OptinMonster Alternatives – 7 Best Lead Gen Tools

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best optinmonster alternatives

Are you serious about turbocharging your website opt-in and lead generation rates?

Okay, stupid question, who isn't right?

And you're more serious than most, because you're searching for OptinMonster Alternatives.

But what's going to make that happen? What's going to cause your rates to SKYROCKET?

Are you going to use mind-control on your readers?

Black Magic maybe?

No, no-way…Google absolutely hates mind-control and black magic, every SEO knows that.

So what then?..

Getting yourself hooked up with OUTSTANDING, PREMIUM opt-in / lead generation technology.

NOT, sticking with tools that aren't working for you!

That's it. No big secret. Simply…get the very best, as of now, not five years ago!

If you're in a hurry, here's a quick snapshot of my favourites…

Best OptinMonster Alternatives

🏆 ConvertBox
🥈 Convert Pro
🥉 Unbounce
🎗 Elementor Popup Builder
🎗 Thrive Leads
🎗 WP Subscribe Pro
🎗 Ninja Popups

Here they all are in more detail…

OptinMonster Alternatives – Top 7 For Opt-Ins & Lead Generation

#1. ConvertBox

optinmonster alternatives convertbox

In my opinion, not only the best OptinMonster alternative, but the best opt-in / conversion optimisation tool currently on the market.

The is the tool that I now exclusively use across all of my websites.

Why wouldn't I?

Since I installed ConvertBox, my opt-in / conversion rates have increased by an incredible 375%.

That is not a typo, my website conversion rates are running at almost 4x what they were since installing ConvertBox.

Very basically, ConvertBox is a SaaS platform that connects to WordPress via a plugin, or via a small piece of code should you not be a WordPress user.

It is super easy to install, completely intuitive to use, and produces opt-in results like I have never achieved before.

ConvertBox Key Features

  • High-converting, pre-designed opt-in form template stack
  • Easily customise/create opt-in forms via drag-and-drop visual editor
  • Highly personalised messaging – (conversion rate game changer)
  • Easy set-up advanced triggers – (conversion rate game changer)
  • Easy set-up intelligent targeting rules – (conversion rate game changer)
  • Full triggers stack, including entrance and exit intent
  • Point & click segmentation funnel creation
  • One-click, powerful A/B testing
  • Real-time tracking and analytics

Simply writing a list of features does not do justice to how powerful some of these features are. Where I've added ‘conversion rate game changer‘, I'm just drawing your attention to the features that moved the needle significantly in my conversion rate uplift.

In addition to being able to embed ConvertBox directly into your content or sidebar…

…there are four other styles of on-site message that you can easily deploy on your website.

Click on each of the links below to see them working:

Where ConvertBox Out-Performs

  • Displays personalised opt-in form messages depending on where visitors are in your funnel – new visitors, returning visitors, qualified leads, or existing customers.
  • Intelligent, combined triggers and targeting rules – location, device, traffic source, exit-intent, time on page – show the right opt-in form at the right time.
  • ConvertBox site-hosted central dashboard for easy management and to keep your own site as light as possible.
  • East split-testing function.
  • Available to WordPress and non-Wordpress users alike.

I believe this to be the best alternative to OptinMonster, if you're looking for something that is better than OptinMonster. I would not be without it, such has been the massive up-tick in my conversions since becoming a user.

ConvertBox Details

Product: ConvertBox

Price: $99 per month, Lifetime access $495

My Rating: 9.5 /10

Visit the website here: convertbox.com

#2. Convert Pro

optinmonster alternative convert pro

In my opinion this is a great alternative to OptinMonster, if you're looking for something similar to, but cheaper, than OptinMonster.

Whilst there are small differences, Convert Pro is the most similar OptinMonster alternative on this list.

Convert Pro Key Features

  • Good selection of pre-built templates
  • Customise/create forms with the drag-and-drop builder
  • Display opt-in forms based on advanced targeting and triggers
  • Full triggers stack, including entrance and exit intent
  • A/B testing
  • Mobile editor for responsive design
  • Google Analytics integration

Where Convert Pro Out-Performs

A really nice feature of Convert Pro is that it provides you with a free-canvas design. This enables you to just freely drag and drop different elements, similar to how you would if using image editing softwares like Stencil or Canva.

