on?

I’ve been a fully paid up member of MarketPlace SuperHeroes since mid-2017, I’ve been right through the training endlessly and have implemented what they teach.

Here’s the deal:

Product/Program: MarketPlace SuperHeroes System v.2
Product/Program Owners: Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers
Opportunity: How to build a 5 – 7 figure global Amazon business
Price: $997 (or 12 x $97 per month option available)

Here’s a bit of background on the two MPSH founders…stephen somers of marketplace superheroes amazon courserobert rickey of marketplace superheroes amazon course

My MarketPlace SuperHeroes Experience

First things first…


Very straightforward sign-up process which probably took two or three minutes from starting to receiving my login details and having full access to the program.

This was a bit of a surprise though…no up-sells!

That’s right, no up-sell offers throughout the whole sign-up process.

If you’re familiar with signing-up to online training programs you’ll find it a refreshing relieve to not find yourself on the clock to make a further buying decisions that potentially double the amount of cash you thought you were about to spend.

Login and members area:

Exactly what you want from this type of training platform, everything is clearly laid out and simple to navigate your way around.

Every part of the training is available in video, audio and written transcript, so pretty much all preferences are catered for.

The MarketPlace SuperHeroes training program is divided in to the following sections:

  • MPSH Core System v2 Phase 1: Mindset and Research – 6 modules made up of 45 videos in total
  • MPSH Core System v2 Phase 2: Importing and Logistics – 6 modules made up of 51 videos in total
  • Additional Resources: 6 bonus training blocks of highly focused training

MarketPlace SuperHeroes Core System training:

marketplace superheroes review core training header

The two phases of the MPSH Core System are the nuts and bolts of this Amazon seller training program.

With 12 modules comprising over 90 tutorials between them, nail these and it will be harder to fail than succeed as an Amazon seller.

As mentioned earlier, all of the training here is made available in three formats; video, MP3 audio file and PDF written transcript.

Here’s a little more detail on how the MPSH Core System training is put together…

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 1:

  • Module 1: Marketplace Mindset – 7 videos on what to expect from the course and how to maximise what you get from it.
  • Module 2: Search Phase – 9 videos on the product research strategy and how to use the MPSH product analysis tool.
  • Module 3: Shortlist Phase – 6 videos on how to further filter your best product opportunities from the search phase.
  • Module 4: Select Phase I – 5 videos on how to select your best product opportunities.
  • Module 5: Select Phase II – 7 videos on choosing your best product opportunity and starting your supplier search.
  • Module 6: Source Phase – 11 videos on finding suppliers, negotiating, placing sample orders, packaging and branding.

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 2:

  • Module 7: Business Structure & Seller Central – 8 videos on structuring your business and setting up your seller account.
  • Module 8: Purchasing & Importing – 7 videos on the full purchasing and importing process.
  • Module 9: FBA Road Map – 5 videos on the FBA process, including Amazon Seller Central, labelling requirements etc.
  • Module 10: Listing Optimisation – 9 videos on creating world-class product listings that convert.
  • Module 11: Account Management – 13 videos on how to manage your new Amazon business on a day-to-day basis.
  • Module 12: International Expansion – 7 videos on expanding your Amazon business internationally.

Now, all of that is pretty comprehensive and if you take the time to go through it fully, you will have all the knowledge you need to set up and run a successful Amazon FBA business.

Aside from the course itself, you are also provided you with a tool called the 4S Product Gauntlet that helps you shortlist and filter product opportunities, as well as accurately cost products once you have all of the product details from potential suppliers.

WATCH NOW: MarketPlace SuperHeroes Webinar 

For those who just love to learn, there’s more…

MPSH bonus resources:

The MPSH Core System really does provide all that you need to know to establish yourself as an Amazon seller.

The bonus training provided takes you deeper into some of the more complex aspects of running an Amazon FBA business.

Here’s how the bonuses material is put together…

  • Fuel Your Empire: Follow Robert and Stephen over the shoulder, as they search for product opportunities on Amazon.
  • $1k Per Day Road Map: How to get your business to $1,000 per day in sales.
  • Invincible Importing: Discover exactly how to master the importing process and easily import your products.
  • 30 Minute Legendary Listings: The MPSH exact process for creating auto-selling Amazon listings that convert.
  • Fuel Your Empire – God Series A: 3 videos focused on how to speed up and streamline the product research process.
  • Map the Market – God Series M: 3 videos focused on market analysis.

