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Spark By ClickBank is no better than its predecessors; ClickBank University and CBU2.

The training is just way too generic and nowhere near deep enough.


I spent a ton of hours going through the Spark By ClickBank course material before putting this review together.

This is the result…

…my comprehensive, totally up-to-date for 2024, Spark By ClickBank Review:

Spark By ClickBank Review – Key Info

📣 AboutLearning geared towards affiliate marketers of all levels.
💰 Price$39 per month.
✅ ProsTraining for product owners/vendors is decent.
❌ ConsTraining for sellers is too focused on paid traffic.
🏁 OpinionThe training is too generic and lacks any real depth.

Spark by ClickBank has ousted ClickBank University and CBU2 as ClickBank's official ClickBank affiliate training program.

The old ClickBank University is dead.

The old ClickBank University 2.0 is also dead.

Which is no bad thing as they were bang average at best.

So what you want to know is…

Spark by Clickbank

…is it any good? Or is it as devastatingly mediocre as its predecessors?

There are better alternatives out there that's for sure, but for now, let's crack on with this review…

What Is Spark by ClickBank?

spark by clickbank welcome page screenshot

It’s ClickBank’s new training platform through which ClickBank wants to teach aspiring affiliate marketers everything there is to know about using ClickBank itself.  

With 70+ videos all about how affiliates can use ClickBank to drive their businesses, Spark by ClickBank comes with a lot of promise.

Does it live up to these claims by ClickBank themselves:

“Spark is a robust opportunity geared towards affiliate marketers of all levels

…it provides students best-in-class training on becoming successful product creators and affiliate marketers”.


Do they deliver on this? Is this training program really “best in class”?

In my opinion…

…if we're looking at the sections of the course aimed at product creators/owners, then I think the training is pretty good.

When it comes to the pure affiliate marketing training, aimed at people who want to learn how to sell other peoples products online, I think there are far better training programs out there.

So let's get on with this Spark By ClickBank review…

Product Details:

Course Name: Spark By ClickBank

Course Creators: ClickBank

Objective: A learning opportunity geared towards affiliate marketers of all levels.

Pricing: USD 37 per month

My Spark By ClickBank Review

Spark By ClickBank is put together across a series of 17 mini-courses that comprise a total of just over 70 videos.

And if you actually do the full course rather than just bullshit that you did it…this is what you get at the end:

graduation certificate spark by clickbank

Let's take a really quick rundown of what's inside the Spark by ClickBank training:

Course 1: First Steps

spark course 1 video snapshot

This is just an introduction to the Spark course itself; what you're going to find inside and how to get the most out of it.

Course 2: Internet Marketing 101

spark course internet marketing 101

This is a basic introduction to affiliate marketing, aimed at anyone who really is only just finding out about the industry.

You'll get an understanding of the different types of internet marketing, the different parties involved, as well as some of the industry language.

Course 3: How ClickBank Fits In

spark course 3 how clickbank fits in

A single video course explaining how ClickBank can fit into your affiliate marketing plans.

It also runs through how to get around ClickBank itself and screen and select products to promote from the ClickBank platform.

Course 4: Product Owners

Attracting new product owners onto the ClickBank platform is an important part of ClickBank's own continued success.

Course 4 is all about how the process of getting up and running on ClickBank works for product owners.

If you're a product owner who has not previously made your products available to be marketed by affiliates, I reckon this is a pretty useful module.

Course 5: Affiliate Marketing

This is another pretty basic round-up of affiliate marketing.

What affiliate marketing is, kind of again.

How you can make money from affiliate marketing, fair enough but still very basic.

Do's and don'ts of affiliate marketing.

This whole thing is starting to look extremely basic, and it's starting to bug me a little bit now.

Course 6: Direct Response Psychology

spark by clickbank course 6 direct response

The old, find your target market's problem, poke it with a stick, show them the solution tactic.

Course 7: Compliance

Thankfully shot over just the one video.

This course covers what you need to do to stay compliant so you don't get into any hot-water with global law agencies.

Important for sure, but not interesting.

Course 8: What Makes An Online Offer

Shot over ten videos this is by far the best part of the Spark By ClickBank course so far.

All the elements that you will need to fit into place in order to make an effective online offer.

This is actually pretty decent stuff.

Course 9: Content Types

spark course 9 content types

What types of content should you produce in order top generate traffic?

Well, there's a ton of different types and in this course you have eight short videos each about there own specific type of content.

This is okay as an overview but we're back to basics again here.

Course 10: The Tools Of Digital Marketing

This course covers the different online tools that are generally used by affiliate marketers in their business.

By this point I'm struggling to see why you wouldn't save yourself a stack of money and just by a decent book on the basics of affiliate marketing!

Course 11: Outsourcing

spark by clickbank course 11 outsourcing

The eleventh course is on outsourcing and comprises just a single four minute video.

There are few links to sites where you can hire people for outsourced work.

If you're like me, you'll probably want to be in a position where you're making some decent affiliate income before you start outsourcing work.

Course 12: Memberships & Subscriptions

How to go about creating, hosting and pricing your own membership site.

