5 Simple Steps To A Winning Online Marketing Strategy

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It is not enough to simply start a page on Facebook or Instagram, if you're serious about increasing your customer base.

Likewise, a corporate website with SEO optimization alone, will not do the main work for you.

To run a successful business today, you need to use the right digital strategy.

Today we will talk about how to build one correctly.

“Your digital marketing strategy is a series of actions that aim to achieve corporate goals using carefully selected Internet marketing channels,” says B2B Lifecycle Marketing Lead at Canva, Elissa Hudson.

A digital strategy is simply a plan for how you will promote your brand or service.

This plan usually describes the tools with which you and your team want to achieve your goals.

Your goals will likely be increasing sales and profits, growing the number of, as well as better customer loyalty.

Let's talk about the steps that should be taken when creating a strategy:

5 Simple Steps To A Winning Online Marketing Strategy

#1. Specific Purpose

Every business, online or otherwise, has a purpose.

A reason for being.

Aside from making money for its owners that is!

Every business must have something to offer the world…or rather, that highly targeted segment of the world that its products or services are aimed at.

And you must also be able to communicate this purpose with perfect clarity.

So that potential new customers know what you're about, instantly.

The next layer to add is to become recognisable through clear branding.

Clear recognisable branding combined with consistent, coherent messaging across all your marketing channels.

Of course, the exact content on your website, in marketing ads, on different social media channels may be a little different, as it is servicing different audiences…

…but the core message must be the same.

Decide what exactly you are…and communicate it well!

#2. Analysis of Previous Experience

Treat past failures as experiences to be learned from.

Consider past mistakes when creating something new.

And from all of these past experiences, create meaningful KPI's.

Define and measure your businesses KPIs, and you will be able to fully understand how each element of your online marketing strategy is working for you.

Keep it super-meaningful and determine the most important performance indicators for your business.

For example, online traffic numbers are important for online media, while for an online store, traffic is still important, but nowhere near as much as conversions.

If we are talking about an online store of things on Instagram, then coverage (general brand awareness), the number of users, subscriptions to the page and their activity on the page (likes, comments, replies to stories) are important.

Determine for yourself the most relevant performance indicators for your business, and set about measuring them as accurately as possible.

#3. People

The most important element of your strategy is the impact on people.

Find your target audience.

Take the time to discover and analyze what kind of people are visiting your site.

Find out about their age, gender, career, marital status., where they live in the world, what they spend their money on.

Your target audience is the core of your digital strategy.

And for this target audience to buy something from you, you need to learn about their needs.

Create a portrait of your consumer.

And don't be afraid to communicate directly with them.

Pay attention to their comments and respond to them.

This will build loyalty to your brand and increase their confidence in buying from you again, and maybe recommending you to a friend.

How to create this user profile:

The basic demographic information we described earlier will serve as the basis.

But you can also pay attention to the user's softer issues.

Issues and problems that you can maybe help them solve.

Obviously this is a much deeper look, but it can reap serious rewards.

#4. Distribution of Resources

Nobody and no business, has access to finite resources.

Well, Jeff Bezos and Amazon comes close I guess, but I bet they still keep a tight grip on how they distribute and deploy their resources.

To determine the level of your digital promotion costs, you need to consider the following factors: your budget, the list of your digital channels, as well as the size of your team.

Conduct an audit of the digital channels being used, then select those that are most effective.

Let go of what doesn't work.

And allocate the resources saved, back to the best performers.

And do not ignore the most powerful resource of any successful business, its team.

A highly motivate, knowledgeable, dedicated team can add more to your business than almost anything else.

Distribute responsibilities fairly and treat your employees with respect.

Make sure your team has enough people to do quality work and everyone is in their right place and know's their stuff.

Make sure you have at least one KPI assigned to each of your digital channels. And to each of your team.

#5. Improvise

You don't always have to follow clear boundaries.

Add creativity and novelty to your ideas.

Something that at first glance will seem strange to you may actually delight your audience.

Follow the trends.

The time when something is popular fusion of many people can lead you to complete your large family of consumers.

It is important to build a certain trend into your sphere so that it harmoniously counts in your main product.

For example, Nike used the platform of the metaverse to promote the brand.

They harmoniously fit in their virtual store, where people buy rare NFT shoes for themselves.

And for these purchases, Cryptocurrencies are almost exclusively used for payment (you can read about them in ICOholder).

So, Nike has successfully launched such activities on the network…

…because many of their customers are young people who are just the same interested in new technologies (in this case, the metaverse), and they want something to stand out (exclusive NFTs).

Wrapping It Up!!

Try to pay attention not only to the overall result of the work, but also to the detail along the way.

Discuss issues with the team.

Be open with your clients.

Develop in the direction you choose.

Do your job well and with pleasure, this is important.

Good luck!

Article Written By: Melissa Robertson

About Melissa:

Melissa Robertson is a freelance writer who believes that with well-chosen words you can convey the right idea to a wide audience. Melissa is attentive to details, responsible, ready to develop in the profession.

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