Other than that, I don’t think Convert Pro necessarily out-performs OptinMonster in any of the key areas. Likewise it doesn't look to be much weaker in any of the key areas…

…but it is cheaper, and that's why it's a compelling OptinMonster alternative!

Convert Pro Details

Product: Convert Pro

Price: 1-year license $99, Lifetime license $399

My Rating: 8 /10

Visit the website here: convertpro.com

#3. Unbounce

unbounce optin form builder

I'm a big fan of Unbounce.

I've been using their landing page builder for ages now, and it's a top bit of kit.

But it's fair to say that Unbounce is much better known for being just that, a landing page builder, than it is for being an dedicated opt-in / conversion tool. Although the two are obviously very closely linked.

Well, Unbounce now offers Pop-up Forms and Sticky Bars that you can deploy on any page of your site. 

This easily makes my shortlist as one of the best OptinMonster alternatives because it brings with it a wealth of high-quality functionality, alongside deep understanding of online sales funnels.

This is a powerful lead generation tool.

Unbounce Key Features

  • 50+ pop-up forms and sticky bar templates
  • Industry leading drag-and-drop visual builder
  • Advanced targeting and triggering including exit intent
  • Dynamic Text Replacement for ultra-personalisation
  • Conversion funnel creation
  • Once-click A/B testing function

Where Unbounce Out-Performs

Unbounce allows you to set up super-detailed marketing funnels that track your website visitor journeys with absolute accuracy. This is a powerful piece of functionality once you're getting a decent number of monthly visitors to your site.

Unbounce Details

Product: Unbounce

Price: From $80 per month, to $300 per month

My Rating: 8 /10

Visit the website here: unbounce.com

#5. Elementor Popup Builder

elementor popup builder plugin

I love using Elementor drag-and-drop builders, whether it's their web page builder, or popup builder, or whatever, they have nailed the drag-and-drop function.

If you are already familiar with Elementor, you will know that this is going to be a feature rich, advanced, powerful bit of kit.

With this WordPress plugin, pop-up creation is made super easy with Elementor's incredibly smooth drag-and-drop tool that is undoubtedly one of the best.

Elementor opt-in forms easily interact with your website visitors and intelligently nudge them towards responding with your CTA, and this is why it's real favourite WordPress opt-in plugin.

Elementor Popup Builder Key Features

  • Intuitive targeting with detailed conditions & triggers
  • Display pop-ups meeting your ‘Advanced rules'
  • 100+ powerful widgets taking opt-in forms to the next level
  • Smooth entrance and exit animations
  • Hassle free integration with your favourite marketing tools
  • Highly responsive easy editing with the drag-and-drop editor
  • Premium content lock reveals post opt-in
  • A/B testing function

Where Elementor Popup Builder Out-Performs

If you've had the pleasure of using any of the Elementor product range before, you won't need me to tell you how satisfying the experience is.

These guys have genuinely nailed website and form builders, and particularly how to deliver a quality user experience.

Some opt-in form builders appear to have all of the technology, but many of them fail deliver an experience that is better than clunky…not Elementor.

Elementor Popup Builder Details

Product: Elementor Popup Builder

Price: $49 per year, 1-Site licence

My Rating: 8 /10

Visit the website here: elementor.com

#4. Thrive Leads

thrive leads optin form plugin

Thrive Leads comes as a WordPress plugin.

This is an all-in-one lead generation and list-building solution that accelerates your conversion efforts.

Not only is Thrive Leads a super-affordable OptinMonster Alternative, but I've got to say that I'm always impressed by the variety of form-types available inside the Thrive Leads dashboard.

Thrive Leads Key Features

  • Pre-designed forms template menu
  • Targeting based on content being read as well as visitor profile
  • 10 different form-types
  • Triggers including exit intent
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Analytics dashboard including integration with Google Analytics
  • Once-click A/B testing function

Where Thrive Leads Out-Performs

For me, I think Thrive Leads makes itself one of the best OptinMonster alternatives with it's huge pack of opt-in form types.