All covered in one six minute video.

Course 13: Affiliate QuickStart – Part 1

By the time I got to this video I was getting pretty desperate to start drilling a bit deeper into affiliate marketing.

This course is about what a ClickBank affiliate actually is, how to go about selecting a niche and how to select the products that you're going to market.

Course 14: Affiliate QuickStart – Part 2

I was getting hopeful when going though the previous course that this was starting to get more involved and deeper into the subject.

Unfortunately though, with Part 2 of the Affiliate QuickStart course, we're very much back to overviews.

This course has four short videos on: ‘What is an email list', ‘How to Build a Lead Magnet and Opt-In Form', ‘Choosing an Email Autoresponder' and ‘Free Traffic'.

There's no depth here, just basic overview stuff once again, which is really disappointing.

Course 15: Creating Your First Ad

So the first time this whole training course starts to go into any kind of real depth is when we get to the subject of creating paid ads.

What I'll say is this:

If you are at such a basic level in affiliate marketing that what has come previously in this course has been new to you, using paid ads to get traffic is probably not for you, unless you have very deep pockets.

Course 16: Digital Product – QuickStart Part 1

spark by clickbank course 16 video snapshot

This is the first of what is a two part course on creating your own digital product.

Here's what course sixteen covers across three separate videos:

  • How to Use the ClickBank Marketplace
  • Choosing Your First Product and Outlining It
  • How to Create Your First Product and Pricing

Course 17: Digital Product – QuickStart Part 2

spark course video snapshot

More on digital product creation for potential product vendors:

  • Creating Your Sales Page
  • Creating Your Thank You Page
  • Launching on ClickBank
  • How to Use Upsells
  • Using the ClickBank Affiliate Network

The Spark Community

spark by clickbank community page

Well, there is one, but I have to own up here and say i didn't get involved so I can't say whether it's decent or not.

What I Like About Spark By ClickBank:

1. Created by ClickBank for ClickBank

Well, if you really want to know how to use ClickBank, you could do a whole lot worse than signing up to the training course built band presented by ClickBank.

2. Vendors Section

I really think this section is decent.

There's not an awful lot of training out there for people looking to create and launch there own products.

You not only get lessons on product creation but also on how to bring your product to market through using affiliate marketers via Clickbank.

What I Don't Like About Spark By ClickBank:

1. Too Generic, Not Enough Depth

I know that the intention here is to offer training to affiliate marketing newbies, but still…

…the cost of this course is $37 per month and there is little here that you couldn't find in one of the better books about getting started as an affiliate marketer.

2. Too Much Emphasis on Paid Traffic Sources

I know, I know, I've heard it all before on affiliate marketing training courses…

…”it's the quickest way to get results”

I'll tell you what else it's the quickest way to do if you're a newbie…

…get rid of a couple of thousand bucks!

3. It Ain't Quite as Easy as They'd Like You to Believe 

The course does make it all seem a bit too easy, in my opinion.

Creating and developing your own e-product is not easy, and Affiliate marketing is not easy.


What is Spark By ClickBank?

It is ClickBank's own training program through which they aim to teach aspiring affiliate marketers, and product vendors, everything there is to know about using the ClickBank platform.

Is Spark By ClickBank good for beginners?

Well, it is certainly aimed at beginners because it is super-basic, but I would not say it is ‘good' for beginners as the course never really gets out of the starting blocks.

How much does the course cost?

You can only pay on a monthly basis and it costs $37 per month.

Does the course go out of date?

No, ClickBank have stated that they aim to keep the program regularly updated.

Is Spark By Clickbank a scam?

No, it is not a scam…but there is better affiliate marketer training available.

Does the course have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the course has a 30-Day, 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

What even is affiliate marketing anyway?

If you're considering buying this course, I reckon you already know this, but just in case you don't, have a read of this post Affiliate Marketing (How It Works).

Spark By ClickBank Review – Wrapping It Up

Spark By ClickBank is okay…and that's about the highest praise I can give it really.

And that's a crying shame as there was a great opportunity here for the people at ClickBank to really deliver something exceptional.

I believe this is primarily a course for people who want to launch their own digital product via the ClickBank Marketplace.

If you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer, looking to market the products and services of others online, the training on offer here is a bit too basic to get you anywhere far.

There Is Better Affiliate Training Out There!

There aren't that many, but there are a few.

Both of the programs below will show you how to build and grow successful affiliate sites.

Authority Hacker: Authority Hacker’s The Authority Site System is bang up to date affiliate training with a focus on niche selection, building out new authority sites, content creation and building layers of traffic sources.

The goal of The Authority Site System is to get you to a point where your authority site is earning you in the region of $2k to $10k per month…what they refer to as a “Stage 1 Authority Site”.

Once you're making that kind of monthly income, you can level up to their flagship program: Authority Hacker Pro.

Affiliate Lab: SEO legend Matt Diggity's outstanding training program is of rare quality and focused on getting you the results you want as quickly as possible.

This course is packed to the rafters with cutting-edge affiliate training that you won't find elsewhere.

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