5 Best White Label Landing Page Builders

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A white label landing page builder is a powerful thing.

Marketing agencies love them. Marketing teams love them.

And it's hardly surprising.

The best white label landing page builders let you create beautiful, effective landing pages with either your clients', or your agency branding.

Some of them also offer user interfaces that can be white-labelled…a big plus if your agency sometimes gives user access to clients.

On top of all this, a few providers even allow you to act as a reseller of their software services.

But be careful when you buy, because not all landing page builders provide white label options.

And of those that do, it's not always available on every plan.

Let's get to it!..

5 Top White Label Landing Page Builders

🏅 Landingi – Best for agencies and teams (Landingi Review)
🥈 Simvoly – Best for agencies & resellers
🥉 GoHighLevel – Best for full marketing suite
Convrrt – Best for SaaS providers
💲 Duda – Best for client management

5 of The Best White Label Landing Page Builders

Marketing agencies, and marketing teams often find themselves needing to build high-converting landing pages for either their clients, or their own businesses.

A white label landing page builder is a valuable asset on a number of fronts.

Time saving, and money saving being just two of them.

Here are five top white label landing page builders that it might be worth your while taking a closer look at:

#1. Landingi

Landingi is a great landing page builder.

I did a full Landingi Review not so along ago, and I was mightily impressed.

I mean, it's not perfect, but what is?

In Landingi's case, the white label landing page builder is part of their ‘Agency' plan.

So that's the one you'll need to get your hands on!

The Agency plan gives you some great features for designing landing pages to pass on to clients, and for easy collaboration with team members.

It also has options to set up team roles, sub-accounts, apply custom coding, amongst a whack of other useful stuff.

The A/B testing function can also be set up for clients to access and use, should they want to  spend some time tweaking and optimising.

These powerful features mean you can build powerful landing pages quickly and easily…

and provide a great client experience.


  • A massive template library so you get started quickly;
  • Powerful, easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder/editor;
  • Easy integration with all popular platforms and apps;
  • Export landing pages directly to WordPress;
  • Easily shareable across Landingi accounts.


  • Agency plan a little expensive next to others on this list;
  • No automatic responsive layout, need to create for screen sizes separately;
  • No custom fonts and icons.


As with most landing page builders, Landingi make a 14-day free trial available, so that you can test it all out for yourself before committing.

Here's the current pricing:

  • Free Plan: $0
  • Professional Plan: $45/mo
  • Agency Plan: $119/mo

But remember, you only get the white-labelling capability and unlimited sub-accounts with the Agency plan.

#2. Simvoly

What about Simvoly and it's white-labelling credentials?

In a word…powerful!

Their landing page builder is fully customisable, it lets you:

Add your own logo, change fonts, re-organise the menu bar etc., so the page builder software your clients see, is totally as you want it to look.

Simvoly also makes A/B testing available for both you and your clients, should they want to play around with some optimising for better conversions.

Very unusually, Simvoly enables you to add your own pricing plans, which makes it a white label landing page builder in the fullest sense of the word.

They have a ‘White Label Academy' giving you access to more than sixty videos to help you launch your design services and get clients.


  • White-label everything: logo, domain, pricing, user interface, templates;
  • Easy-to-use landing page builder; 
  • A whole bunch of payment integration options;
  • Integrates with most well-known marketing tools. 


  • Mobile and tablet editing could be easier;
  • Help Desk can be a little slow.


Be a little careful here, Simvoly, regular pricing structure is completely separate from their white- labelling options.

This is the pricing for the white-label plans:

  • WL Basic: $69/mo
  • WL Growth: $129/mo
  • WL Pro: $249/mo

You can test-drive for free with Simvoly's 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

#3. GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel is not just a landing page builder, but a whole suite of online marketing software tools.

And the entire software suite is available for full white-labelling, where you can resell it all under your own name, logo and pricing.

I'll be straight down the middle with you here, I haven't taken a good look at all the other bits and pieces that are on offer with GoHighLevel…

…I just concentrated on their landing page builder.

Suffice to say, if you are comfortable with all-in-one marketing suites, HighLevel offer a customer relationship management system, email marketing, social media post scheduling, and reputation management…

…as well as the landing page builder of course.

So is their landing page builder any good?

Zero coding is required so it's all drag-and-drop as would would probably expect.

You can create landing pages, forms, and multi-step funnels pretty intuitively.

As for the actual usability of the page builder itself, it is responsive and smooth to use.

And theres a good number of templates available, across something like eighteen separate categories.


