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best products to sell on amazon fba

Selling products on Amazon is one of the best ways to start your own business and make online profits. In fact, many people have already made this their full-time income.

But you can’t just sell anything on Amazon and expect to make good money.

The best sellers do a lot of research in order to find the perfect products that they know will be profitable for their business.

So, how exactly do you do that?

Keep reading to learn the best strategies for finding great products to sell on Amazon.

5 Ways To Find Profitable Product Ideas

There isn’t just one tried and true strategy for finding what to sell on Amazon FBA. There are a number of techniques you can use, so we’ve selected our top five to share with you.

Experiment with all of them and see which one works best for you.

  1. Search Google for Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for items to sell during the holiday season then going to Google and searching for terms like “gifts for women,” “gifts for men,” “gifts for daughters,” etc. can be very effective.

Look for lists such as the top 50 gifts for women in 2021 and gather ideas.

This will help you find trending products and various items that are gaining in popularity at the moment. 

While this strategy works best during the holidays, it can also work year-round. Everyone needs gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, house warmings, and other special occasions.

So selling items that make great gifts is a good way to consistently make money.

  1. The QWERTY Method

This next technique is a bit of an extension on the last one.

Enter a search term into Google, like “gifts for women,” then enter a space. Google will give you a number of suggestions for different search terms that are an extension of what you entered.

For example, Google might suggest “gifts for women in their 50s,” “gifts for women 2021,” or “gifts for women on Amazon.”

the QWERTY method

This helps you get ideas that are a little more specialized, which is actually a good thing.

The more specific your niche is the less competition you’ll run into, which is really important for new sellers.

  1. Google Trends

Another way to find items that are gaining in popularity is to use Google Trends. This free tool lets you measure the popularity of different keywords over the last year.

Make a list of all the products you’re interested in selling, then look at the “Interest Over Time” graph.

Focus on items that have been trending up over the last year, as these could be products that are about to break out and become very profitable.

For additional ideas, scroll down and look at the “Related Queries” section.

This lists some of the most popular terms related to your original terms.

So if you originally typed in “hedge trimmers” Google might list “lightweight hedge trimmers.” This gives you even more information about the types of products people are actually interested in.

  1. Product Research Tools

A number of companies offer sophisticated tools to help sellers analyze items and find winning products.

Using these will allow you to see important data like average monthly sales and allow you to take the guesswork out of your decisions.

For example, AMZScout has a number of tools to help you find products to sell on Amazon.

You’ll be able to search for products based on sales and reviews, analyse an item’s sales history, and get information on the demand and competition for a particular niche.

what to sell on amazon fba amzscout

If you’re looking for a more scientific approach this might be your best option.

  1. Alibaba Top-Ranked Products

Alibaba is a great site to look at in order to find products to sell on Amazon. This is where most of the top online sellers purchase their items, so it’s an excellent place to do research.

On Alibaba’s homepage, they have a number of different product categories listed.

Next to each category, they’ll have a link to the top-ranked products in the category. Click on these links to find the top-selling items.

alibaba top ranked products

If lots of Amazon sellers are buying a specific item then it likely means there’s a lot of demand for that product, which could lead to big sales.

Just check Amazon to make sure there aren’t too many sellers already offering it.

What Types Of Products Should You Avoid?

Just because a product is trending up and has a lot of sales doesn’t mean you should sell it. There are many types of products you should avoid, even if the numbers say they might make you money.

Here are 10 categories you should avoid when trying to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA:

Fragile Products

There’s a lot of shipping involved in selling products on Amazon. You need to get your items shipped to you from your supplier, if you’re selling through FBA you have to ship your items to Amazon, and eventually your products need to get shipped to your customers.

If you’re selling things that are fragile it just increases the chances that something will get broken along the way. This can result in lost inventory and unhappy customers.


This could be food, supplements, or anything else that goes inside your body. Not only are there a lot of regulations around these types of products but there’s also the liability you have to worry about. 

If someone consumes one of your products and gets sick that could lead to lawsuits and other serious issues. It’s just not worth it.

Liquids, Gels, and Creams

As with consumables, there’s just too much risk here. Whether the item is being consumed or placed on the skin, there’s too much potential liability here so it’s best just to avoid it.


There are a number of requirements around selling batteries. Plus, there’s always the chance they don’t work. Sometimes you just end up with a dud and if for some reason a battery doesn’t work it’s going to lead to complaints from your customers.

Seasonal Products

These are items that are really only popular during a certain time of year.

An example would be a snow shovel. While these are super popular in the winter you probably won’t sell very many during the summer. It’s better to find products that are popular all year round.

Make sure to do your research and don’t mistake a seasonal product for a trending product. Look back further than a year to be sure a product isn’t surging just because it’s a certain time of year.


There are a few different problems with apparel.

First, Amazon has some restrictions around this category and you’ll need to be approved for it before you can sell these items.

And second, because people can’t try things on when shopping online these products are often returned if they don’t fit properly.

Products Sold by Major Brands

Avoid any items that are already sold by really big brands. For example, it’s not a good idea to try and sell a new type of cola, because then you’d be competing against Coca-Cola and Pepsi. 

Instead, find markets that are underserved and don’t have a lot of competition. This will make it easier for you to break in as a new seller.

Big and Heavy Items

This has to do with shipping again. The bigger and heavier your items are the more expensive they’ll be to ship. This can add to your expenses and cut into your profits.

So, look for items that are small and light. The less you pay for shipping the higher your sales margins will be.

Dangerous Products

This includes chemicals and anything else that could be harmful to people. Amazon has a lot of restrictions around these items, and there’s also the liability aspect to think about.

Plus, if you’re selling through FBA Amazon will charge you more to store them. Overall, it’s best to just stay away.

Trending Products (Sort of)

We’ve mentioned trends a few times in this article and how it’s good to start selling products that are trending up. And while this is true you need to be careful about trends that are only temporary.

Before selling a trending product make sure to think about whether or not the trend will last. If you feel it’s just a fad it’s best to find something else that will provide you with more consistent sales.

5 Cool Product Examples

If you’re still wondering what exactly to look for we’ve included five examples of some interesting products that might be good to sell on Amazon:

Angle Grinder

This product has been trending up all the way back to 2004. This is definitely not just a fad so you can be sure this product will continue to provide strong sales into the future.

amazon product example

Sitz Bath

These bath products are great for treating issues like hemorrhoids and are currently trending up. So definitely something worth looking at. 

Rivet Gun

This is another item that’s been increasing in popularity for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down.


With people spending more time at home puzzles have surged in popularity, so now is a great time to start selling these items.

amazon product example puzzles

Elastic Bands for Sewing

This one is a little random, but it’s also increasing in popularity as more people have begun to take up sewing.

amazon top selling product example

What To Sell On Amazon FBA – Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for a reliable online business selling on Amazon is one of the best options out there.

Follow the advice above to find the best products to sell and with a bit of hard work you’ll get your own successful Amazon FBA business off the ground.

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