What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

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what is high ticket affiliate marketing

What is high ticket affiliate marketing?

Well, there is no perfect definition, but I think this must be a pretty reasonable effort…

High ticket affiliate marketing is an affiliate marketing strategy that focuses on promoting offers with…

  • High priced products/services, or;
  • High affiliate commission rates, or;
  • Both of the above (the Holy Grail of affiliate offers)

The idea being that for the same amount of work as you would put in to promoting a lower ticket offer, you can make significantly higher commissions by promoting high ticket offers.

Well, yeah…kind of.

But is it really quite as simple as that? We'll get into that a bit later in this article.

There is no exact number on what makes an offer ‘high ticket', but I tend to think that it should make the affiliate marketer at least $500 per sale.

Whether that be earned as a one-off commission payment or over the course of say one year, I don't think it really matters.

Let's dig a little deeper…

What Is A High Ticket Affiliate Marketer?

A hight ticket affiliate marketer is someone who focuses almost exclusively on the type of high income generating offers that we've just spoken about.

Most would have probably started out marketing lower ticket offers, and moved into the higher value stuff over time.

How Much Do High Ticket Affiliate Marketers Make?

Yeah let's get down to it!

How much moola are these guys and gals pulling in?

Well, as ever, it's pretty hard to say.

But…if you're calling yourself a high ticket affiliate marketer, surely you've got to be making somewhere above $100k per year net.

Strictly speaking, if all you are marketing is high ticket affiliate offers, you are a high ticket affiliate marketer, even if you're making $500 a year.

But that's not really playing the game is it?

So let's set the minimum here and now, as $100k per year net, to call yourself a ‘successful' hight ticket affiliate marketer.

There are of course a ton of marketers out there raking in many multiples of this figure.

Can You Make Money With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

For sure you can!

But it's not quite as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Sure, in theory, it should take the same amount of effort to market someone a $5000 product as it does to market them a $50 product.

In theory…but, in reality, it's not always the case.

Here's a quick example…

Offer 1 – Low Ticket Offer:

Product: Milk Frother

Price: $100

Commission Rate: 5%

Sales Platform: Amazon

Offer 2 – High Ticket Offer:

Product: Private Jet Charter

Price: $5000

Commission Rate: 10%

Sales Platform: Private Jet Charter Co's own

In this example, I've got to make 100 sales of the milk frother, to equal just 1 sale of the jet charter package.

That's a big difference.

But, what you also need to keep in mind is…

…how much longer, and more complex, the buyer decision making process is between different products and services.

It's fairly likely that people searching online for a milk frother, go and convert into buyers at a much higher rate than people searching for private jet charter services.

And it probably takes a lot less work to get the frother buyers over the line than it does the jet charter buyers.

Why not whet your appetite by checking out some of the high paying affiliate programs in this article…

Or, better still, why not get some high-level affiliate marketing training, so you can make bank with high ticket affiliate offers…

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Wrapping It Up!

Without doubt, there is massive success to be had in the high ticket affiliate marketing space.

But it is going to take deeper knowledge of the products and services that you are marketing, than in the lower ticket space.

It's also going to see you having to create a closer understanding of your potential buyers than would otherwise be the case. You'll likely have to create a strong and accurate customer avatar.

So, it comes with work…


…it might just be worth it!

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