Here they all are:

  1. ThriveBox (Popup Lightbox): A classic pop-up
  2. Sticky Ribbon: A Hello Bar-style opt-in 
  3. In-Line Forms: Forms that embed within your content
  4. Two-Step Opt-in Form
  5. Slide-In
  6. Optin Widget: A form for widget areas
  7. Screen Filler Overlay
  8. Content Lock: Lock content behind an opt-in form
  9. Scroll Mat
  10. Yes/No & Multi-Choice Forms: Add multiple steps to your opt-in forms

It's only fair to point out however, that while it's nice to have a huge range of opt-in forms to choose from, the quality of the templates offered by Thrive is not on a level with OptinMonster.

To get to the point where you have really great looking Thrive opt-in forms, you're going to need to do a fair bit of tinkering about yourself.

Thrive Leads Details

Product: Thrive Leads

Price: $67 1-Site licence

My Rating: 8 /10

Visit the website here: thrivethemes.com

#6. WP Subscribe Pro

wp subscribe pro email list building plugin

My budget entry, and the email subscriber list builder that I started out with when I was counting every penny.

This is a super low-cost email list builder / opt-in plugin from the people at MyThemeShop.

I tend to use MyThemeShop themes on most of the sites I build so I know their products pretty well.

As you are well aware, there is no shortage of list building plugins for WordPress, but WP Subscribe Pro’s low price and ease of use are what puts this one on my list of OptinMonster alternatives.

If you're on a super-tight budget, but still keen to grow your email list, there is a free version available, but as you would expect with a free version, it's short of a lot of the premium functionality.

WP Subscribe Pro Key Features

  • Mobile-responsive opt-in forms for widget areas
  • Customise opt-in forms to match your website branding
  • Display pop-up forms with exit intent and timed-delay triggers
  • Integrates with popular email marketing services

Where WP Subscribe Pro Out-Performs

Okay, let's not kid ourselves here, this is not the feature rich, full-stack offered by some of the other OptinMonster alternatives already listed above.

What we have here is a practically free (literally free if you go go the free plan) opt-in / email list building tool that is straightforward and easy to use.

There aren't many bells and whistles with this one, but if you're just doing a bit of blogging and want to start building your email list, this is probably exactly what you need.

WP Subscribe Pro Details

Product: WP Subscribe Pro

Price: $29 1-Site licence

My Rating: 7 /10

Visit the website here: mythemeshop.com

#7. Ninja Popups

ninja popups

Seeing as we're now at the budget end of the optin forms market, I'm throwing the Ninja Popups WordPress plugin into the mix.

Obviously it's not one of the top alternatives to OptinMonster as far as functionality goes, but it's dirt cheap and has all the basic features you might need, such as:

Drag and drop builder that lets you build popups very easily on the fly;

Sixty popup form templates menu;

Content-optin locker;

Exit-intent and scroll depth triggers;

Basic split-testing.

All for $27.

Sure it's no premium version plugin but if you're keeping the purse strings tight, Ninja Popups has got to be a decent option for growing your email marketing mailing list, and in your other lead generation efforts.

Ninja Popups Details

Product: Ninja Popups

Price: $27 1-Site licence

My Rating: 7 /10

Best OptinMonster Alternatives – Wrapping It Up

It's probably pretty clear which of the above six opt-in / conversion tools is my definite preference.

But that doesn't mean it has to be yours.

All of these opt-in / conversion tools are awesome and are run by people who both know what they're doing…and care about your success.

My personal favourite alternative to OptinMonster, ConvertBox, is down to a few key things:

I need an opt-in tool to be extremely easy to get out of the blocks with. I don't have staff working for me, and so I don't have endless time to spend learning how to get going.

I need it to be super-effective. I've long since figured out how to get industry average conversions. I now want better than that…and I get much better than industry average conversions with ConvertBox.

Once built, I need to be able to deploy the forms on my website quickly and with ease. I've not used another tool in the same space that delivers on this better than Convertbox.

I want a responsive and high-quality support desk. When you're in the middle of a task and need a question answered, you want it answered pretty quick.

I hope you've found this round-up of OptinMonster alternatives a useful thing.

Have you tried any of these opt-in tools?

Do you know something important about any of these best OptinMonster alternative tools that you'd like to share?

What tools do you use for your lead generation and to grow your email list?

It would be great to hear from you.

Just drop me a comment in the box further below…or sign-up to my email list and stay in touch.

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