I’ve been a member for a little while now and since joining there has been regular updates to older material and new bonus videos added.

You get the feeling that looking after the quality of this Amazon selling course is of the highest priority to the two Irish guys who developed it; Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers.

MPSH community:

To be fair, it’s not the biggest community, or the most active when compared to those of other Amazon courses.

So there’s is a bit of downside here.

I definitely don’t utilise this resource as much as I should do.

Whenever I do turn to the MPSH private Facebook community, I always end up kicking myself that I didn’t do it earlier, as I could have had my question answered a lot sooner, rather than struggle along with it on my own for a week or so.

One big plus point that the community has going for it, is that it’s is pretty common place for course co-founder Robert Rickey to jump on and answer questions himself. Another example of how seriously these guys take nurturing their course.

MPSH strategy:

There are two main differences in the Amazon FBA business strategy being taught within this course, to that of most other amazon seller training courses.

These are…

Product Selection: Both the type of products that are considered for selection as well as how those products are then filtered through the system to find the best opportunities.

International Expansion: This aspect is rarely taught on other Amazon courses who tend to focus on only the United States market. Building your business for international expansion is a core part of the MarketPlace SuperHeroes strategy.

Any Up-Sells?

marketplace superheroes review up-sell opportunity the sprint

I previously mentioned that as part of the sign-up process it’s surprising that you don’t get bombarded with up-sell opportunities…and you don’t.

There is an up-sell opportunity once you have been a member for about a month or so, which is very acceptable in my book as you know by then how fully you are going to pursue Amazon selling as a business.

The up-sell is called SuperHero Sprint and this is what it offers…

Follow along as we work with you virtually to help you fuel your mini Amazon empire with phenomenally profitable, low competition items.

This additional training is aimed at taking you right through the MPSH Amazon business process, from initiating a new product search, to placing a sample order with suppliers, in just a couple of days.

‘The Sprint’ training was filmed at a live seminar hosted by Robert Rickey, Stephen Somers and other members of the MPSH team.

It’s divided into four sessions/modules, as follows:

  • The Sprint
  • Breakouts
  • Hot Seats
  • Bonuses

Each of the above contains a number of deep-dive videos.

The main objective of this extra training is to get you to take action…massive, meaningful, productive action that will really propel your business forward in a short space of time.

Is ‘The Sprint’ up-sell worth buying?

If you’ve been right through the core training and have understood it, then yes, I think it’s worth it as it almost forces you to speed up your progress.


…I would also say there is little point in going for it if you haven’t got a reasonable grasp on the core training. To be fair, Robert and Stephen actually tell you this themselves in the promotional video.


If you’ve just read the above MarketPlace SuperHeroes review it probably won’t surprise you to hear that this Amazon course is a big favourite of mine.

The MarketPlace SuperHeroes Amazon training is made up of high quality content that is bang up to date and constantly being updated so that it remains completely current.

It’s user friendly, easy to navigate and super easy to follow your progression through the course material.

The training is delivered by the two founders who are genuine Amazon seller success stories with many years of experience on their side.

In addition to this, the MarketPlace SuperHeroes course is aimed at in international audience when most of their competitors are only focused on providing training that is tailored to United States residents.

Regardless of where in you live on the world, the MarketPlace SuperHeroes training is geared up for eventual international expansion.

This is the Amazon course that I’m using…

…and I have no doubt that it is the reason that I am now enjoying success as an Amazon seller.

There are Amazon FBA courses popping up left right and centre at the moment but I honestly believe that you will struggle to find many others where the founders are as hands-on involved on a daily basis as Robert and Stephen are.

My Experience: 9/10


If you are serious about learning how to sell on Amazon, want to fast-track your success and avoid numerous expensive potential pitfalls along the way to business success, then I believe this Amazon course is up there with the very best.

Apply yourself fully to this training, follow everything that founders Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers teach, and I have little doubt that you will soon be enjoying the rewards as a successful Amazon FBA business owner.

I hope you found my review helpful.

Visit MarketPlace SuperHeroes here:

Good luck.

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