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We all need to keep our knowledge fresh and bang up-to-date.

And one of the key ways to do exactly that is to follow other bloggers who are super-clued-up!

I'm talking actually clued-up…not self-proclaimed, self-styled guru type crap.

Read their blogs, listen to their podcasts, watch their YouTube videos, park-up outside their house and spy on them from across the road…

…whatever it takes!

Well, almost whatever it takes….don't actually do that last one.

These are my favourite YouTube channels for bloggers…all run by successful by bloggers.

I hope you give them a watch and get to like them too. 

Let's get going…

7 Best YouTube Channels For Bloggers

#1. Blog Marketing Academy

best youtube channels for bloggers screenshot of fifteen video thumbnails from blog marketing academy's youtube channel

Blog Marketing Academy is run by seasoned full-time blogger David Risley.

The guys been at this blogging lark for a number of years now, and it shows because he knows his stuff.

I love his casual style, but I love the value of his YouTube content more.

David knocks out niche website critiques on the regular, and they are always a great watch.

You can really learn a ton of important lessons from them.

If you're thinking about jumping into a particular niche, you should definitely see if he's shot a video on it.

If he has, give it a watch, he'll point out common weaknesses that blogs already in the niche tend to have in common.

Blog Marketing Academy contains a whole ton of videos.

The channel is a mix of blogging strategy, technical walk-throughs, content marketing, marketing automation, entrepreneurship etc.

Find the YouTube channel here: Blog Marketing Academy

#2. Create and Go

youtube channels for bloggers screenshot of fifteen video thumbnails from create and go's channel

Lauren and Alex want to teach you how to start a blog and make money blogging.

They really do!

And they make over $100,000 every month from their blogs, so they kind of know what they're talking about.

YouTube channels for bloggers don't get a whole lot better than this!

When Alex and Lauren set up their first blog, they went all in.

I mean they really went all in.

They quite their jobs, sold most of their possessions, stopped spending money on anything that wasn't essential…

…and they blogged like their lives depended on it.

Fair play!

Balls of absolute STEEL!

Now they have a few blogs on the go, they run this great YouTube channel…

…and they also have a few top-quality courses that they sell to those who are super-serious about getting their blogging business off the ground.

Awesome stuff!

Find the YouTube channel here: Create and Go

#3. Adam Enfroy

screenshot of fifteen video thumbnails from adam enfroy's youtube channel about blogging


That just about sums up the rise of Adam Enfroy from blogging nobody to massive bloody somebody!

I mean, shit! Where did this guy come from?

Seriously, this guy grew his blog from zero, to massive monthly readership, just about as quickly as it is possible to grow a blog.

Adam is all about teaching people how to start a blog from scratch, and scale it into a profitable blogging businesses.

And if you want to earn the big bucks, figuring out how to scale-up, like any other successful business would, is absolutely key.

You will learn bang up-to-date SEO, affiliate marketing, content marketing, link building, and blog monetization strategies.

And you will learn how to run your blog like a business.

Valuable stuff!

Do you like how that sounds?

Well, great.

Get over there and subscribe!

Find the YouTube channel here: Adam Enfroy

#4. Ms Ileane Speaks

screenshot of fifteen video thumbnails from ms ileane speaks youtube channel

This YouTube channel has been going since 2009 and it's been getting more and more popular just lately.

And it's not too surprising.

It's stacked full of top quality content on all things blogging.

You've got tutorials on WordPress, Social Media strategy/tactics, traffic generation, optimizing YouTube channels, podcasting tips and tricks…

…and a whole lot more. 

Ms Ileane has genuinely strong cross-platform SEO knowledge, and that's a rare thing.

Her goal is to help you create super-meaningful content for your audience that keeps them highly engaged and coming back for more. 

Sounds pretty good right?

Find the YouTube channel here: Ms Ileane Speaks

#5. Chris Ducker

screenshot of fifteen video thumbnails from chris ducker's blogging youtube channel

Chris Ducker makes me laugh.

And I like people who make me laugh.

Although I can't quite figure out whether he'd be great fun to go out for a beer with, or if he'd get right on your nerves after a bit.

Anyway, that aside…

…Chris is not going to teach you how to get your WordPress site up and running, or how to add plugins to it when you do.

This guy is more about online entrepreneur stuff like managing business relationships, managing your time for better results, outsourcing…

…organising yourself god damn it!

Chris is also the author of the book ‘Virtual Freedom'…just thought I'd mention that.

Get over there and give his channel a go.

Find the YouTube channel here: Chris Ducker

#6. Income School

screenshot of fifteen video thumbnails from income school's youtube channel

Ricky Kesler has years of online experience and for some reason he likes to share it all for free on his Income School YouTube channel. 

Income School teaches strategies, tactics and tips on internet marketing, blogging, SEO, and YouTube.

We're talking real world stuff that has been endlessly battle-tested.

What more could you ask for?

Do you have a burning desire to build profitable income-generating sites that could generate you thousands of dollars each month?

You can tap into Ricky's vast experience to help you to grow your online business, just by hitting his YouTube channel.

Find the YouTube channel here: Income School

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#7. Darren Rowse

screenshot of fifteen video thumbnails from darren rowse's youtube channel

How the hell has Darren Rowse's YouTube channel got just six thousand subscribers, when Ryan's World has got more than thirty-two million?

I guess kids prefer to watch a kid they don't know, play with toys they don't own, more than adults like to learn how to start a successful online business.

It's a full-on crazy world we live in!

Darren Rowse of ‘ProBlogger' blog gives up his hard earned knowledge through a stack of videos covering pretty much every topic that is relevant to hard-working blog owners.

Darren hasn't actually uploaded any new videos in quite a while, possibly because he's depressed about that whole Ryan's World thing.

Seriously though, lack of recent new videos aside, this channel is still well worth you spending a little of your time, scooping up all that free knowledge.

Don't you think?

Find the YouTube channel here: Darren Rowse

Wrapping It Up!

Well that's that.

Not much more to add really.

All of these seven blogging YouTube channels are great!

Watch them, don't watch them, the choice is entirely yours.

But if you don't give any of them a go, you're missing out on some internet marketing gold…

FREE internet marketing gold at that!

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