  • Unlimited users, contacts, and visitors;
  • Cost-effective if you use the full suite of tools;
  • Fully customisable and 100% white-label-able; 
  • Integrates with most well-known marketing tools.


  • Expensive if you don't use the full product suite;
  • Online info suggests that customer support could be improved.


GoHighLevel offer three pricing plans.

They are Agency Starter, Agency Unlimited, and Agency Pro:

  • Agency Starter: $97/mo
  • Agency Unlimited: $297/mo
  • Agency Pro: $497/mo

GoHighLevel offer the industry standard 14-day free trial should you want to test it all out for yourself.

#4. Convrrt

Convrrt has an awful lot going for it.

Their API based platform enables you to embed a white label landing page builder within your platform in under thirty days.

Therefore every aspect of the Convrrt platform can be tailored precisely to your brand.

If you have business clients, Convrrt enables them to create top performing landing pages within their white label editor.

I love their super-smooth and very intuitive drag-and-drop page builder.

Of course, no coding or developer skills are needed with Convrrt.

There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of pre-built landing page templates available to use.

Convrrt is very mobile friendly too with well-built, one-click, mobile optimisation options.


  • Dashboard and user experience are fully customisable;
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use drag-and-drop page editor;
  • Built-in e-commerce to easily create checkout pages;
  • Top-level customer support.


  • Intergration for eCommerce clients could be easier;
  • Initial set-up is quite involved.


This is an ‘enterprise' solution and you'll need to contact the team at Convrrt to get a price quote. 

#5. Duda

Duda is feature-rich, there's no doubt about that.

But it's also simple to use. 

A rare combination.

You can very easily create good-looking, well-optimised landing pages for desktop, tablet and mobile.

The white-label page builder has a smooth drag-and-drop editor and enough templates to make sure you are up-and-running quickly.

Duda's white-label offering also lets you establish automated workflows, which is great for agencies and marketing teams.

Their client management tool is straightforward to use, which makes a nice change.

The client management tool lets you manage client work from a fuss-free dashboard. Many others could learn from its happy combination of functionality and simplicity


  • Great drag-and-drop page builder;
  • Great looking, fully functional dashboard;
  • Super-intuitive throughout;
  • Fast loading pages;
  • A 100% white-label platform;
  • Multiple support options: priority emails, live chat, phone.


  • e-Commerce and online store functionality a little basic;
  • More integrations with other marketing tools needed.


Three priced plans plus a ‘custom' plan are available.

Heres's how they currently price: 

  • Basic: $19/mo
  • Team: $29/mo
  • Agency: $59/mo
  • Custom: contact for pricing

The Basic plan does not come with white-labeling.

White-labelling is available with the Team, Agency and Custom plans.

There is a 14-day free trail available should you want to take it for a spin.

Why Agencies Use White Label Landing Page Builders

Digital marketing agencies tend to be pretty labour-intensive, resource-heavy businesses.

They are generally pretty hard to scale-up, without simply bringing in more people every time you do.

More client work in usually means more staff needed.

Any opportunity to streamline and increase output, for less than average use of resources, has to be worth serious consideration.

A white labelled landing page builder can offer exactly that.

The chance to scale-up without an equal increase in use of business resources.

In addition, you get:

  • Great looking, optimised landing pages that fully branded;
  • Custom domains, to build customer trust, are usually available;
  • Role management, resource assignment, and provide client access when needed.

Landing Page Builder Software vs In-House Developer

Pay for landing page builder software?

Or hire an in-house developer?

I know which way I'd go. But maybe you're not so sure. Exactly how much does a landing page cost anyway?

Up-skilling an existing employee to use a landing page builder, will be significantly cheaper than  hiring a full-time developer.

But maybe none of your existing employees have any spare capacity to take this on.

It's still, probably, more economical to bring someone new in to take on the role of learning and using a landing page builder, over employing a developer. 

Having an in-house developer build new landing pages from scratch is massively time-consuming.

And now that landing page builder software is so advanced, you won't be taking a hit on quality by going down this route.

This couldn't be said even five years ago, when what could be produced by page builder software was nowhere near the quality of today.

On top of this, landing page builders offer: 

  • Optimisation functionality built-in;
  • Testing and performance monitoring also built-in;
  • Speed of delivery.

Sure, an in-house developer will give you absolute, minute control over every single element of your landing page design. It just depends on what degree you need it.

Wrapping It Up!

I've used a ton of landing page builders over the last few years.

What I've come to realise is that there is a big element of personal preference involved.

So make sure you take these providers up on their offer of a free trail period.

It's the only sure-fire way of making sure that you end up with the best possible solution for you and your specific needs.

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