Proven Amazon Course Review (2019)


My Proven Amazon Course Review Snapshot
  • Effectiveness
  • Useability
  • Support
  • Price

My Proven Amazon Course Review Snippet:

PAC is full to the rafters with quality content that is now bang up to date…

pretty much everything has been fully updated Summer/Fall 2018.


  • Compiled by Amazon FBA experts
  • Multiple strategies covered in-depth
  • Active and helpful Facebook group
  • Price is crazy low for what’s on offer


  • Slightly cluttered site layout
  • Risk of information overload

Are you thinking about signing up to Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course?

But are you also wondering whether it’s the right Amazon seller training for you?

If you are, it’s totally understandable.

The Amazon FBA training market is getting pretty packed right now.

And as you’d expect, everyone’s claiming to be the world’s best.

But they can’t all be!

So what’s the story with Proven Amazon Course?

proven amazon course logo

Well, what I can tell you right now is that Jim Cockrum has some serious track record.

Not only in running his own very successful Amazon FBA business;

But also in teaching people exactly how to replicate his success for themselves.

And that’s something he’s been doing since 2009, when you wouldn’t have found too many other Amazon FBA training courses around.

If you’ve been searching for a quality Amazon course for a while now, you’re probably very aware that there are some training programs out there that only just about cover the basics of how Amazon FBA works.

Bottom line?

Stick with this review and you’ll have a much clearer picture as to whether or not Jim Cockrum’s PAC Course is likely to be a good fit for you…

…and ultimately whether it’s worthy of you investing your money in.

And you should be looking at this as an investment, rather than an expense.

Amazon FBA is a genuine business opportunity there for anyone with a solid work ethic to leverage in creating their own online business.

Let’s get to it!

Proven Amazon Course

Is the training worthy of your time and money?

Does it deliver what is promised?

In case you don’t know, this is what is promised…

“Jim Cockrum is the foremost authority on succeeding on Amazon today.”

And this…

We will guide you to the right products to sell at a profit, and where to find them without taking unnecessary financial risks.”

Are these claims right? And can the second be delivered on?

I’m an Amazon FBA seller and I’ve been right through the training to fully battle test it.

Here’s the deal:

Product/Program:  Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course
Product/Program Owner: Jim Cockrum
Opportunity: Flip the script on the daily grind with your own Amazon business
Price: $399 (or 3 x $146 per month option available)  

My Proven Amazon Course Experience

In outline, PAC provides training on a number of Amazon FBA business models.

It’s a membership-based system made up of webinar recordings, video tutorials, PDFs, members forum and Facebook community.

Here’s what’s inside PAC:

Well, here’s an overview of what’s inside PAC anyway. There is an absolute ton of information within the training area, simply way too much to list it all here.

But here’s how all of the training categories are titled up and presented within the members area:

  • Start Here
  • Next Steps
  • Private Label
  • Multiple Sourcing Strategies
  • Promotional Company Sourcing
  • Proven Performance Inventory
  • Proven Audience Formula
  • Merch
  • International FBA
  • Build Your Team
  • Taxes, Accounting, Legal
  • Live Events
  • Creative Partnerships
  • Resources
  • Bonus Content
  • Archived Content
  • Support

And here’s a look at some of the key categories noted above, in a little more detail:

proven amazon course logo

Start Here

  • Watch Jim’s Welcome To PAC Video
  • FBA Overview Video
  • Seller Central Tour
  • Understanding the Amazon Customer (PDF)
  • Open Your Amazon Account
  • FBA Quick Start Guide PDF
  • Join our Facebook Group
  • Pin In The Map Program

proven private label logo

Private Label
How To Discover, Source, and Launch Your Own Private Label Products

  • Proven Private Label 2.0 (10 Videos + 6 Module Mentor Program)
  • Proven Growth Workshop (1)
  • Marriage of PPI and PPL 2.0 Webinar
  • Proven Private Label Training Webinar
  • Coffee Master Class

proven sourcing logo

Multiple Sourcing Strategies
Numerous Strategies To Source Profitable Products

Retail/Online Arbitrage Sourcing

    • PAC Monthly Webinar – Advanced Online & Retail Arbitrage
    • Basic Retail Arbitrage
    • Proven Online Sourcing Strategies
    • Finding potential products and bundles to sell on Amazon
    • Amazon BOLO Guide
    • Advanced Retail Arbitrage
    • Proven Q4 Plan (archived content)
    • Product Sourcing Master Class
    • Source, Expand, Automate
    • eBay To Amazon Arbitrage Guide
    • Proven Q4 Plan 2017

Book Sourcing

    • Sourcers’ Apprentice book
    • Tips 4 Cleaning Used Books
    • Craigslist Book Ad

Wholesale Sourcing

    • Proven Wholesale Sourcing 2.0
    • Wholesale Sourcing Video Series
    • Wholesale Sourcing Conference
    • Real Wholesale Sources
    • Learn To Import From China and Many Other Countries
    • Trade Show No Show eBook (pdf)

Other Sourcing Strategies

  • Promotional Company Sourcing
  • Buy Local Sell To The World
  • Sourcing At Garage Sales Webinar
  • Sourcing on a Budget
  • Sourcing Shoppers Checklist
  • Toys, Games, & Cleaning Products
  • Health & Beauty Products for Great Profits
  • Sourcing at Auctions
  • Gift Card Sourcing
  • Coupon Engineering

proven performance inventory

Proven Performance Inventory
Amazon Keyword Research Strategies

    • PPI Workshop (PGW) – Oct. 2017
    • Proven Growth Workshop (1)
    • Proven Performance Inventory


The following whole new section was added to the PAC training program in August 2018:

promotional company sourcing logo

Promotional Company Sourcing
Launch Exclusive Private Label Products and Bundles on Amazon in 4 Weeks

  • This new training is made up of 12 Videos, as follows:
  • What are Promotional Companies?
  • Expected Benefits and Costs
  • Navigating Promotional Websites – Self Service
  • Navigating Promotional Websites – Limited
  • How to Search for Promotional Companies
  • How to Communicate with Promotional Companies
  • Winning Promotional Formula
  • Detailed Roadmap for WPF
  • 6 Ways to Generate Ideas
  • Employing a Brand
  • Material Mindset Examples
  • Examples, Examples, Examples

I think that’s enough lists for now.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of information in the program.

But what about the quality?

Here’s What I Like, And Don’t Like, About PAC


  • Compiled by genuine Amazon FBA experts – not only has Jim Cockrum and his PAC team built this course, but they’ve also pulled in knowledge from other successful FBA business owners.
  • Multiple different sourcing strategies are covered in-depth.
  • Very active, lively and helpful Facebook group.
  • Jim Cockrum gets involved on forum and Facebook groups. I don’t mean everyday, but enough.
  • Training delivered across multi-media formats. Webinars, videos, PDF’s audio, it’s all here.
  • Just about everything you need to know is covered, and then some.


  • Amount of content – yeah, as much as this is listed as a ‘pro’ directly above, it can also cause a bit of confusion, and be a bit overwhelming at times.
  • Very basic and a slightly cluttered site layout – it really is a bit year 2001 as far as the site layout goes, and apparently it’s been recently improved!

Whilst we’re on pro’s and con’s…

I’m pretty sure that if you have read other PAC reviews, you may well have seen it said that some of the training is not as up to date as it could be.

I certainly haven’t experienced that as being the case.

I do know that quite a few updates were made to the Proven Amazon Course training materials towards the end of 2017, so maybe the fact that I’ve written up this review having been through the course in mid 2018 meant that I missed the outdated stuff.

As far as I’m concerned, the training inside PAC is inline with how Amazon FBA works, as well as how the different possible buying strategies work, at the time of writing.

What About Up-Sells?

Are there any?

And if there are, do you need them?

We’ll you certainly don’t get endlessly bothered by up-sell opportunities during the sign-up process. Which is great.

I absolutely hate it when you sign-up for a course online and before you’ve even finished checking-out, you’re offered up some further training material, and kind of made to feel that the course is incomplete without it, so out comes the credit card again!

This is not the case here!

Sure, there’s other stuff you can buy once you’re a member.

But it’s all aimed at those who want to fast-track the process, deep-dive into specific areas, or attend live training courses…once they’ve started to gain some traction with their new Amazon business.

I’m pretty confident in saying that if you’re just starting out on your Amazon FBA journey, there’s more than enough in the PAC training to keep you going for quite a long while before you might feel you want more to learn.


The Proven Amazon Course is packed to the rafters with quality content that is fully up to date.

It’s also got a very lively and helpful forum and Facebook community that can be invaluable when starting out on a journey of this nature. When you have this you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out the odd bit of training that you just doesn’t seem to make sense to you.

Instead you can just reach out to the community and some helpful soul will be giving you the clarity you’re looking for in no time.

The PAC training has course material on a range of different Amazon FBA strategies.

I don’t currently know of any other training courses in the FBA space that covers the range of strategies that Jim Cockrum and his team do here.

There is no shortage of Amazon FBA courses available right now, every man and his dog seem up for teaching you how to sell on Amazon, even if they’ve only got a couple of years experience themselves.

That’s certainly not what you get with these guys though. Properly battle-tested track record is what’s as the foundations of the PAC training.

My Experience: 8/10


I have two massive favourites when it comes to Amazon FBA training courses:

Proven Amazon Course and MarketPlace SuperHeroes.

So it follows that having been right through the PAC training once again, I have absolutely zero reservations in recommending Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course.

As I’ve said before in the review; there’s a lot to this course, a ton of information to get stuck into. And the Amazon FBA business model does require real work, it is not a plug-in and play opportunity.

But then what worth anything every really is?

The truth is, very little!

And setting up and running your own Amazon FBA business is worth the effort. It’s massively rewarding.

You will have your own genuine business, that you can grow and expand if that’s what you want…and maybe one day sell, or pass on to a family member.

I hope you found my review helpful.

Visit Proven Amazon Course here: Proven Amazon Course

Good luck with your new business.

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